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  1. Tirnaog

    Quick ? on scout 1

    Thanks very much
  2. Tirnaog

    Quick ? on scout 1

    My squads a have Recon and one of the mission setup cards given troops scout 1. Does that mean they get scout 2 and move 2 1 movements at deployment? Or is it ignored and a waste of upgrade points for this mission?
  3. Can vader engage snowspeeder in melee combat? So move 2 and then melee attack it if his in base contact with it?
  4. Below is my list. 800pts dead on. Any comments suggestions would be appreciated. Question on Scouts, giving them Recon Intel, is that any good sense they have scout 1 already. Does that mean they could move range 2 instead? the List: Vader: Saber Throw & Force Push Veers: Imp. Guards: Tenacity & Recon Intel Imp. Scouts: {Strike Team} & Sniper Imp. Scouts: Squad & Sniper & Duct n Cover & Frag Grenades & Recon Intel?? Imp StormTroopers: DLT-19 X [4] Thanks
  5. thats what I thought, thanks.
  6. Morning, When you put Vader in the decimator when you use him does it follow the turrets fire arc direction? Not just the ships front fire arc?
  7. anyone point me to the rule for these tokens?
  8. Empire-791pts-InfantryAssualt HQs: Vader: + Saber Throw + Force Reflexes Veers: Commanding Presense Troops: StormTroopers: [x4] + DLT-19 + Extra STer. SnowTroopers: [x2] + Flamer + Extra STer. Suggestions or comments? What should I spend the last few points on? Thinking we need to move to 1000pts soon Too many toys to fit in!
  9. Thanks maybe trying that in my next game.
  10. How are fellow Imperial Generals building these out? Mine currently is: 88 Twin L.Blaster + Mortar Launcher + Long Range CommLk 235pts Is the Long Range CommLk worth the cost? Is having the TLB + the Mortar overkill? Should I save points and drop one? Comments suggestions?
  11. whats the builds most people are using for these guys? Mine currently is: DLT-19 Ster + Targeting scopes 74pts { 5 man squad } Usually try to take at least 4 squads. Would ye recommend added the 6 guy? Better upgrade to use then the scopes? Comments Suggestion?
  12. Whats the ultimate Vader build out? To me Saber Throw is a given. But what other Force ones would ye give him if any? Trying to get a nice build for him as his soo slow. Currently I have: Saber Throw + Force Push + Force Reflexes for 235pts. Seems a bit high. Comments suggestions?
  13. Obi-wan film comes out first then I believe the Fett one.
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