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  1. Hi all, Recently dusted off my PDFs and engaged in a frenzy of ship building. I have always loved the look of the Secutor, and while I know it is hardly optimal for a starting RT looking to maximise AP modifiers, I think the following build is a solid one for a starting player. The long term goal of it is to have the RT as an Indiana Jones and the Quest for Archeotech type, with close ties to the Mechanicus. Built with the assumption of Mathhammer or something very similar in play, and I have included both regular and MH stats where applicable. Without further ado, here is the build - I would love to hear what you think. Tribunus Aes Salvaged, modified and repurposed Secutor-Class Monitor-Cruiser Dimensions: 4.3km long, 0.5km abeam at fins Mass: 24 Megatonnes Crew: 50,000 Acceleration: 3.9 Gravities maximum sustained acceleration Speed: 6 Maneuverability: +10 Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 62 Armour: 20 (MH 8), Turret Rating: 2 Void Shields: 2 Space: 58 (55 used) Power: 60 (56 Used) Crew Population: 100 Crew Morale: 100 Ship Points: 73 Background Package: Planetbound for Millenia Essential Components Modified Jovian-Pattern Class 3 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine, Multiple Void Shield Array, Gellar Field, Command Bridge, Ancient Life Sustainers, Pressed-Crew Quarters, M-201.b Auger Array Supplemental Components - Weapons Prow: Gryphonne Pattern Torpedo Tubes, Dorsal: Star-Flare Lance, Port: Mars-Pattern Macrocannon Broadside, Starboard: Mars-Pattern Macrocannon Broadside Other Facilities Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Observation Dome, Trophy Room AP Modifiers Criminal +100, Exploration +100, Trade +100 Future Additions Laboratorium, Librarium and a Teleportarium (for flavour - salvaged if possible). The usual upgrades and improvements in craftsmanship for the macrocannons. Should be tough enough to fight anything it is likely to come across for a long while. I know the weapons are not optimised and long range is limited to the torpedoes, but that is the only way to thematically include the "Indiana Jones" components later on. If you want to forgoe that option, you have the power to switch to Sunsear batteries in the port and starboard slots if you also switch the Auger to an RG-50. This would make an even better explorer and combat ship. I designed this ship for flavour more than min-max crunch though. Of course, choosing the Secutor and not a Thulian Lathe might be considered non-RPing if this is the sort of ship I wanted anyway since you can make a self-sufficient Lathe explorer/science vessel which is reasonably tough easily enough. I may post that version should there be any interest expressed.
  2. Thank you all for your feedback. Taking much of it into account, how does this look to you? ISD II Screed Needa Gunnery Team Boosted Comms ECM Relentless GSD I Assault Concussion Missiles Demolisher GSD I Assault Concussion Missiles Insidious Howlrunner Dengar Soontir Major Rhymer Bomber Advanced 399 points. Screed/GSDI/ACM synergy. Less dog-fight but more bomber in the squads. ISD can take on carrier duties if need be at a decent distance. Englishpete is right about my thinking for Motti + ISD with making it hull 14 being the real reason to take him - the +1 hull for the GSDs was just gravy. Have not abandoned that list - the above is really a combo of the gratefully accepted advice.
  3. Hi all, Well, my game on Saturday went well and I won handily - despite flying my ISD off the bloody table! List 1 Based on that, my next outing will be the following (398 points). I took advice and bought a Rogues and Villains set. ISD II Motti Gunnery Team ECM HTT Relentless GSD II Rapid Reload Demolisher GSD II Rapid Reload Squadrons Howlrunner Dengar Advanced Interceptor Interceptor Interceptor List 2 I have also been playing with a modification of the list that I actually ran (400 points) using Dengar. ISD II Motti Gunnery Team ECM HTT VSD I Chiraneau Flight Controllers Expanded Bays GSD II Assault Concussion Missles Demolisher Squadrons Howlrunner Mauler Mithal Dengar Advanced Given my newness, they seem solid to me but what do I know? Comments more than welcome and very appreciated. I am also thinking about dropping the GSD II and adding a Rhymer Ball, Corrupter and some other bits - is that worth doing in overall efficacy terms?
  4. Thanks gents. So, modifying... ISD II Vader Gunnery Team ECM Heavy Turbolaser Turrets Relentless VSD I Chiraneau Flight Controllers Expanded Bays GSD II Demolisher Howlrunner Mauler Mithal Interceptor Advanced VSD and fighter wing vs bombers and anything else my opponent has in the way of squadrons GSD to cover the ISD's backside and to see if my novice skills can make Demolisher pay dividends ISD to deal out the pain
  5. Hi all, and a happy New Year to you. Mainly play X-Wing and some historicals, but have had Armada since last Christmas. Committing even further to Star Wars for 2016, and have beefed up my Armada collection. I am taking this list out on its inaugural run tomorrow (Jan 2nd), but even if comments are not forthcoming before I field it, I would appreciate advice, comments and critique from more experienced players. Imperial Star Destroyer II (185 points) Darth Vader Captain Needa Gunnery Team Electronic Countermeasures Overload Pulse Avenger Victory Star Destroyer II (106 points) Admiral Chiraneau Flight Controllers Expanded Hangar Bay Fighters (107 points) Major Rhymer TIE Bomber TIE Bomber Howlrunner Mauler Mithal Soontir Fel TIE Advanced TIE Advanced Main points of consideration that I am percolating - Boosted comms vs Expanded Bays or Trading in Soontir for a vanilla Interceptor and ditching an Advanced (saving 19 points +2 currently free) and using the points for 2 more bombers and the Corruptor ship title for the VSD. or Downgrading the VSD to a VSD I and using the saved points for Corrupter and another bomber My collection as it is Core Set x 1 ISD x 1 VSD x 1 GSD x 2 Imp Fighters x 2 I have bought Rapid Reload cards on Ebay for a possible future list of an ISD and dual GSDs. All thoughts and comments more than welcome and most appreciated.
  6. Ok - I use the D&D dice program so make a d5 on it, but it now it makes sense.
  7. Hi all, I am probably being thick here, but any help would be appreciated. On page 16 of BFK, it states that if you roll a 10 on any damage die from a Nova Cannon hit a critical occurs. Nova cannon damage is 2d5+* Does that mean that you need a total of 10+ on these dice to cause a crit or do you need 2 5s on the 1d5s? Thanks for your attention.
  8. Hi all, Just a quick one really - looking at BFG stock cruiser models, which one do you think is the best in terms of Rogue Trading and what you get for the points? Assuming Vitae Life Sustainers and Voidsman quarters with no component downgrades and including the armoured prow where applicable :- A stock Lunar comes in at 70SP, 3 free space A stock Dominator comes in at 69SP, 6 free space A stock Dictator comes in at 69SP, 5 free space A stock Tyrant (using 2 x Regular Ryza and 2 x Good Craftsmanship (Range) Ryza batteries each side to more or less match BFG stats) at 73SP, 13 free space A stock Gothic comes in at way more than 73SP due to the necessity for higher craftsmanship components to save power and space, a warcruiser drive + auxiliary plasmas so can't be a starting ship in most instances From what I have read, the Dictator probably makes the best RT flagship but issues about affording the small craft and torpedoes would be a concern. The stock Tyrant has room to customise, and if you use Hecutors you could get better range and more space. I must say, that of the "stock" models, my inclination would be for a Dominator... Your thoughts and comments - and corrections if I got my admittedly quick calculations wrong - would be welcome. I know most RTs would strip out components to free up space and points, but hopefully you get my drift here.
  9. I assume you mean the Turbulent, not the Falchion. I wish the Falchion was better actually since I love the look of it. Yeah, got that with Luxury Passenger Quarters - but I have a RP/concept issue with including it, even on "floating palace" concepts since I would not, as a player, want the GM to hit me with "you spend 3 months advertising your luxury berths" before giving me the AP bonuses. Its the opposite for me with Trophy Room - I can't conceive of a vain-glorious RT who would not want an "I love me" room the size of a concert hall. Thanks again for your input - I do value it as well as that given by the others who commented. As I have said before, this is very much a thought exercise since work and life mean that I can't find the time for any RPGs let alone the time to search out a specific one. I just about manage 2 nights a month to wargame (not GW - who can afford that?). So, hypothetically (and I have read many ship building posts on this forum and others) and in your opinion - what is better in general terms: A bareish-bones cruiser or a fully tricked out frigate? For 70/73 points you can make one hell of a Turbulent and for 73 a decent Tyrant or Dictator. In précis form to save space, four other concepts I have been playing with are as follows :- Conquest-Class Star Galleon (73 SP) Auditor of Providence Planetbound. Modified Jovian 4, Miloslav, Shields, Gellar Field, Bridge of Antiquity, Vitae Pattern, Voidsman Quarters, X-470 Sunsear Laser Battery (Good: Strength) x 4 Main Cargo x 2, Arboretum (Good: Space), Murder Servitors, Teleportarium, Temple Shrine, Trophy Room Creed +100, Criminal +50, Exploration +50, Trade +300 Tyrant-Class Cruiser (73 SP) Executor of the Assizes Martial Hubris, Emissary of the Imperator Jovian 4, Miloslav, Shields, Gellar Field, Ship Master's, Vitae Pattern, Voidsman, BG-15 Stygies Bombardment Cannon, Sunsear Las-Broadside x 2, Grav-Culverin Broadside x 2 Barracks, Compartmentalised Cargo Hold, Auto-Temple, Teleportarium, Trophy Room Creed +150, Criminal +50, Exploration +50, Military +150/+200, Trade +150 Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser (73 SP) Sanctioned Avarice A Nose for Trouble, Turbulent Past Jovian 3, Miloslav, Shield, Gellar Field, Command Bridge, Vitae, Voidsman (Good: Power), RG-50 Sunhammer (Good: Strength), Sunsear Laser Battery (Good: Strength) x 2 Barracks, Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Empyrean Mantle, Extended Supply Vaults, Trophy Room Criminal +150, Exploration +100, Military +100, Trade +100 * Issue - no Archeotech installed and there needs to be one! Could drop the barracks or the extended supply vaults for a (good: power) upgrade somewhere and a teleportarium ; or do a straight swap for a Castellan shield to make the ship less squishy. Secutor-Class Monitor Cruiser (73 SP) Tribunus Aes Resolute, Wrested from a Space Hulk Jovian 3, Miloslav, Shields, Gellar Field, Command Bridge, Vitae, Voidsman, X-470 Gryphonne Torpedos, Sunsear Battery (Good: Strength) x 3 Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Murder Servitors, Observation Dome, Teleportarium, Trophy Room Criminal +100, Exploration +100, Trade +100 Of those 4, mechanically I think that the Tyrant would be best - would you agree? However, the "floating palace" of the Conquest (which has room for an observation dome and a melodium for quick installation to make it truly a floating palace) has its own rewards, although survivability may be an issue until I could make space for flak turrets and afford overload shield capacitors. The Dauntless is pretty "stock" - hits hard, does what it says on the tin, Rogue Tradery enough to fill the RP elements. But it is ugly and does not "sing" to me. The Secutor is much worse than the Dauntless when it comes to AP bonuses, but is much sexier to look at and packs a harder punch while being more robust. From what you have said, and if we don't use math-hammer and stick to RAW the choice would almost have to be between the Conquest or the Tyrant. Comments and opinions would be welcome.
  10. Thank you all for your feedback and comments. Some very good points made. To clarify what I was thinking when designing it :- Purposes of the ship concept, in descending order of importance 1) Stealth and fight picking - its a blockade runner, smuggler and clandestine explorer primarily. 2) Being able to stand toe-to-toe with everything up to and including a Frigate - hence the bonuses from Resolute, Wrested and the Interior bulkheads 3) To have a chance at out manoeuvring anything larger to either avoid combat completely (with stealth's help) or to "kite" it to death. 4) To be something that would "wow" clients and rivals with its quality - ostentatious displays of wealth and a resolution arena (alongside crew improvements and turboweapon batteries of course) were in this ship's immediate upgrade future. From what I can see, this ship is not much more fragile than a Sword that rolled badly on its "crush of gravity" roll from Planetbound for Millennia, or that was "Ancient and Wise". So, outfitted as is it is not much more "glassy" than a stock Frigate and a hell of a lot faster, more manoeuvrable and stealthier. But again, the point was to not fight unless absolutely necessary. I threw together a 68SP Sword and I would rather take the Meritech out from a versatility and survivability point of view. A Cobra might just 1-shot it, but that same Cobra could potentially 1-shot a 68 SP Frigate too - and the Cobra would be far less likely to see the Shrike in the 1st place. But yes, points made are accepted and assimilated. Even with an average PF advance, it might still be a solo ship by the time the Warp Storm Trilogy and it would suffer in those adventures if not accompanied by a consort, which as mentioned would be hard to really do well from a compatibility point of view. Whereas a Stygies armed Tyrant with Sunsear and Grav-Culverin Broadsides (and a barracks + teleportarium) would shine as well as being as good or better at everything other than criminal endeavours. Incidentally, why the hate for the Trophy Room? A single component empowering Criminal, Exploration and Trade endeavours seems like good value to me (especially for smaller ships or those hurting for space like a Secutor), as well as being brilliantly appropriate from an RP point of view.
  11. Hi again all. Irritatingly I am back with another ship build. I was playing with the Shrike and while I know many would balk at the idea of a 66 SP raider, there is a lot to be said for not tearing your hair out on acquisition tests for your bare-bones cruiser. All upgrades would be ship upgrades, which are gravy rather than necessities (other than turbo-weapon batteries!). The concept was for a ship with amazing stealth (which it has) and which still provided a decent number of AP bonuses. The RT concept for this ship is not a criminal per se, but is certainly happy to run blockades staged by rivals as well as use the stealth to avoid combats he cannot win. Between the speed and the stealth, he should be able to pick his fights rather well. I also kitted it out to be exploration capable and not dreadful at trade. To put it in perspective most LCs and Frigates only end up with +100 Trade APs, so its comparable. This hull is certainly better than the 73SP Sword-Class I also did as a thought experiment. Dropping the points to 61 is easy enough - competent crew and no warpsbane hull, but is the 7SP at the beginning that crucial when you have a "complete" ship to start with? The main problem I see with this ship is its future consorts - it will be hard to adequately match other hulls with it other than more raiders and Orions. Given that "big-shiny-pretty" cruisers are the seeming endgoal of most RTs, that could be problematic. Of course, this ship would remain a superlative scout and skirmisher even as part of a large fleet. Not sure what else I could do to improve this, so please give me your opinions. The ”Opacare Cursor” HULL: Raider CLASS: Salvaged, Refurbished and Repurposed Meritech Shrike-Class Raider DIMENSIONS: 2 km long, 0.25 km abeam at fins approx MASS: 6 Megatonnes approx CREW: 15,000 Crew approx ACCEL: 5.9 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration SPEED: 10 MANOEUVRABILITY: +30 DETECTION: +18 VOID SHIELDS: 1 ARMOUR: 17 HULL INTEGRITY: 36 MORALE: 99 CREW POPULATION: 100 CREW: Crack (40) TURRET RATING: 2 WEAPON CAPACITY: Prow 1, Dorsal SPACE: 35 (35 used) POWER: 40 (40 used) SP: 68 COMPLICATIONS: Resolute, Wrested from a Space Hulk ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: Cypra-Pattern Class 2 Drive, Best Craftsmanship Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine, Good Craftsmanship (Power) Single Void Shield Array, Warpsbane Hull, Command Bridge, Best Craftsmanship Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Good Craftsmanship (Space) Pressed Crew Quarters, RG-50 Auspex Multi-Band WEAPONS: Prow: Best Craftsmanship (Power and Space) Sunsear Laser Battery (Strength 4, Damage 1d10+2, Critical 4, Range 9) Dorsal: Best Craftsmanship (Power and Space) Sunsear Laser Battery (Strength 4, Damage 1d10+2, Critical 4, Range 9) CARGO BAYS AND PASSENGER COMPARTMENTS: Good Craftsmanship (Space) Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay AUGMENTS & ENHANCEMENTS: Good Craftsmanship (Power) Augmented Retro-Thrusters, Empyrean Mantle, Good Craftsmanship (Space) Reinforced Interior Bulkheads ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: Observation Dome, Trophy Room SATELLITE CRAFT: 3 x Gun Cutters, 4 x Arvus Lighters, 4 x Halo Barges SHIP MODIFIERS: Ballistic tests to fire ship’s weapons +10, Command tests made by the captain +5, Manoeuvre tests to avoid navigational hazards +5, Repair Tests +10, Tests to detect the ship when silent running are two degrees more difficult and at -15 to the skill test, Time in Warp is reduced by 50%, Warp encounters every 3 days, When misfortunes occur role twice and the GM selects the worst ACHIEVEMENT POINT MODIFIERS: Criminal +150, Exploration +150, Trade +100 Edited to fix morale
  12. For example Modified Goliath-Class Factory Ship "Ambivalent Awlsman" Statistics: Speed 3, Manoeuvrability -15, Detection +20, Hull Integrity 50, Armour 14, Void Shields 1, Turret Rating 1, Crew Population 106, Crew Morale 100, Crew Quality Competent (30), SP 45 Space 40 (40 Used) Power 51 (50 Used) Complications: Rebellious, Haunted Essential Components: Lathe Class 1 Drive (Best Quality), Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine (Best Quality), Single Void Shield Array (Good Quality, Power), Gellar Field, Commerce Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers (Best Quality), Voidsman Quarters, Deep Space Auger (Good Quality, Power) Weapons: Dorsal: Sunspear Laser Battery (Good Quality, Space), Port: Mars Pattern Macrocannons (Good Quality, Space), Starboard: Mars Pattern Macrocannons (Good Quality, Space) Cargo Holds and Passenger Compartments: Main Cargo Holds x 2 Additional Facilities: Extended Supply Vaults (Good Quality, Space), Plasma Refinery (Unique), Salvage Systems (Best Quality), Trophy Room Ship Modifiers: Extended Repair Skill Tests +10, Time Spent in Warp Reduced by 50%, Warp Encounters Every 3 Days Achievement Point Modifiers: Criminal +50, Explorer +50, Trade +350, Unspecified +100 Yeah, starting PF 45 and the ability to make more quite easily - certainly enough to get a couple of frigates or raiders relatively quickly for protection. Then a long slow build-up to acquiring a tricked out, min-maxed Tyrant If only I could find a way to fit Ships Stores on anything smaller than a Universe...
  13. *shrug* As I said in my other post, I am not actively gaming at the moment and just wanted to share some ship ideas. Website boards tend to attract min-maxers as much (if not more) than any other type of media, so the 73SP glut is understandable to some extent. FWIW, the fact that I am trying to "min-max" a non-optimum hull and have tried to throw in some RP and conceptual ideology should show that I am not indifferent to your point or argument, I just love the hull and concept and so wanted to see if it could be made competitive and viable and how many SPs would be required to make it so that some random raiders do not blow your cruiser sized ship out of the stars without breaking a sweat and yet still be flavourful and fluffy, especially since 50 or so points on a Sword or Meritech Shrike could create something very formidable in a fight. If I were actually playing from scratch and for real, I would probably end up using the paths organically and end up with somewhere between 50 and 60 SPs and put together a Goliath that could look after itself a bit.
  14. And here, in case you are interested, is a possible "final build" once the above upgrades have been applied. Modified and Refurbished Conquest-Class Star-Galleon "Auditor of Providence" Statistics: Speed 4, Manoeuvrability +12, Detection +20, Hull Integrity 63, Armour 16, Turret Rating 1 or 2, Void Shields 2, Crew Population 102, Crew Morale 103, Crew Ability Veteran+ (55)*, Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2 Space: 56 (55 Used) Power: 75 (69 Used) Essential Components: Modified Jovian Class 4 Drive (Archeotech), Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (Best Quality), Multiple Void Shield Array (Best Quality), Gellar Field, Bridge of Antiquity (Archeotech), Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers (Best Quality), Voidsman Quarters (Best Quality), Deep Space Auger (Good Quality, Power) Weapons: 2 x Lathe-Pattern Grav-Culverin Broadsides (Good Quality, Space), 2 x Hecutor Pattern Plasma Batteries (Good Quality, Space) Cargo Holds and Passenger Compartments: Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay (Good Quality, Space), Luxury Passenger Quarters, 2 x Main Cargo Hold Augments and Enhancements: Augmented Retro-Thrusters, Fire Suppression System, Flak Turrets Additional Facilities: Arboretum (Best Quality), Medicae Deck (Good Quality, Power), Melodium, Observation Dome, Temple-Shrine to the God-Emperor, Trophy Room, Warp Sextant (Archeotech) Ship Upgrades: Crew Improvements (Best Quality), Ostentatious Displays of Wealth (Good Quality), Starchart Collection, Storm-Trooper Contingent, Targeting Matrix, Turbo-Weapon Batteries (All weapons, Best Quality) Ship Modifiers: Ballistic Skill Tests to Fire Shipboard Weapons +5, Command Tests Made From Bridge +10, Double Time at Warp Without Suffering Morale Loss, Macroweapon Range +1 (no penalty for double range), Navigation (Warp) Skill Tests +20, Extended Repair Tests +10, Social Skill Tests on Ship +25 (+35 on Bridge), Time spent in Warp reduced by 1d5 days and then further reduced by 50% (Minimum 1 Day), Warp Encounters Every 3 Days, When Defending Against Hit and Run Attacks reduce Enemy Crew Population by 1d5, When Undertaking Hit and Run Attacks Increase Hull Integrity Damage by 1d5 Achievement Point Modifiers: Creed +200, Exploration +50, Trade +400 * Crew Improvements would use the following mechanic for Acquisition Tests: Vast -30 (RTC p272) in addition to the unit rules on BFK p126. Total AT -40 to increase to crack, and then another AT -50 to increase to veteran.
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