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  1. I really would like a v2 to do 3 things: - Address the activation inbalance. - Use the benefit of insight to rebalance the costs of upgrades - Revamp the squadron phase. On the squadron phase, my pet peeve is that it tend to slow down the game considerably. I think it has to do with all the measuring and careful positioning. A solution worth exploring is to introduce the concept of flight leaders which would be used to measure distances. They could of course be named characters. Move your flight leader using the ruler and re-arrange your squadron around it. Other squadrons would basically act as a pool of hp for your flight leader. it would speed up the game because what counts is the flight leader
  2. Wouldn't a simpler solution would be to introduce a 5th kind of order: Overwatch. So basically it is less effective that your traditional attack step (one arc vs two / half dice) so to let smaller ships have a standing chance when attacking large ship but it still let the defending ship retaliate somehow. Maybe the half dice is too harsh as a penalty. Could be replaced by "treat the target as obscured." Getting rid of the Demolisher (and therefore the Yavaris) are a given. Both are broken.
  3. I would love to see an initiative system like the one in Legion getting applied to Armada. That would refresh the game for me.
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    In a way, the term "Wound" might not be the most appropriate for what wounds are exactly in a narrative game. The way I understand Wounds now after reading this thread is that it represent your capacity to take punishment as opposed to Critical Wounds which represent debilitating injuries. Maybe “Grit” would be a better term (is "fightiness" an english word?) but this then raises another question: if Wounds represent your capacity to remain in the fight, why separate it in two pools (Wounds & Strain) ? The sight of your “Dear Leader” high tailing from the battlefield can be as devastating to your ability to fight as a sucker punch.
  5. Tabulazero


    We did a one-shot with my group and liked it very much. The only thing that caused an issue is the fact that the fight fell a little too "heroic". It made using violence to solve the player issue a too tempting solution. We plan to do another one-shot focusing on other aspects of the game (magic for instance) before launching our homebrew campaign @GM81 Protocol Droid thanks for the analysis. Very useful. What you describe is pretty much the "feel" we want for our game. We want to play a pretty "grity" version of Genesys. Any ideas that help us achieve that are welcomed.
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    I am tempted to put soak to 0 and see how it goes.
  7. Tabulazero


    I wish. What I like about Genesys is that its a game that put narration forward... but how do you reflect soak in the narration ? Near misses ? Parry ? but somehow damages still get through ?... weird isn't it. I understand why soak is there. It allows you to modulate easily the lethality of combat. However, I find it counter-intuitive to reflect its effect in narrative terms. What is exactly soak versus a blaster shot, a 50cal or a swing of an axe to the head ? You only get half lobotomized ?
  8. Tabulazero


    I neither like the term nor the concept. Why do I always picture people throwing buckets of water at my characters ? I understand what "soak" does from a game design standpoint and why it is there. I simply find it inelegant.
  9. Tabulazero


    That it looks too much like a mechanism to mitigate the lethality of the game which actually does not rely on or enhance the narration. It's clumsy but it is easy.
  10. It's also the UK's car capital. ... It must be a sight to behold to see the dreaded Sunderland Orcs charge their enemies while riding their Nissan Micra
  11. Yes. I agree with you. If you need to make some space then the motivation could go or you could just have the key words listed in an arc above the head of the character as a remainder with a full explanation on the next page.
  12. I wish I had the skillset to pull out a character sheet do that but I do not. That said, I can indeed extrapolate a little bit as to how an alternate character sheet may look like. I also take into account the comment of eldath. While having a clean character sheet is nice, it is true that there are a number of rolls you keep doing regardless of whether they are career skills or you expended XP. You might as well add them to the sheet. I went a little bit further an associated to each "core" skills (a.k.a. the kind of stuff you roll in combat) an icon so it is easier to find them on the sheet. Finally, what I really want to do is bring all the backround info, strength, flaws, ... etc on the first page so that it always sit in front of the player. You have to interpret a role as a player. You may as well be given upfront all the information you need. Genesis is about stories after all. So basically, this is how an alternate character sheet could look like: This is by no mean a finished product. It's just a very rough draft created in ppt. That said, I would really appreciate if someone more artistically oriented and technically savy than me takes over from here. The ideal product would be some kind of HTML code whereby you could change the character background to suit the universe in which you, play, were you could choose to display which skills and which ideally automatically calculate the pool and display it. You would just need to press print and voila.
  13. Ideally, it would be great if someone far more artistically and technically oriented could come up with a form filable character sheet. I would suggest: Spreading the characteristic across the page so to free space to put a full picture of the character Putting the skills close to the relevant characteristics because 99% of the time they go together and its handy to have one next to the other Only making the skills you have invested points appear so to free up space and de-clutter the sheet (debatable) Giving some sort of visual representation of the dice pool I hastily arranged something that would look like this to give an idea: PS: Done under 3 min in ppt because that is all I had handy.
  14. Wouldn't just printing in grey scale solve your problem ?
  15. Will melee combat be fleshed out more both in terms of mechanics and talents ?
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