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  1. It's a different story when one person insists on having fun at the expense of the rest of the table. But I guess its easier to belittle people instead. But you literally pulled that assumption out of thin air. You just immediately assumed I was some rude, thoughtless idiot who had no problem putting my group in a tough situation for my own gain. You could have tried to actually contribute constructive feedback, but I guess it's just easier to belittle people.
  2. Just to clear some things up, we're starting with some Y-Wings, but that doesn't mean we're stuck with those forever. Our main ships in our last game were a stolen Lambda shuttle and an Assassin Corvette. Right now we've got an Astromech and a Pilot/Gunner, both obviously specialized in space combat. We're hoping to bring on 2 more players, but at the moment we don't have any characters capable of handling the roughly 40% of the game that will be played on the ground. If the game was purely a space combat campaign then I'd agree 100% that a Hutt would be an insane choice. As it stands, I think it's an unusual choice that could lead to a lot of fun and interesting moments. Sure, I could just play a Human Smuggler and do everything worse than Han Solo. Or I could play a rocket-launcher toting, jet-pack wearing Hutt Heavy who crams himself into a cockpit when necessary, but prefers to blow stuff up on the ground. I really don't think that's being as obnoxious as a few people seem to think. I'm wondering if some of the people posting in this thread let their players have any kind of fun, or if they just run pre-built campaigns word-for-word. "What? You want to be a Chadra-Fan Heavy? No way, you wouldn't be able to hold a rifle, much less a Flamestrike! Play a Wookie or Trandoshan. That's the only way I can imagine a Heavy working, and this is my game, so we're playing by my rules. If you don't like that then you're a disruptive player and we don't want you here. Right, guys?"
  3. It's also come to my attention that a lot of players don't know that the Hutts are outlined as a PC class in the Lords of Nal Hutta book. The Hutt NPC's all have 6's and 5's for attributes, along with the Awkward and Ponderous traits. PC Hutts still have Ponderous (which limits them to a single movement manuever per turn), but otherwise they are nothing like the NPC Hutts. They have reasonable stats (312232) and 80 xp to work with.
  4. Grr, trying to quote from my phone is not fun.
  5. Actually ..... The OP does ask us if the idea is workable. Saying "I might be doing this, how would it work?" doesn't count as asking if the idea is workable?
  6. Based on the description of the BTl-S3 Y-Wing, it seems that the 2nd seat is separate from the Astromech. So altering that to fit a single Hutt, rather than 2 crew members, shouldn't affect the addition of an Astromech.
  7. Y-Wings have 1 HP; it doesn't seem unreasonable to have to use that HP to make it "Hutt-compatible". I also mentioned maybe having to have a crew help me into and out of the Y-Wing, and that I suffer strain if I have to do it myself. Overall, I think there are more than enough ways to make this work. Actually, the BTL-S3 Y-Wing has a second seat for a sensor officer/gunner behind the pilot. Seems sensible enough to me to allow a Hutt to fly a modified BTL-S3 without the use of that extra crew member.
  8. Pretty sure the reason I'm taking your remarks personally is because they seem like personal remarks. I'm sorry, why "players like me" are taking them personally.
  9. Hutts aren't droids. There are very few "insane" species presented as playable (Hutts actually being the only one I'm aware of). A hutt would be a horrible species to play in the campaign you've described (starfighter-centric), and unfortunately it sounds like you're going to press the issue. If you're expecting your GM to make tons of concessions for you to play some bizarre character that is such a poor fit their campaign, then you do hate your GM. Players like you are why GMs like me think Hutts should never be presented as playable species. And back to your OP, the only "insane rule" would be common sense, and I'm getting really sick of these "well the book doesn't say I can't do it" crap arguments all over this forum. Looks like it's time for another hiatus. What!? Hutts aren't droids? Thanks for dropping that wisdom bomb on me. /thread Luckily I have a GM who is way more reasonable than you. I've made it very clear to them that if me playing Hutt is too much of a headache, I will happily play a different character. I came up with this character and thought it would be a ton of fun to play. And right now, the rest of the party is geared toward space combat, even though at least 40% of our campaign will be on the ground. I've only been on these forums for about a week, and you've managed to show me in a very short amount of time how good I have it with my current group. If I ever got stuck with someone like you, I'd probably be turned off to RPG's for good. For the record, my group is excited about the prospect. As one player said, "It is fairly balanced in the book, and it would be hilarious to have the Xecto pilot, Hutt gunner and off the walls-astromech in one ship." It's really weird, they seem to be more concerned about having a good time than trying to figure out the exact dimensions an imaginary character needs in order to efficiently pilot an imaginary ship.
  10. It's going to be like 60/40 as far as space combat goes. And surely there is a ship that Hutts can fly. Like someone else said, they are a silhouette 1 creature just like Humans and Wookies, so based on the actual game mechanics they should be able to pilot any ship. I could understand not letting them ride a swoop or a speeder bike, but it would seem pretty insane not to let them pilot starfighters. If that was the case, it should be outlined in their desription. I just assumed it was similar to how droids work. If I play an R2 unit and purchase Laminate armor, the book says to just assume I upgraded my chassis with materials that would have an identical effect. I'm not just banned from using that equipment. I figured that was the basic rule used to cover all of the insane species you can play.
  11. Yeah, my character is 21 in Hutt years, and has Agility 3 (he's a Heavy), so I figure he's pretty tiny for a Hutt.
  12. So I might be playing a Hutt in an upcoming game, which also happens to be geared towards space combat (the party is starting off with a few Y-wings). I've read the full outline of Hutts in the LoNH book, but was wondering if there are any crazy rules, such as how in the blazes does a Hutt fit in a Y-Wing? It also seems like they shouldn't be able to ride speeders, but there is no mention of any such setbacks. Are we meant to just kind of hand-wave such issues for the sake of balance? Or, as a GM, would you rule that Hutts simply can't do a lot of things that a bipedal character can do?
  13. Yeah, I'd never heard of them either until I read through that book.
  14. Ganks are a race outlined on pages 95-96 in the Lords of Nal Hutta book. They're have the following racial trait: Cyborg: All Ganks are cyborgs, and each one often possesses several different cybernetic implants. A Gank begins play with up to two cybernetics that cost a total of $5,000. Ganks have a cybernetic implant cap of 3 plus their Brawn rating. (The guy next to the Hutt)
  15. I know the other races don't have their own books, but I'd think droids would be an exception, considering there are sooo many variables that other races just don't have to worry about. The viability of a droid PC can vary from almost useless to godlike, all based on how the GM interprets the rules. Sure, a good GM is going to be able to keep things under control, but a designated book would save so much time and work spent on answering questions and coming up with house rules. A player shouldn't have to relearn all of their strengths and weaknesses and abilities every time they get a new GM. At the very least, they should have a droid-specific class that has some of those cool droid abilities that have popped up in canon so that a player would be able to do some of it, but have it governed by hard rules and they wouldn't be able to do all of it (unless they maxed out the specialization, of course). The Tales of the Bounty Hunters book alone contained a number of game-breaking feats accomplished by droids (from the IG-88 feats mentioned above, to small droids that could seduce a ship's computer).
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