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  1. Honestly, I'd just proxy / print / craft your own bases and stuff. The price for the conversion kit is ridiculous already and then it's not even fully covering everything.
  2. Proxy proxy and proxy. If a product doesn't come over as fair don't give them your money honestly.
  3. About just alternating activations you can include mechanics to alieviate it a bit, Talon does something like that as well. (Also I honestly don't see what's so bad about out-activating being a thing, that is the advantage cheaper ships give you, they're also less likely to hurt better ships / pilots.)
  4. I think people are looking at this a bit too large scale, I'm not saying, completely overthrow the movement mechanics, I'm more curious about if there's just some small design decisions made for Armada that hint that FFG would have handled things a bit differently were they to make X-wing again now.
  5. As they should be. Small-scale dogfighting compared to (relatively) large-scale fleet actions. I mean, that doesn't mean Armada doesn't have some good ideas that could improve X-wing, differently coloured dice for example, round limits, objectives, those are all things that can make X-wing a better game.
  6. The binary nature of it mostly, the difference in PS doesn't really matter aside from just beating the other ships'. I seem to remember discussions on here saying as well that middling PS tends to be underwhelming cause of that.
  7. So, considering Armada came out after X-wing, can we take design decisions from that game as a "how would ffg have handled this in X-wing in retrospect", reading how Armada does alternating activations made me wonder how X-wing would be done now, cause the PS system is quite iffy as it stands.
  8. Hmm, several games I play do do balance changes, Malifaux does do them occasionally (though it does have a way of getting new copies of individual cards), and Guild Ball has done several extensive rebalancings, but of course also has their rules available for free. The way they handle it convinces me more and more that free online rules and stats is the model to go for. Especially since having older cards is already a mess due to errata'd stuff and such. (Honestly, if X-wing had all the rules and stats just available and legal to use online I'd be way more likely to invest more money in it again.)
  9. I've been looking for a capital ship battle game for quite a while now, but it's hard to find good ones that people actually play. So, I'm not very fond of X-wing's business model, does Armada have the same issue of being very upgrade centered / needing to buy other ships for fixes / essential upgrades? Secondly, what do you need to get started? Like, what is the default play format and such.
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of repainting my X-wing minis, but I have a few questions for my fellow repainters: 1. Do you strip the miniatures first? If so what is safe to use? Don't know if the plastic for X-wing is very different from that for standard miniatures, it seems softer at least. 2. Safe to use varnish on them? Do you think varnishing them is needed?
  11. Astrella

    Gaming Chicks

    Eh, I think it's more a case of game-y stuff just being coded as a male thing (and still is to a large degree), it's just not considered a thing that women really do so not many women get into it. (Also see how entertainment is targetted at a young age and such, and tabletop gaming is considered less of an acceptable pass-time to keep doing as a woman, not that it's always super-dandy for men of course. Also women tend to be socialized to take other's opinions more in account, so we're less likely to do somtehing that's not considered completely kosher.)
  12. Astrella

    Gaming Chicks

    I've found Malifaux to do a bit better in this regard featuring quite a lot of interesting female characters. Still the only woman who plays at my local group though as far as I'm aware.
  13. Comparing X-wing to Warhammer doesn't make sense cause the scales don't match up, if you want to compare it to another miniature game compare it to a skirmish one. (Or Bloodbowl or such)
  14. That might be because it really is a better gun platform than a Defender. The Falcon carries as much firepower as an X-wing in each of its two turrets. It's got more in common with a light gunship than it does any civilian freighter. yeah like an AC-130 gun ship... however an AC130 is still a C-130 and flys like one!! it aint going to outmaneuver a fighter!!!!!! ANY fighter.. just saying!! lol Flying in Atmosphere isn't exactly the same as in space.
  15. Astrella

    Faction Choice

    No desire to play competitively, at best play in a casual tournament once a blue moon.
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