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  1. OK so the basic plot is the 2 nav clans and a RT to come in later. I'm thinking that the escaped, while initially thought to be one killer/monster by the party are actually several. Each causing trouble in its own way. One who causes people to see the warp around them. One who is acting like a serial killer who can shift reality so he can't be seen, killing those he sees as feeding the warp bad vibes, Lust, Anger, Decay. A third who is basically a third eye warp blast canon. This should give the characters plenty of things to chase round until they get involved in the conflict between clans. I'm thinking one of the captured has charted a new warp passage but went mad. I'm thinking that the houses will either try and kill the investigators to keep things quite or befriend them to use against the other clan and them kill them.
  2. I thought the third clan would be brought in later as a further complication, if the players screwed up and let the secret out (which they most likely would). But the idea of a Rogue Trader might be just as good, if I can figure a convincing reason why one would be involved. Maybe the RT wants them to start a private RT controlled clan. I put these things out to bounce ideas off people and get feedback. Also, people have written up pages of story and other information for these adventures by me just putting out the idea. I didn't think of Terminus Prime, but now I will look into it. Plus I want to encourage adventures in DH that don't revolve around deamons, as most DH stories seem to do.
  3. I am creating an adventure based on a navigator house and I want ideas/help. The basic story is that mysterious happenings and deaths have been happening in a very affluent section of a noble/pleasure world. It turns out that two navigator houses are having issues with each other. One house is has raided the dungeon of another, where failed genetic experiments, older family members who are no longer able to work or be in public from prolonged exposure to the warp, and the "still born" family members/monsters. The raiders have lost several of their captures and want them back. While the original house can not let these embarrassments be found out about or their trade secrets get out want the escaped and captured dead. And a third house wants to expose them so they loose face (and contracts). So basically the characters are thrown into a three way war. With two houses wanting it kept quite and a third trying to find out about it and expose it. The players can stay neutral or get on a houses side, or try to work with the other nobles that want the deaths to stop.
  4. After the fear checks who would mind high willpower?
  5. 2nd E is an improvement over 1st E. It runs easier, psychics are more balanced, it is more flexible and doesn't bottleneck at mid levels.
  6. I was talking to someone in the know, and they said that FF wanted to do supplemental plastic pieces for Warhammer and 40k and GW insulted them and told them to F off. At which point FF decided to make a fantasy miniature game.
  7. I just used the base template of the item it was possessing. Whether it be a servo skull, cherubim, servetor, or scalpel bot. The daemon weapons are temporary, once you kill the Gremlin, they go away. And it gives a reason for greedy players to keep it around once they find that it is trying sneaky ways of killing the party off. "Yes it nearly destroyed the gellar field on the ship we're on, but it gave me a daemon infused auto cannon. (true story)". The daemon weapons it creates can't be used against it, and are trying to take control of the characters using them. Remember this thing wants to kill everyone not holding one of it's daemon weapons or weak willed individuals that it might use later. Unlike most daemons, this is the sneaky evil trying to kill them. "Why did the engines on the fliter suddenly ignite, nearly killing half the party?" "Why does my las gun keep jamming?" "Is that a daemon possessed nuke?"
  8. The Gremlin is a non aligned minor chaos daemon. It inhabits small machines, usually servo skulls and has the physical characteristics of the items (wounds, movement, etc.), and uses them to spread misery and mishaps. The Gremlin can spread and take over more of similar types of machine that it inhabits, feeding off of the greed maleficence of people it has taken on as it's master. The Gremlin can be thought of as a low powered evil djinn, interpreting the wishes of it's "Master" to what ever causes the most havoc, death, and chaos. From creating death trap spiked beds in minutes to wiring a fusion generator to overload when a "Master" wants a big, powerful weapon: and while quite useful when sent against a technological foe or learning chaos tech, mostly the Gremlin is just bad news. The apparently most useful aspect of the Gremlin is it's ability to create daemon infused weapons and items. While these items appear to be under the "Masters" control they are in fact still controlled by the Gremlin, and give the Gremlin a way to gain control over the "Master" or anyone using the daemon infused item via a possession roll. A roll vs. the control can be take when ever the Gremlin forces the person to do something against their usual personality. The Gremlin can only create one daemon item per five items it has taken over as it's host (e.g. 15 servo skull equals 3 items it can create). It takes 1d10 days to create an item (use the rules in the Enemies Beyond book) or 1d10 hours if in the warp or thin veil area. These days/hours do not need to be consecutive. If the Gremlin is destroyed, the items return to being mundane, but give off a negative psychic reading and can never be consecrated or given a blessed or holy sub-type and would make the item easier to be daemon infused again. Once the Gremlin has made an opposed willpower check it can talk to characters and NPCs telepathically otherwise it can only use the host items ability to communicate. Gremlins are hard to get rid of, all Gremlin hosts must be destroyed and their remnants exorcised by ritual or psychic power. Even a single cog missed will cause the Gremlin to reform. Once a Gremlin accumulates one hundred host items it can spawn a new Gremlin. To recruit a new host item the Gremlin needs to touch the item and if necessary make an opposed willpower roll. Gremlin host items appear dirty or blackened by fire.
  9. What would a demon infused nuclear weapon be like? Asking for a friend. Lets say a bunch of cursed servo skull went around making daemon infused weapons, see Enemies Beyond, what would it be like if they stumbled onto a nuclear bomb or 50 in a ships armory?
  10. The Acolytes are on a planet, when a tithe for the sky warriors start. Except they find out these sky warriors are Alpha Legion.
  11. Great Moments in Roleplaying: Describe the moment when the player/s realized how f@#ked they really were. A player said to a Daemon, "I'll do whatever you want, I just need that information" and then tried to back track once I said "You said what?". Needless to say two other party members nearly died from that.
  12. Great ideas, I will definitely use them. I think Magnus Grendel has the right feel for this adventure. I was thinking of using Egyptian tomb style crossed with Imperial design.
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