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  1. I have a question in regards to the crit If you change your speed by 1 or more take a damage. If you use an engine tech to move 1 more spot after what your speed dial says does this cause a damage?
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/30/a-few-surprises/ Not much to discuss as it was already spoiled a few days ago.
  3. What is your plan if the person playing you decides to say screw it and I'm playing for a draw? Make sure your objectives force a battle.
  4. Yes, we have to pay to enter the tournament as well. If it fills up it should cover the cost of the tourney pack, but we will still have to pay for the ships if we win (not discounted at all). Unfortuantly this is the only store that would even run star war tourneys so we put up with it. Next closet store would be over 4 hour drive.
  5. Probably the fighter pack as the store running our tournament is you don't get the ships for free you get the right to purchase a ship at his inflated pricing.
  6. LOL I have PEW PEWED a few times. Even while painting my fighters the other night and the wife walked by I pew pewed
  7. When we started games, the biggest mistake we made was flying the ships off the board. If you own both sides of the core play a few mock games on a gaming surface to get the turning radiuses of ships down right. For tactics and ship building I found for the longest time never taking the same set up helped me more find what I love to play with. My last piece of advice is if you have a good friend to play with do not choose 3 objectives before you make your fleet but randomly play 1 mission after you built your fleet. (Then take it out of the rotation until you have played them all) We found this helped our games immensely.
  8. I face this set up semi regularly. For me it starts with obstacle set up. Try to divide the board in half at an angle. I will start my ships back and behind the los of obstacles, I also start my fleet at speed 3 or 4. Being that I have more drops than my opponent, which ever side the least amount of ships ends on I try to get numerical superiority on that side. Then it is flying fast and flanking attacks to frustrate the glads. I also find my Y wings do enough hits to weaken some shields that by turn 3 or 4 I can take 1 out. Good luck!
  9. So in come in from Hyper space assault is this part of your move phase, so you do not get to shoot your capital ship the turn you come in, but can shoot your squadrons during the squadron phase if they are in range of a ship or squadron?
  10. I do believe this battle will be tonight unless Darth On5l4ught is called into work today. My list for tonight will be something centred around the flying whale with some Y wings and X wings. Plus 3 Corvettes.
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