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  1. Also, here is some additional design concept that I pursued, exploring a new design space: Just playing around with the idea, obviously, there could be multiple triggers for transform such as take X damage, etc. (I can think of some very interesting ones, potentially unique but the thing is, to keep the mechanism UX friendly, the triggers need to be easily trackable by the players). Just to clarify, transformed characters start with the amount of damage on them that is equal to the amount that their pre-transform counterpart had. Could also experiment with health reset of sorts, so no damage is transferred but with lower health variables for both variants. The obvious design issue here to further explore and resolve if necessary is as follows: if the trigger does not have a 100% guarantee, how much does a player lose in comparison to potential gain? This can also be implemented the other way around with initial power spike which is an even bigger issue actually. What if the character of player A is so strong that player B can never trigger the weaker, alternate game state of the said character. Back in the day with FFG support, such a concept would probably never see the light of day, since for such a type of character to be playable instead of 1-2 copies of the card you'd need 2-4 or even 3-6. Now, this could be a thing, if the design space proves interesting and fun during playtesting that is. I can also see the possibility of allowing the player to alternate between different states of a character instead of designing something with a clear exponential increase in power, perhaps one state could be good at playing more defensively while the other offensively, etc.
  2. Read the artist name on the templates I use. Or you could type in google 'custom star wars destiny card maker' or something along those lines.
  3. What about 'From the Ashes'? I guess you can't get 4 value from Darksaber on Gideon since hes 14/18 tho. I guess I should make him 15/20 or something huh.
  4. My pleasure. Still looking for playtesters! At the very least I'd be interested to hear some of your feedback or anyone else on this forum for that matter.
  5. What is stopping me from taking matters into my own hands and designing new sets? Nothing.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/wXEkI2T?fbclid=IwAR3mvGviZe8Tkr9Z5Vmi-jcBRVkJjd3X-qamwwBhioydOWmWjLeQLb4iaig
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/bVncCcI
  8. Not overly critical at all, I am open to all kinds of criticisms and every opinion is very much welcome. xd Initially I am not really on the same page as you with some of the suggestions you made BUT its all a process, once I go through them again and personally iterate upon some stuff maybe I'll take some parts of what you wrote into account. Cheers!
  9. This is a fan expansion preview that was designed in less than a day for the Star Wars: Destiny card game released by Fantasy Flight Games. The cards seen here are very much work in progress, most of the designs are in the very early stages of the much needed prototyping. All the artwork is not mine and is the property of Disney/Lucasfilm. I'd love to hear your feedback (ANY constructive criticism is very much welcome). Many people told me that Revan seems extremely powerful to them, here is some insight I have to share on that specific card: - Yes, restricting player agency with removal protection mechanics is a double-edged blade but a card with that specific playstyle, like Vader, needs something along those lines. I'd disagree about poor design in that specific case and argue that it enforces the player's fantasy. Then again, I'd consider increasing the card's health in order to somehow nerf/change up the power action. - There are many downsides to the character such as its low health in contrast to the cost. Initially, he was at 14 health. - I did tune down the parameters like the health down because I was afraid the card would prove to be too powerful given the special. - While the power action and the special have some synergy keep in mind that you CAN'T use your power action to for example get a 4 and then resolve the special with that 4 (dice turned with the power action MAY NOT be removed, even by you). When designing the cards, my main focus was on bringing to life the fantasy that they are meant to deliver. As long as I get that right, balancing is not something I am as concerned with, at least in the initial design process. Design space is there to balance out the parameters I think. I firmly believe that good design is an iterative process, I'd rather go big and crazy initially and then work my way down from there. I am experimenting a lot with most of these designs, taking some risks. An earlier iteration of the Force Drain card played around with the idea of utilizing excess shields and looked something like this (no special that fully heals tho): If this character has maximum shields, any additional shields you give it will instead deal 1 unblockable damage to a character and heal the character this upgrade is attached to for 1. I think the initial design was more interesting but its offensive nature made the card too powerful. On the other hand, simply healing for 1 for any excess shields felt slightly lackluster. Also, the new design is somewhat more UX friendly given how much CCG players despise gameplay mechanics designed for digital space (for example ones that force you to keep track of stuff). Still considering changing the cost to 4 but like I've said before, tweaking such parameters is not really my concern as of right now. There might be some potential game-breaking cases to consider with specific mechanisms. To be fair I haven't played Destiny in a while so I'd probably have to get acquainted with all the new cards. I did take a quick glance at the newest expansions to take note of the current power curve and the related power creep (and also to be consistent for clarity when wordsmithing - then again, that probably needs some tweaking as well so if you're an avid Destiny player let me know when wording on the cards is inconsistent). Bastila's special is somewhat ambiguous for a physical CCG but hey, I personally don't mind such mechanisms at all as a player (I'd say her mechanic still does not cross over that line of something that does not work in a physical space). I would like to hear more opinions on this. If you guys liked what you saw here I might actually consider designing the entire set. This time around though, I'd probably do it in a spreadsheet with a design skeleton of some sort and without art - way easier to balance/iterate that way.
  10. Designed a bunch of brand new characters, thoughts? http://imgur.com/a/F0onv
  11. Might design him too, we'll see. The cards I made are more force themed if you will (HK-47 being an exception), even thought of a name for the expansion: Legends of the Force. So not sure about Chewbacca but again, anything is possible.
  12. More cards (weapons and events this time around): Ahsoka's Lightsabers (4 cost Blue Neutral Upgrade) 2 Melee 3 Melee +3 Melee 1 Resource Special Blank UPGRADE - WEAPON. Blue character only. <Special icon> when attached to a hero character - After you resolve a die, put it back into your pool. <Special icon> when attached to a villain character - Increase the value of all your dice by 1 (for one turn). ------------ Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber (5 cost Blue Hero Upgrade) 3 Melee 4 Melee (1 cost) +3 Melee 2 Shield Special Blank UPGRADE - WEAPON. Blue character only. <Special icon> - You may ready a character this card is attached to. "That lightsaber was Luke's and his father's before him, and now it calls to you." ------------ A New Beginning (2 resource cost Blue Hero Event) You and your opponent both pass and begin a new upkeep phase. "This is a new day, a new beginning." ------------ Balance of the Force (6 resource cost Blue Hero Event) Remove all damage from a blue villain character and one of your blue hero characters. "Yet, open to us a path remains that unknown to the Sith is. Through this path, victory we may yet find. Not victory in the Clone Wars, but victory for all time." ------------ Consumed by the Dark Side (5 resource cost Blue Villain Event). Place 2 damage on a blue hero character for every 1 damage on one of your blue villain characters. "Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him." ------------ A New Hope (3 resource cost Blue Hero Event). Choose a character. That character is immune to all damage until the next upkeep phase. "We must persevere. And in time, a new hope will emerge." ------------ Echoes of the Past (1 resource cost Blue Hero Event) After you play this card and your hand is empty, you may remove all of your opponent's dice. "Obi-Wan... let go." ------------ Also slightly changed the wording for HK-47: HK-47 (Red Neutral) Assassination Droid 11 health 0 Ranged 1 Ranged (1 cost) 0 Melee 0 Discard 0 Shield Blank CHARACTER When you resolve this character's die, increase its value by 1 for each character on the opponent's side. 15/20 "Interjection: Silence, meatbag."
  13. Darth Sidious (Blue Villain) Dark Lord of the Sith 11 health 2 Ranged 3 Ranged (1 cost) +2 Ranged 1 Melee 2 Discard Blank CHARACTER After an opponent's character is defeated, you may remove all your die to put the said character on your side with half its health (without any upgrades). 18/23 "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." ----------------- Ahsoka Tano (Blue Hero) Force Wielder 10 health 1 Melee +2 Melee 3 Melee (1 cost) 1 Reroll 2 Resource Blank CHARACTER After you exhaust this character you may resolve one of its dice. If you dealt damage this way, reroll that die instead of removing it from your pool. 14/19 "I am no jedi." ---------------- Anakin Skywalker (Blue Hero) The Chosen One 12 health 2 Melee +2 Melee 3 Melee (1 cost) 2 Reroll 2 Resource Blank CHARACTER You can attach any blue villain ability or upgrade to this character. You can include blue villain abilities and upgrades in your deck. 16/21 "He was the greatest warrior the Jedi had in the Clone War." ------------------ Obi-Wan-Kenobi (Blue Hero) Jedi General 13 health 1 Melee 2 Melee 1 Shield 2 Shield 1 Reroll Blank CHARACTER Action - Remove all your dice to remove that many opponent's dice. 14/19 "Your move." -------------- Darth Vader's TIE Advanced (Support Red) 7 cost 2 Ranged 3 Ranged 4 Ranged 5 Ranged (1 cost) 2 disrupt 3 disrupt (1 cost) SUPPORT - VEHICLE After you exhaust this card for the first time, you may remove any vehicle on the opponent's side. "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy." --------- Yoda (Blue Hero) Jedi Master 11 health 2 Melee +3 Melee 1 Ranged 2 Reroll 2 Resource Blank CHARACTER After you activate this character you may play a blue support card for 1 less resources. 17/22 "Much to learn, you stll have." ------------ Grand Admiral Thrawn (Red Villain) Master Startegist 10 health 1 Ranged 2 Reroll 2 Disrupt 2 Discard 2 Resource Blank CHARACTER After you consecutively roll two blanks (-) with this character's die, turn any number of die of either player to the side of your choice. 13/18 "I study the art of war. Work to perfect it." ----------- Darth Revan (Blue Neutral) The Prodigal Knight 12 health 2 Melee +2 Melee 2 Ranged (1 cost) 1 Disrupt 1 Discard Blank CHARACTER You may sacrifice this character and another on your side to destroy any other character. 15/20 "He made me a Sith Lord and called me Darth Revan. I killed for him, I turned on the Republic - but I have found redemption." ----------- HK-47 (Red Neutral) Assassination Droid 11 health 0 Ranged 1 Ranged (1 cost) 0 Melee 0 Discard 0 Shield Blank CHARACTER When you resolve this character's die, give 1 to its value for each character on the opponent's side. 15/20 "Interjection: Silence, meatbag." ----------- Darth Maul (Blue Villain) Son of Dathomir 10 health 1 Melee 2 Melee +2 Melee 1 Disrupt 1 Discard Blank CHARACTER After this character is defeated, put it on your side with half its health (you may do this only once). 16/20 "My hatred kept my spirit intact even though my body was not." ------------ Soresu Mastery (3 resource cost Blue Upgrade) Whenever the character this card is attached to takes damage, give that character one shield. ------------
  14. After you exhaust this character you may resolve one of its dice. If you dealt damage this way, reroll that die instead of removing it from your pool. How about now? Also, could the wording be better?
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