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  1. Here's a nice combo: getting Salvo on AF mk II A with Paragon. First you have a decent rear arc only beaten by those expensive SSD's, and is the cheapest 3 dice rear ship in the game (though unfortunately still overpriced). Secondly with Paragon, provided they attack you first and you salvo them, you could then add black dice to your own attack against it, or if it is double arc'ed; both your attacks!
  2. Countering a SSD is not particularly hard when you know you will fly against one. I recommend just slightly tweaking one of your normal builds and seeing how it goes. Practice flying sub-optimal builds against it. Plus your friend wants to try their SSD out. It won't be particularly fun for them if you bring a hard counter list, that would fail against most normal lists.
  3. I'm happy about this as I can't see how they could have made a satisfying to fly/fly-against Rebel ship. If they made a Viscount too broadside heavy, it would result in boring games where the goal is to just park in its front arc and bump all day. If they made its front and side arcs fairly balanced it wouldn't feel satisfying to fly against as it would lack a defined weakness, and ECM big ships would probably still just park in the front arc.
  4. Keep in mind that I have very little actual game experience, but can crunch numbers quite well. When it comes to dice modification, each additional upgrade provides diminishing returns. To explain, when the Arquitens roll 3 red dice, there is a decent chance at least 1 dice will be blank/accuracy (assuming accuracy is undesirable). Actual % probability is 75.5% chance of at least 1 miss or accuracy. Thus I.F's dice modification upgrade is useful in 75.5% of rolls. If TRC has first changed a blank/acc to a double hit, you need a second blank/acc for the I.F to have anything to do. You have at least 2 blanks/acc in 31.6% or rolls. Now the efficiency is dropping off. You might argue I.F only costs 6 points, but in reality you are sinking another 25 points for the Gozanti, and being limited to a Cymoon over an ISD2. I would actually keep the I.F as if goes well with red dice dependent ships, and would instead drop the TRCs, saving 14 points. The other problem with TRC is you are basically denying the Arquitens' their evade for defense, and without Brace, they need this for damage mitigation. Objective wise I'm not very good at. Most wanted is a definite. Contested outpost might work ok with the ISD slow rolling on the station and the Arquitens flanking as the enemy are funneled towards the station. Solar Corona is always a good pick with low activation fleets, plus the fleet is vulnerable to accuracy so will help defensively. Against the SSD, the Arquitens will need to stay at long range. Which is even more reason to save that evade for defense only. Assuming you can get the ISD out of the SSD front arc, your ships (besides the Gladiator) should be able to last many turns and deal out a ton of damage.
  5. Just keep in mind Commander Agate is herself a commander. So no Ackbar. I personally strongly dislike the idea of adding Evade for TRC. That costs a whopping 27 points, for use on 1 attack. Terrible efficiency. And you restrict your options, as you can't choose to pick another token based on you opponent's list, otherwise the 7 point TRC is a complete waste. For me, brace would be the default choice. My choice would alter more based on the enemy's list then my own flagship. If against an MSU or heavy squad list then may pick redirect (or evade if long range MSU). Maybe contain against Dodonna bombers. Combos well with DCO and new expert shield techs, as against certain lists, these boosted defense tokens become much better then brace and you can choose based on your opponent's fleet.
  6. I think you'll find with running naked CR90 is that you are fighting at a handicap. This is because TRC is such a great upgrade on then, an auto-include 95% of the time. Having Intensify Firepower! does pose a viable alternative as you would save bulk points. Nebs are pretty ordinary which is why you never see them, besides Yavaris. AST just look great with Neb and with either STM or maybe Redemption to get those shields up quick, or Garm to spam Eng from turn 1.
  7. Just a prediction; I think the Liberator title will add a Weapons Team Slot as part of its effect. It may lose its Support Team. That gives the CR90B access to the Weapons Battery Tech, which otherwise seems to only be good on the Raider II.
  8. Poor Quasar doesn't get the Turbolaser slot. I could maybe see this on a Yavaris, but not much else for rebels. Yavaris likes red re-rolls and has a potent AA. It could help it snipe the enemy's intel. Combined with new Auxiliary Shield Teams and Neb B's are stronger then ever. I'm hoping a variant of the rebel Correllian Gunship comes with a red AA dice though.
  9. Not sure why you are comparing with Dutch at all, it is apples to oranges. But since you are; it is still 6 dice to Dutch's 3, thus I wouldn't say way stronger. Dutch can whiff after all, and needs to activate first to get primary benefit. Dutch costs 3 less but loses 1 Hull, 1 anti-ship dice (which is huge) and slightly worse anti-squadron attack dice. Umm, no. Black dice have a 75% chance of damage. Blue is 50%. Blue are better against scatter aces, but this Deathrain with its spread damage would more likely be targeting non-scatter opponents anyway. You can Jendon him, but that shouldn't really affect his pricing, thus is irrelevant. And splitting damage can also be good, particularly with other imp aces like Mauler and Fel. I disagree here as well. To some extent yes, but for the most part you should be comparing with the most similar existing ship. Which is the Scurrg. The Scurrg, for +2 points, gets Grit, loses 1 Hull and changes a black and anti-squadron to blue (a downgrade). Not sure how you think that is an upgrade. I agree the most similar Imp ship is the Firespray. Generally I estimate Rogue as costing 2 points, thus remove this and for an extra +2 points, the Firespray gets you -2 Hull, change of black anti-squadron dice to 2 blue (expected damage 0.75 to 1.0) and downgrade of anti-ship dice with a black to blue, and gain Heavy. Again, pretty glaring discrepancies. Keep in mind that specialist ships like Scurrg are paying a slight premium as they are costed assuming they can do what they are designed to do more often then not. And this just hurts my brain. You seem to be justifying dropping its points because it has an officer option, which you are under no obligation to fill. And because most officers are overpriced on this platform, you counter by dropping the base price.... people just won't add the overpriced options. Not really a fan of the idea anyway, as may add unintended design problems in future, and is pretty gimmicky. My suggestions would be to make double black anti-ship and anti-squadron; but make 2 points more expensive, 2 speed only, and drop the officer slot. Or for something a little weirder, make both armaments Red-Black, for 1 less point.
  10. My 2 cents is to drop the A-Wings. They don't use BCC and don't need the speed boosts. Some more X-Wings and Y-Wings to replace. If you drop Defiance to Boosted Comms, you can get 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing and Gold Squadron for the cost of the 3 A-Wing varieties.
  11. Trust me, I like Garm more then most, but this list doesn't utilize him much at all. Generally there isn't much dial pressure on 1 Command Ships. And you can usually get away with banking a Nav command on either the 1st or second turn. The Pelta can also bank a token turn 1, spend it turn 2, then bank another turn 2 as it should lag a bit behind the rest of the fleet and not need the dial. Turn 3 can use Hondo, and turn 4 can discard the card. By then the HH's should have overshot their targets and probably not be in range of their other arcs. Dodonna seems better even without inbuilt synergy, for 5 pts cheaper (could probably drop an A-wing, and Phoenix home title to add in a comms net flotilla). Or for 5 points more Mon Mothma or Rieekan adds some value.
  12. IMO for Rebels it works best with Biggs and X-Wings. It has synergy with Biggs to keep damage totals down, and helps the X-Wings outlast the enemy to go on bombing raids. Alternatively also goes well with YT-2400 as they have enough Hull to tank the alpha-strike and don't need a BCC flotilla. Both options have 4 Blue dice, thus less harshly affected.
  13. As above it comes down to how you intend on flying it. If you fly at speed 3 to engage, then the Star Cruiser is better, especially with Madine. If you want to keep your distance for as long as possible then the Battle Cruiser is the way to go. And I don't really like Sato on it, not enough synergy.
  14. Has anyone pointed out the subtitle yet: Obi-Wan Kenobi Civilized Warrior
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