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  1. I'm pretty sure it will be the MC75, given it is still relatively fresh in our minds, and the last couple of rebel waves have been small ships.
  2. I imagine that is either because Biggs adds survivability to the other escort aces, and/or because they synergise nicely with something else where the result is greater then the sum of its parts. I don't think there are many Lukes and Wedges without Biggs, or without Dodonna/Yavaris for Luke, and Dutch for Wedge.
  3. Quick questions; how do those of you who use TTS to play ind your opponents? Is there a group or thread somewhere? Cheers.
  4. I doubt that is the meaning of the card. Lining up the double arc with the Arquitens against a small ship going speed 3 or 4 will be pretty hard.
  5. Until you realise that the only ship this statement includes is the MC30 Torp frigate, with which I find the added accuracy chance helps with its obscenely high damage output. Not counting yet to be released Hammerheads and the omnipresent (even in Ackbar fleet) flotillas. Edit: Forgot the CR90B, but upgrading to an A with Ackbar is some pretty obvious stuff. I have a different criteria on ships wasted on Ackbar.
  6. I find the C.F dial to still be a good option on large ships, particularly early and late in the game. Early to allow fishing for accuracy and to 1 shot small ships. Meanwhile your shields are at/near full and you can keep your squadrons on defensive duty, depending on how you build your list. Late it is useful once the enemy has escaped your primary arc/s, and your only arcs with shots have 3-4 dice. In this situation at C.F dial adds 25-33% firepower which may be enough to break through the target ship's remaining defensive efforts. Of course there is some prediction required on whether to go offensive to pick up the final kills or defensive to save your big ship from death.
  7. Engine overdrive (4pts, Support Crew, Small ship only): When you activate this ship, you may immediately perform a straight speed 1 move. If you do, remove 1 shield from your rear hull if able.
  8. Moving out of range is more a problem with Toryn Farr that is shared by every fighter. In fact E-wings actually partially mitigate this problem by effectively increasing the range of Toryn Farr by 1, as they can snipe for 1 distance closer to the allied ship. Still I you are moving out of Toryn's range, you either have had a good opportunity present itself, or are doing something wrong. If your fighters are engaged, and snipe 'is useless' just some observations; E-wings are speed 4, with range 2. Thus before your own alpha, they should be well back with your fleet. If your enemy does see the need to jump on them, then your advantage is that your ships can AA on the enemy fighters. The threat of snipe may have been what pushed your opponent into over extending their fighters. Finally, even if you are engaged, you can use your snipe attack to avoid counter damage, which can potentially be counter 4 + reroll, see below. You are right, taking out Dengar will require some luck. Consider, are there better targets for you to take out 1st? Dengar doesn't offer all that much in himself, and snipe offers a solid counter to Dengar's own ability. For instance, in a Dengar, Tie fighter/interceptor swarm, Mauler, Howlrunner, plus bombers, maybe taking out the simple fighter/interceptors while bypassing that counter 2 + 1 from Howl + 1 from Dengar + 1 reroll would be better. If he is 'going bombers' why not simply engage his fighters the normal way? Or 'sacrifice' the last 1-2 E-wing/s to activate (or because you are smart and have a mixed fighter force, some X-wings/A-wings/heroes) to engage and thus force them to activate their own fighters.
  9. I am against this change also. I agree with most of the above, but a further point that has not been mentioned yet is that forcing flotilla to activate after other ships really hurts the timing of some flotilla upgrades. Slicer tools, repair crews, comms net and Suppressor are now either much harder to pull off, less valuable to pull off and/or don't provide any benefit until the next turn.
  10. Piett will compete with Sloan for boosting fighter builds, which I'm not sure is needed. Palpatine's ability is a bit daft to be honest. I just can't imagine the emperor convincing Akbar into unleashing a full broadside against an unsuspecting CR-90. How do you even balance for this possibility? Plus the guessing game part of it is very easily removed entirely by Director Isard. Darth Vader is interesting, but boarders on too powerful, yet too restrictive (can only be on an ISD, while at range 1, with a C.F token/dial and costing 8 pts). What if instead the crew damage added by this effect does not count against your damage total? This way you can be stacking powerful effects, but you are not going to outright blow up a ship just by dropping Vader on them on turn 3. Then make Vader cheaper and can be on any ship with the appropriate upgrade slots.
  11. Raider I: External racks is a much more efficient upgrade for hit and run style Raiders. Raider II: Disposable Capacitors add a new play style well suited to the Raider. Makes it much easier to overload pulse combo with other ships or Sloan. I personally like the look of NK-7. You can potentially knock off 2 defence tokens before your big hitter makes its medium/close range attack. Any Raider with any combination of Agent Kallus, Flechette Torpedoes and Titles are great anti-squadron support ships.
  12. The wording on Task Force Antilles makes me think it works with Major Derlin. I.e the other ship taking damage for you can exhaust Derlin to take 0 damage.
  13. The torpedo corvette looks well priced, particularly due to external racks which suits it well. However I have my doubts about the scout version. It seems overpriced. Compared to a CR-90, for 3 points you get: +2 shield, -1 hull +1 evade, -1 contain. Much better TRC synergy thus better damage Speed 4 and better manoeuvrability Red dice in the sides and rear Different upgrade slots, of which the CR-90 has arguably the better for a red dice ship The task force upgrades are the obvious other advantage of the scout corvette. I'm not overly sold the the TF Antilles either, for the following reasons; You need to stick together, which is difficult at times, and countered by Gunnery teams pretty bad It costs 3 points each. Which means a minimum of 6 points as you need 2, but need more to be effective The effect is rather mild as the damage still hits another ship You already have contain to deal with crits, thus shuffling damage to avoid taking hull damage isn't a potential benefit The synergy with shields to maximum however is amazing
  14. I used to not like Madine for the same reason. Only the Liberty needs his ability. Then I tried a list with CR90s with engine techs and fell in love with Madine. He is probably my favourite Rebel commander now.
  15. Certainly is a buff. It is also an NK-7 fix- this upgrade wants to get in early in the game, but blue range means it is often turn 3. And I can just imagine Screed backed NK-7 Ion cannon raider (x2) dropping 2 defence tokens at long range, then 2 more at medium-close the next turn. Previously my dancing CR-90s enjoy making their approach of the Victory at long range, front on, before extreme Madine clicking the early joints to get massive sideways drift. Leaving the slow Victory in the dust. But on longer is that safe if I'm to cop ~4-5 damage. I'm a bit sad that there is no Rebel ship that can utilise this well.