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  1. Given the lack of Armada news and fairly stale forum activity recently, I am just gauging interest in a community driven project where-by we got through the design process of a new ship. Each week or so would bring about a new design phase; starting with a discussion about which ship should be designed (based on faction need and current ship roster), then moving to what general role, upgrade slots, speed, defense tokens and price range of that ship, then the ship cards themselves and variants, followed by titles and some upgrades and finally play-testing and tweaking. Regarding which ship/s should be eligible, I would suggest the project in essence create Scum ships. Although I know this is not universally wanted, the advantage would be it would not impinge on FFG's releases and also around clarity that this is a purely community driven project which could extend to multiple ships and maybe even building an entirely playable faction. I have personally created custom profiles for the ships I have purchased from Mel, but would be interested in a community collation. In any case it will give us something to do while awaiting the next wave's teaser.
  2. The "if able" also kills off any chanced of combining it with Bail. Before I noticed this I was speculating that it could be a sneaky way of getting Bail on a small ship and being able to deploy the small ship on Bail's turn and instantly moving it, with the flexibility of keeping Bail on the Profundity if desired. I though the whole design of the card centered around Bail because like the OP, I don't see any other officer I'd like to make jump ship. Just so disappointed when I noticed the "if able" restriction. In summary, no I can't think of any officer that goes well with it, besides as a last resort lifeboat.
  3. Tips for commanding the Liberty class?

    My take on the Liberty; Fun ship to fly with clear strengths and weaknesses. Strengths; great front arc both offensively and defensively, good speed, good defense tokens, 1st joint tic adds maneuvering versatility, good upgrade bar and titles, reasonable price. Weaknesses; very poor non-front arcs, lack of defensive retrofit, limited Rebel commanders, poor maneuverability which aggravates your front arc dependency, Command 3 means if you find yourself in a bad position it can be hard to respond appropriately. Therefore aim to build and fly your Liberty to utilize your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses, which mostly is about positioning. Key upgrades include; Commanders; Madine; number 1 choice. Turns the Liberty into an extremely maneuverable and difficult to predict ship. Usually fly at speed 3, have 4 tics to work with with great tic placement. 5 tics with Nav token too. Allows hard turns and nice inside turns, while maintaining high speeds. Really allows the Liberty to get into a good position to maintain its front arc while protecting sides and rear. Also often can avoid enemies' preferred arcs while hitting their own weak arcs, even the rear. These 2 factors augment your offence and mitigate your defensive flaws Garm; I like Garm. Fully stacked tokens from turn 1 means you can spam Navs for 1-3 turns without feeling bad. Tokens immensely help the Liberty to use token/dial requiring upgrades, namely Engine techs, Nav teams, Eng teams, Liberty title and Liason officers Dodonna; nice budget officer, helps to fit more ships into list thus allowing your unpredictable Liberty to move later. Double turbolasers mean you can pick up XX-9s and another of your choosing (eg Xi7) Leia; never tried, but looks like a more versatile and less specialized Madine, when combined with Nav teams. That said, if you are Nav'ing alot, which you will be, you are usually better off with Madine Raddus; pending Officers; Raymus; I like the Raymus+Madine+Engine tech combo. Every second turn I plot a Nav dial, and bank the Nav token for the turns in-between. Thus every turn you can use Madine and every turn use Engine techs. Abundance of tokens also mitigates command 3. Raymus also is great for Liberty title carrier builds Walex and Lando; Fixes defensive flaws in a pinch. I personally like Walex more in this case as without the defensive retrofit he allows you to spend your braces and redirect more freely (for example if your green brace is accuracy'ed and the other is red). You live by your defense tokens and Walex keeps them strong longer Major Derlin; an expensive choice, but helps improve your weak arcs from ships that can still outmaneuver it, or squadrons, saving you burning that single redirect. Can avoid squadron crits Liasons; A cheap and versatile option if you struggle to choose the correct dial, and have either Garm or Comms net. Fixes command 3 problem Support; Engine Techs; hands down my favorite upgrade with Madine. Speed 4 Madine Liberties can end up anywhere in 3 turns. You can also double ram in a pinch, eg to kill a blocking Flotilla that already rammed you if you don't want to waste your shot on it. I prefer on Star Cruisers with a more offensive load-out as their extreme speed means you get in close (more blue dice +/- SW-7 +/- Mon Karren) and usually out-flank the enemy thus avoiding harsh retaliation Nav team; highly recommend either Engine techs or Nav team. Almost ablates your maneuvering weakness. I prefer on Battle Cruiser Gunnery Team Liberties as the extra tics helps aiming. Get some defensive upgrades (Endeavour, Walex/Lando, support ships) Medical team; cheap choice to help remedy your lack of contain, provided you did not get the Endeavor title That should about cover your weaknesses. Choose Weapons, Ion and Turbolaser upgrades depending on its intended role. There are certainly some nice combos to be found. Edit; forgot about your specific questions/concerns. Enemy fighters; When travelling at high speeds you will often take 1 shot and then leave them in the dust. You can also rush their light carriers (ie Quasars or Peltas) and take them down in 1-2 turns. Derlin/Walex (Walex to reuse redirect), Endeavor and repair dials/tokens help most here. Getting stuck; should not happen with Madine. Anything small and fast that sits in front of you should blow up. Anything big should be easy to outmaneuver, with the exception of speed 3 JJ ISDs. Go speed 3+engine techs, start on turn 1 with a wide swinging trajectory, and turn in sharply only once you have their threats out-positioned. Remember inside turns; i.e. normally if you turn right for example you need to place the movement ruler/movement template to the right side of your ship, or you will overlap the template and it will be illegal. But with experimentation with adjusting different tics on the movement template you can place it on the left side of your ship while turning hard right with a net turn of 3 tics (67,5 degrees) plus another tic with engine techs if desired (90 degrees). Set your ruler to this configuration and see for yourself; 1st joint 2 tics right, 2nd joint 2 tics right, 3rd joint 1 tic left. The advantage is a very different end point positioning with a very tight turn, and often catches the opponent off-guard. Combine with Liberty with other fast threats. Do the ISDs turn to try and face the Liberty and expose themselves to the 2 CR90s headed the other way? CC HOMC80 and LMC80 combo; The major flaw with this combo is 2 expensive ships which eat into your remaining points. You will likely be out-activated. This greatly detracts from trying to outmaneuver the enemy with the Liberty as their key ships will very likely get to move last. Also incidentally Defiance, which is one of the best titles in the game is less useful here. I'd go with Garm for this for some nice tokens. Try to keep them slightly apart so the enemy cannot Gunnery team them both, while meanwhile coordinating fire on a chosen value target. Fly Hammer and Anvil stile, i.e a tank HOMC80 flies into the danger arc, with the Liberty flying more wide and turning into the side. I'd consider Engine techs on both a must as speed will keep them alive longer and Garm can fuel it (with Asoka). Engine techs also help prevent sneaky ships getting in front of the HOMC80. Nice combos include Xi7 on both, so together they can drill to hull. Alternatively the Home One title and Quad Turbolaser Cannons on a Battle Cruiser is great for swatting small ships from range. The upcoming Exodus fleet title is also intriguing. Garm Eng tokens give 4 points. Dials give 6 and a dial and token give 8. Whichever ship is under threat can spam these repairing 4 shield per turn (Garm+Asoka).
  4. When will Imperials get Double Brace?

    When we get the Venator.
  5. Profundity Up!

    Trouble with this plan is you will need black 2 critical hits as the AF can evade one. And even if you do, at that point the WAB is only dealing 1 damage to a nearby squadron, or the AF can save the evade for the next HH. Plus it can burn the evade if it wants to to shrug off a second attack. I personally like Walex too as the AF has no redundant defense tokens and can burn them quickly. Meanwhile GH will pick off your own squadrons that activated Sato in the first place. If Sato fails to proc, those HH lose a lot of potency.
  6. Like most table-top games, I consider list building half the battle and half the fun. Plus I'm sure it would take away from the victory if I won with someone else's list.
  7. Which ships will pair well with MC75

    Was thinking the same, with the man Dodonna himself.
  8. Look, an article!

    Why would I include TRC specifically in the Math? Their value is undisputed and I assume the 1st blank roll would be using TRC. My post was evaluating IF as a second source of Dice Modification, and how it reaches saturation point with small red dice pools. Taking TRC and IF with Ackbar is a way of getting larger red dice attack pools, therefore red dice modification would not have reached saturation. That said you can not double arc, so total red dice is the same. This would be ok, however you do need a Pelta in a list that isn't overly thrilled to have it. Your examples aren't particularly helpful, I know how the upgrade works. I'll see if I can work out the Math for 4 red dice, as that seem the limit CR90s can roll, but I need to go to work. And I am painfully aware that unlucky rolls exist, but does it justify bringing an expensive upgrade as a back-up to the TRC? From previous page; "Have you ever played or played against a TRC90 swarm? You must deal damage with every attack because you're only dealing out 2-3 damage per attack. If you can't deal out consistent damage, you're not going to kill anything. In regards to your math, I think something is off, but I don't know what." I have not played many games, but TRC90s are currently effective. They survive in the pre-IF era just fine and are one of the Rebel's most reliable ships. I am confident in my math, but someone feel free to check. Note that I counted accuracy as blank, which is a worst case scenario. The part [Math: 3/8 x (1-5/8 x 5/8) = 0.33] might look weird, but it is the product of [1 miss] and [at least 1 out of 2 miss]. [At least 1 out of 2 miss] is worked out as One subtract %chance both hit (ie 5/8). Consider the cost of stacking TRC and IF on ships. IF costs 6, plus the cost of a Pelta, plus cost of token generating strategy. Is it worth that investment over an extra TRC90 with points to spare? ---Update with more Math--- Included my working of the Math for those interested or in doubt, not as complex as it may seem... Step one: formulate table of permutations, then grouped into columns by number of hits; m = miss, h= hit 0h mmmm 1h mmhm mmmh mhmm hmmm 2h mmhh mhhm hmhm mhmh hmmh hhmm 3h hmhh mhhh hhhm hhmh 4h hhhh Step 2: Calculating %chance of individual permutation, ie of mmmm= 3/8*3/8*3/8*3/8= 2%, mmmh=3/8*3/8*3/8*5/8= 3.3%, etc Step 3: Multiplying individual %chance of permutations by number of permutations in that category/column (with this setup all permutations within the same group have the same %chance, e.g. mmhm is 3.3%, same as mmmh), ie for 1 hit, multiply 3.3% by 4= 13%. Thus; 0h= 2% 1h= 13% 2h= 33% 3h= 37% 4h= 15% Step 4: Add groups and interpret. Thus for a 4 red dice attack, where I consider accuracy as worthless as a blank, the odds of rolling at least 2 blank/accuracy and thus needing both IF and TRC is 48%.
  9. Chimaera - the best ISD title?

    I think Chimaera may be a little over-hyped at present. I think it will be solid, but not fantastic. Could be wrong though. For what it is worth, I like Relentless, with SFO. Basically because I don't know what I'm doing setting dials half the time, and this gives a command 1 ISD for 3 out of 6 turns, with 2 of them in the middle of battle, when needed in a pinch.
  10. I'll Intensify YOUR Firepower

    To bad if you fly against Cracken. Stuff of nightmares.
  11. Look, an article!

    Forgive me, but why are people keen for IF on TRC90's for "3 guaranteed damage"? The TRC already changes a Black to a Hit-Hit/Crit, therefore to even need the IF, you will need to roll double Blacks (or Accuracy when it isn't wanted) [Math: 3/8 x 3/8= 0.14]. Thus you have an 86% chance of NOT needing IF from 2 red dice. Throw in a 3rd red dice, ie the side arc, or a C.F. red dice: you need at least 2 out of 3 to be Blank to use IF [Math: 3/8 x (1-5/8 x 5/8) = 0.33]. Thus you have a 67% chance of NOT needing IF. Those are figures that assume Accuracy are useless, which in many cases they are not. I am looking forward to IF more for ships like Nebulon B, Hammerhead, AFM2 (and of course the Pelta itself), which I don't want to equip TRC thus can spare their only Evade token. In this case you only need one Black to utilize IF, thus the math on 2 red dice unmodified [Math: 5/8 x 5/8= 0.39] equates to a 39% of NOT needing IF. With 3rd red dice of Nebulon/AFM2/C.F HH [Math: 5/8 x 5/8 x 5/8= .24] means 24% chance of NOT needing IF.
  12. What would you change about just one ship?

    I see a lot of suggestions here for the Nebulon B to have a redirect or increased side shields. I must say I completely disagree. I like that it was designed with a clear weakness in its side arc, with a relative strength in its front. And it makes sense looking at how flimsy its connecting bit looks. My personal 'fix' for it would be to add another upgrade slot, as I feel it is rather light for upgrade choices. Not sure what though, as Weapons and Offensive retro would be too strong with Yavaris. Therefore maybe Defensive retro, or a second Turbolaser or possibly the Fleet Support slot would be interesting. For Raider, contain would help it in its anti-fighter role, and not over-tune it.
  13. Or put Chimaera title on a Cymoon for 2 Fleet Commands. Use Tarkin and/or a token generating officer and/or comms net to keep both active.
  14. Help me with black math

    More math: For 1 Black Dice: Re-rolling only Blanks: 31.25% chance of Hit-Crit. 6.25% chance of Blank Re-rolling Blanks and Hits: 43.75% chance of Hit-Crit. 18.75% chance of Blank Interpret that as you please.
  15. That is all well and good if your are against scatter heroes, of which I am aware that this thread is about. However when list building, you do not know for certain if that will be the case. Hence I'd avoid A-Wings with Jamming Fields (except Sharra) or you'll be hurting your own squadrons against many other enemy squadron archetypes. Imagine for example your poor A-Wings inside the Jamming field trying to blink away damage from a Biggs escort ball, one at a time. Now you may in this case fly the flotilla away from your A-wings, but then you need to invest in other tech to still allow it to squad command from longer range. Plus I presume Toryn would be on the Jamming Flotilla, so you'd lose her if you did fly it away. Lastly Mauler and Soontir have a great time inside Jamming fields, as they do auto damage and their survivability goes up.