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  1. Certainly is a buff. It is also an NK-7 fix- this upgrade wants to get in early in the game, but blue range means it is often turn 3. And I can just imagine Screed backed NK-7 Ion cannon raider (x2) dropping 2 defence tokens at long range, then 2 more at medium-close the next turn. Previously my dancing CR-90s enjoy making their approach of the Victory at long range, front on, before extreme Madine clicking the early joints to get massive sideways drift. Leaving the slow Victory in the dust. But on longer is that safe if I'm to cop ~4-5 damage. I'm a bit sad that there is no Rebel ship that can utilise this well.
  2. A 4 squadron activation is superior to 2x 2 squadron activation. You kill more without allowing your opponent a chance to respond and activate the low HP squadrons. And this happens every turn. Plus it can add flight controllers. Plus it has great titles. Not saying it is 100% better, as you mention the Gozanti have their own pros- more activations, more defence tokens, and fleet support option.
  3. This would outright kill Rieekan. I'd rather remove the escort shenanigan's; ie an erreta stating you can not be forced to attack a squadron with zero hit-points.
  4. I'd like to see the Broadside-class cruiser as a long range ordnance platform that fits a new role. Currently most rebel ships enjoy staying at medium-long range. This ship could be a counter to that strategy, being itself vulnerable at close range.
  5. I previously expected to see the Corellian Gunship make it's way into Armada, however now I'm not so sure. The problem is it is yet another small base rebel ship, that is very similar to other ships already in the game (or soon to be). I would have imagined it's the be almost identical to the Raider, but with red dice instead of blue and turbolaser slot instead of offensive retrofit. It also competes with the Hammerhead and MC30 with its role as a small black dice ship. Does anyone want to see the DP-20? And how would you design it to make it stand out from the Raider, hammerhead and MC30?
  6. An ISD `1 has a 38% chance of not rolling an accuracy from the front arc and 77% chance of not rolling one from the side. Plus 2 accuracy is often better then 1 and a damage.
  7. Rapid Launch Bays are another interesting way to get B-Wings into the fight.
  8. I've been hoping for like a support team that improves blue crit reliability. For example Science Team- An unspent blue accuracy result can be used to trigger a blue critical effect. My guess is that the MC-75 will be both medium and blue heavy, to differentiate it from the AF-II and HO-MC-80.
  9. As a slight twist, I've been theorising an Ackbar Defiance Assault Cruiser with Quad Turbolaser Cannons and leading shots. This thing can do some surprising things that X17 can not. Before factoring in re-rolls and extra dice it has a 55% change of rolling a red crit (off 6 dice), which gives it the ability to pop flotilla at long range. If you don't roll that initial accuracy, then you can add a defiance red dice +/- concentrate fire command for another 2 chances. Alternatively a Defiance Blue dice at long range can allow re-rolls of blanks, if you rolled badly. Or if you managed to roll the accuracy, you can re-roll them if they are not needed (get a bonus dice). 2 Accuracy shut down most medium ships and small ships better then X17 does. 3 Accuracy shut down most large ships. Combine with TRC90 Jaina's Light with IO to counter ECM brace. Hide the TRC90 on the far side of the MC80. Or if you are really ballsy, put the IO on the MC80.
  10. I too find Raiders very difficult to use. They do best against ships when you are 1st player. Set up your position the turn before, take your shot and run after. External launchers will aid this strategy. This is easier if you have last activation as well, which is achievable given their low cost. You can run multiple raiders like this, just be aware that as only one will be able to activate first, you'll want to time their runs over a few turns. They don't work well as flankers, as their range is too short. If the enemy moves speed 1-2, they will be out of black range for your own shot. The other main role is as a support/anti-squadron ship. They can shield your big ship's side against both Demo/MC30 and against fighters, meanwhile if the enemy choose to change target to them, they are hopefully sitting at a sub-optimal range compared to the bigger ship it is flanking for, and waste the shots of the ship shooting them instead of its friend. Also not much is stopping it doing both roles, 1st protecting the big ship, then accelerating and making its attack run. It will have to choose between flechette and external launchers, but the rest of its build is pretty static.
  11. The Interdictor also gets a dual upgrade slot I don't see the value in Liason officers on the Pelta. For one they tend to need those tokens for their fleet command. Also SFO is cheaper and I think better. He basically gives you Command 1 for 2 turns in a row, when you need him. Given you should be able to predict what command you need for the 1st 2 turns, then SFO can sure up the next 2 if you messed up. That is 4 of 6 turns, of which the last 2 are often fairly predictable as well.
  12. Well, both redirect tokens are rather trash once your shields are gone, which should happen by mid-game unless facing Xi7. No loss there (except repairing shields becomes less reliable). Choosing to also burn contain and even brace certainly hampers your survivability, but if the ISD is doing it's job properly you should be destroying its targets. Therefore it and Vader uses the 'best defence is a good offence' approach. You probably shouldn't be burning your brace and contain if in a fight against a tanky MC80 that can weather the storm and punish you next turn. Not great against Rieekan either.
  13. That is painfully true. Perhaps instead adding a blue dice set to an accuracy result. This favours large firing arcs much more. Certainly isn't a bad idea, but I was allowing room for the Pelta to function as a command ship as it is intended. I concede that this would be bad.
  14. A lot of people are currently frustrated by the use of flotilla as flagships. However rather then nerfing the lifeboats, this tread is about adding new upgrades that naturally provide more benefit to larger ships or more simply ships in the thick of the action, with the flagship only restriction. Some examples of upgrades/people that I would associate with a flagship; - Communications Officer (Officer, 5pts): Flagship Only. After this ship reveals its command dial, you may discard this card to give all friendly ships at range 1-5 a matching token - Logistics Officer (Officer, 5pts): Flagship Only. After this ship finishes its activation, you may discard this card to immediately activate another ship at range 1-5 - Operations Officer (Officer, 5pts): Flagship Only. When you activate this ship, you may discard this card to choose an enemy ship at range 1-5. Once per activation, friendly ships attacking the chosen ship may modify 1 dice in their attack pool until the end of the turn - Captain Piett (Officer, 8pts): Empire Only. Flagship Only. When you activate this ship, you may discard this card to target an enemy ship at range 1-5. Once per activation, friendly ships attacking the targeted ship add 1 black dice to their attack pool until the end of the turn - Bail Organa (Officer, 8pts): Rebels Only. Flagship Only. After an opposing ship finishes its activation within range 1-5, you may discard this card to force your opponent to activate another ship - Flag Bridge (Offensive Retrofit, 4pts): Flagship Only. When you discard an Officer card, you may instead discard this card Thoughts?
  15. Ok did some math on these builds and concluded that the 1st is crap. OE is clearly a necessity, which is a pity for diversity. XX-9s are still viable in place of ACM or APT however. The results; Build, Average damage double arc'ed (combined front and side), damage if lucky (always trigger the critical) and damage if unlucky (never trigger the critical); [FCT]/ACM; 9.28; 11.25; 7.25 OE/ACM; 11.5; 12.5; 8.5 OE/EL; 11; 11; 11 Clarification; when saying if lucky and unlucky, that is solely used to trigger the crit effect to illustrate fluctuation in damage (ie I made the crit effect chance 100%). I still calculated black dice as 1.00 (or 1.25 with OE) per dice. ACM builds overtake EL builds in damage if using both side arcs (while EL is using side and front) Pros of EL: Not reliant on crit for damage, in extension to this are more resistant to forced re-rolls or cancelled dice. Can use XX-9 for double crits. Count towards armament for some objectives Cons of EL: More expensive. Reliant on front arc. No long range Sato shenanigans. No APT crits bypassing shields. Brace