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  1. From what I've seen the "lucky" people may be getting a lot of 1 of legendary cards. Personally, I got 18 packs and have Elite Jengo and normal padme, leia, qui-gon, rebel trooper, Bak, Nightsister, etc. I only picked up 2 legendaries, but right now, IDGAF cause I have more playable stuff.
  2. I can confirm that bc in the game I played against him in swiss, he had 4 gladiators out. Which pretty much = game loss.
  3. Norman, nate nuhrig and i were all running my spark and navy decks. 2x might of the empire 2 x tarkin doc 2 x enforced loyalty 1x zed 1x golan 1x gladiators 1x executor 2x spark 2x zeb 2x mtfbwy 1 x gamor 1x Dash 1 x mystics 1 x SoY4
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