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  1. So, maybe I'm thinking far too tactically - and maybe I've played only two missions. But my impression of the game so far is hitting rock bottom after huge excitement. We played the first mission - destroy all the beacons. We lost. Not miserably, but because the conditions mean that taking a tactically sound effort is a losing strategy. The idea of rushing through the mission, leaving viable enemies to attack you on multiple fronts and just *taking damage because you can handle it* is a completely unsound tactical process. It plays like someone who coded a video game, with no understanding of squad tactics at all, wrote it. I was very, very disappointed. Then we took a side mission to find the lightsaber for Diala - same problem. Both missions seem to require the *completely unsound* tactical process of "run at your enemies like you don't value your life in the least" and "take as much damage as you possibly can, because, you know, you can only die from "death of a thousand paper cuts" - and then face off against a "boss" that is so outpowers you that *if* you manage to get a hit against him, you all slap hands before realizing you have to do that *20+ times* just to injure him. Please tell me that this is not how all the missions are? Because, quite frankly, if I was the Rebel commander, I'd court martial the characters we had for their miserable results even though their actions were completely tactically sound. It's just not making sense. No logical combat would *ever* take place like the rules are written. The Imperials are too powerful, there is no means of closing off their entry points and securing a perimeter, what person would logically just run into a hail of blast fire, not take cover, leave viable, shooting enemies behind while he just runs willy-nilly around the battlefield shooting at targets that don't mean him any harm and ignore real threats. Please, please, please tell me that this is not the level of "tactical genius" found in the rest of the game. Because right now I'm really, really, disappointed in the game that I've been pumped up to play for months - and have a jedi character that doesn't have a lightsaber (what is the point of playing a jedi with a frickin' *staff* and no possibility to find the coolest piece of hardware in the game *ever* because the "ghost mission" was failed because first level characters were facing off against Dark Frickin' Vader amped up on speed simply because we operated in a valid, tactical manner? I was planning to buy this for my kiddos to play - but now I'm nixing the whole idea based on bad writing, bad tactics and overpowered enemies. I'm giving FFG a chance to address these concerns in this post - but at this point, I'm done with the game. *PLEASE* say something to allay my concerns. I *WANT* to like this game. I've been a Star Wars fan since I was 8 years old and saw it on opening night at midnight in 1977.
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