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  1. In previous games such as Mansions of Madness, if you are ever instructed to flip a facedown fear or damage card you flip and resolve the card. The Journeys in Middle Earth rulebook is not clear on this. The way it reads is that you flip it face up but do not resolve. The few cards you have that let you Rest only let you discard face down fear/damage. So is the intent that you resolve the text after flipping face up or that they are a detriment and stop you from healing?
  2. Not sure if this was posted but want able to find it. If you want 2 Luke dice to make him Elite... You need to happen to get 2 Booster Packs with his Dice? At that point you have an extra Luke Card. Seems silly so me. I still want the game tho.
  3. I called all of my local stores and no one heard of it. Their distributors didn't even have it listed yet. I also have not seen it on CoolStuffInc or Amazon. Upsetting that it would be so expensive for a 50 card pack. As Tallens said, it's nearly the amount of Omens of Ice and that has a lot more content. I really want it though to complete my Elder Sign collection
  4. I wish I was able to go. I'm a huge fan of ES and have been dying to get a hold of some of the promo AO.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm also still new, I just knew they did not have the black square indicating that they needed to be earned. I sadly get very little play of my game as my group gets together so sporadically and it is not always selected to play.
  6. They are available for Open Groups. The Villains and Heroes that must be won from missions have a black square to the left of their name indicating that they need to be earned before use.
  7. I have been using Log Imperial Assault Campaign on Android. It's fantastic, it keeps all of the XP, Items, everything in order. You can also setup multiple campaigns in it if you have multiple groups you play with. The app is always updated as new figure packs are released as well. Not sure if it's on iOS but I know it's on Android and it's really good, highly recommended. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.ia.campaign.log It's just campaign though, nothing for Skirmish.
  8. Would you be willing to share a zip of all the tile scans? I wanted to do the same but do photoshop pre-assembled Campaign Maps. It would save a ton of time from having to scan all of my tiles.
  9. You are supposed to get 2 R2-D2 cards as well, one that is tailored to the campaign and one to skirmish. I hope they start putting out packs for the heavies like the stormtroopers that are coming. It would be awesome to have additional Trandoshans, Imperial Guards and things like that. I've still never gotten to skirmish and am only 2 missions into the campaign.
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