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  1. Perhaps just limit the amount of planets that are brought up and discussed, have contacts on specific worlds or people who want to work with them in a specific general area, plan out contract and adventure locations ahead of time and be ready to adjust stuff. As a GM I know the fear of my party just wanting to go off in wild tangents, it is hard to plan for and with space being so big I can't have a detailed spaceport and adventures ready for every planet. Suggesting to just let them go anywhere is kind of a bold and scary thing to me at least, I try to drop breadcrumbs and clues for locations so I can actually use content I planned, rather than just having to make something up on the spot.
  2. Long story short, the player party has been captured by an ISD while they were trying to smuggle a defector off world. They have already managed to break out of the detention area, thanks to a droid PC and a couple droids they had which were able to basically get confiscated and lay low for a bit. After blasting up the detention area and rescuing the defector, the party is making their way back to the hanger. I am looking for a couple ideas and suggestions as to hazards to throw into their path and interesting obstacles. here is the schematic I am basing this ship off of http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/b/b3/Victory_cross_section.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20081020214917 Currently the ISD is caught in an ion minefield thanks to the rebels, so several systems are not working properly for them, and its nearly dead in the water out in some nebula with rebels lurking nearby and harassing them. However there are still security teams and several defensive droid dispensers that they have run into. I am considering forcing them through an engineering section to add some non-combat hazards for the party to deal with, things like coolant leaks, dangerous machines, areas with exposure to space. Making them stop and traverse the area is simple enough, I have already told them that not all the turbolifts are working so some breakdowns can happen. As they get closer to the hanger they probably will want to sabotage the tractor beam projectors. I am not sure what kind of obstacles they should run into there. Also thinking about when they actually get back to the hanger, that their ship was more or less crippled from before, reduced to zero HP by turbolaser fire. Kind of thinking about making grab spare parts from the maintenance areas or cannibalize nearby equipment while under fire to get their ship working again so they can leave. It's just the area between the hanger and the engineering area I am not entirely sure what to do with. I am looking for some ideas here that go beyond closing doors or throwing more stormtroopers at them.
  3. So the party arrived at the planet and met with the Colonel who wants to defect, I had some rolls in there to check to see if he was deceiving them in any way and they so far believe him...which they are correct to do so, the teacher guy is legit but I had the rolls there just because, well eh, dealing with a defector, need to make sure he is truthful. Now Rho on the other hand, only two of the party members have met him so far and they are buying his story, both in character and mechanic wise because so far these two have failed about half a dozen rolls to detect his deception without realizing it, how that happened I have no idea, dice are on my side. Now I think things will get a bit more complicated as we move forward, seeing as we have a droid and a Toydarian, which will both be immune to Rho's ability to overwhelm their emotions.... so those two will likely form some suspicions not long after meeting with him. Also the party has decided to get the defector off world by faking his kidnapping and blowing up the guy's house with a baradium bomb (overkill). This should get exciting.
  4. A good plot hook is what you need, and it is especially good if it gives your party a reason to stay together. You can start some people off knowing each other, be it a guy and his droid or a couple crew members, but most of the time I think you end up with lots of different characters from different walks of life. If you get a good reason for them to stay together for a bit you are gold. For building a whole custom game, you need a good plot hook with some memorable NPCs that the players would want to interact with, and perhaps a rival who keeps causing trouble. It really depends on what kind of campaign you want to run. Largely the NPCs and setting are what you need to focus on I think, and how they interact with one another and what their goals are.
  5. The group didn't get a chance to meet him on the last session, they spent a lot longer in the prep phase than I anticipated, and one of our guys had to leave early so we cut stuff short. They were about to meet the mentor guy, so next session everything will fall into place. Expect an update by Wednesday.
  6. It's weird that they keep going with the inverted color pallet idea. With the other resistance A-wings I have seen it was a red body with a white stripe down the middle. Also it is weird that it is longer, I kind of wonder what is in that longer nose cone. I honestly just think that they are making the ships look more like the original concept art. https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/c/c7/MCQ-awing.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150622021026 And this guy's amazing render of it Looks like the Last Jedi version did keep the buckteeth front end from the original trilogy design though.
  7. I have done some revisions, taking all that was said here to heart. Admittedly most of my focus has gone into setting up the guy personality wise lately, figuring out stuff he can do with the group and the like before he turns. But numbers wise, I buffed him significantly. If all goes to plan the party should meet him tomorrow, but there won't be any fighting him for at least two sessions, depending on how long the party spends in the city.
  8. So far I am considering this: upping his agility to 4, giving him another rank in adversary, upping his piloting to 5 and his gunnery to 3, and giving him defensive driving 2, tricky target 1, and shortcut 2 And I am having a bit of fun planning his personality, I am going to end up making the party hate him I imagine. He is actually working for the ISB, and is basically going along with his mentor and the party for a little bit of time, since they cannot escape the planet right away. He is going to seem like a rather quiet and withdrawn student, somewhat interested in joining the Rebels, but at some point they are going to find out about this ruse, likely when he doesn't show up for the escape. After that he goes from the awkward and withdrawn student to an alarmingly cold and calculating man utterly loyal to the Empire, basically playing them all for fools after apparently making friends with them and sharing some personal time... maybe even spending enough time with the guy to give them hope they can turn him later. Which they might be able to do, since I plan on making him not entirely focused on killing the party, and perhaps has an interest in breaking their moral or dismantling their motivations.
  9. Minor typo for the piloting skill there, fixed it already. And I am considering raising his agility, admittedly that is one of the bigger changes I was considering. And like I said, I don't have access to the book with the squadron rules and I do not have AoR, which is why I was entertaining the idea of the minion group, so I am guessing that is what the squadron rules do? And I need to look at the talents again, what would be some suggested defensive fighter pilot traits? I am admittedly not entirely sure what to do with the gunnery stats or any of the other really offensive traits, because our party only has one dedicated fighter and then a freighter, either a YT-1760 or a VCX-100, so I was not sure how much is too much or how little is too little. I might have to grab my dice and their character sheets and do some test rolls.
  10. I guess I am finding myself wondering, how much is too much. I do not have the Age of Rebellion book, only EoE stuff, so I haven't seen the squadron rules or any examples of starfighter aces. To quickly summarize the situation, our party of smugglers is quickly attracting the attention of the Empire, mostly from them smuggling defectors off world and blowing up the grandson of a Moff. This defector they are rescuing has a protege though, one who is obstinate and loyal to the Empire. I plan on this guy becoming a recurring villain who would show up from time to time in space to not necessarily try to kill them but to significantly hamper their efforts. He is also the first and only Force sensitive character in the game so far, none of the PCs have really dealt with something like that yet. Currently I am thinking something like this: 1 Brawn, 3 Agility, 2 Intellect, 3 Cunning, 2 Will, 2 Presence Piloting Space 3 Gunnery 1 Perception 2 Cool 2 Vigilance 2 Discipline 2 Deception 2 Core worlds 2 Education 2 Leadership 1 Adversary 2, Skilled Jockey 2, Intuitive Evasion 1, Supreme Full Throttle, Uncanny Senses 2, Overwhelm Emotions 1 Force rating 1 with Foresee and Sense This is still a working draft of a character, and I am willing to change some stuff out but this is the first recurring kind of bad guy NPC I have made and I wanted him to be a real challenge. To fight him the crew have two freighters and a Kihraxz fighter, but they typically would only have one freighter with them at a time. I plan to send this guy into battle with a small group of TIE fighters who will act as ablative armor, the PC fire killing the minions off before the damage moves over to the ace's fighter. The ace would be the only guy shooting, and I will only have him shoot if he manages to gain the advantage on the PCs.
  11. How about an Astromech droid who is a Bounty Hunter: Martial Artist?
  12. I feel like I should give some updates here because recent developments have been pretty amusing. The party stopped down on planet Socorro and has used the numerous ship repair and refitting services to further upgrade their 1760's speed and handling... basically anything but their weapons have been upgraded at that point. But that hasn't stopped them from finding some local pirates and going out to raid a convoy of Gozanti freighters (the pirates are paying for people to help them steal weapons). So I don't think they are too concerned about space combat, or well more likely they are overconfident to the max. Or they are crazy. Because they are thinking of double crossing the pirates (stealing bacta for their rebel contacts instead)... and then stealing a Gozanti. I swear my party is suicidal.
  13. I am trying to come up with some ideas for writing up an enforcer droid for the player characters to take on at some point, it would be the same type of droid that K2SO was. They seem pretty sturdy, but they also lack built in weapons. Originally I was tempted to go with the security droid stats found in the back of the book but those don't strike me as what I need, and I was wondering if other people here had any suggestions.
  14. I started going through these and I got to say I am impressed. I have been looking for some more "mundane" expenses for the crew's income in a game I am running, and the consumables document is exactly what I am looking for. I will take some time to study this and all the others in detail when I have a bit of free time, but I am definitely liking what I am seeing so far.
  15. What if the party just elects to try hyperspacing away from a chase?
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