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  1. One thing to keep in mind about this system is that unlike most other RPGs, there is no penalty for using a skill in which you have no ranks in, rather you fail to get the bonus of the Proficiency Die (which sounds like a lot but in practice it is not) and it is fairly easy to get 1 or 2 levels in skills.
  2. Also, there is the Asmodee going exclusively with a single US distributor effective either Aug 1 or Aug 31, so Asmodee, in general, seems to be holding releases until after that effective date. And at that point, they probably have it for a GenCon release
  3. no errata stating otherwise has been released, so assume yes
  4. Info on where and how to apply would be helpful...
  5. Yes, but the price assumes 2, so you just meed the hard points
  6. No the Defensive trait is actually, "grants the user defense X" and not ADDs X defense. But as you have already stated that the developer is incorrect, then there is little anyone else can do to tell you otherwise. But as far as the Generator is concerend, the creator only has it work according to the actual rules, not your interpretations of them...so either 1) learn to deal with your house rules, 2) create your own program or 3) follow what the rules actually state
  7. It's calculating the values correctly according to the developer's explanation of how it's supposed to work: Stacking Defense Question asked by Braendig: 3 Brawn Sentinel: Shien Expert 1 Rank Defensive Training Wearing Armored Robes Wielding a Riot Shield (Left Hand) and a Shoto Lightsaber with a fully Modified Lorridian Gemstone and a fully Modified Curved Hilt ? And why? How would the various defenses stack?" Answered by Sam Stewart: Ranged Defense 2 Melee Defense 3 The modified lightsaber would be the source of the defense, because it has the highest ranged and melee defenses. The shoto lightsaber has no innate defense, but the Llordian Gemstone comes with Defensive 1. Its mods allow you to increase the weapon’s defense. Same goes for the curved hilt, its mods also allow you to increase the weapon’s defense. All of the other defensive sources are from different items, and do not stack. Defensive does increase rather than set, but you're still allowed only one source of defense. I know this seems to fly in the face of the FAQ, and there's been other questions about this, but this is currently the "official" way it's supposed to work. I heard awhile back that FFG was reconsidering how defense is supposed to be calculated, but no word yet. I think what happened was that it was originally supposed to work the way you think it should, but they noticed that it was way easy to take advantage of the system and end up with 5 or 6 defense without too much difficulty. This was, in fact, why they changed cover to be "ranged defense 1" rather than "increase ranged defense by 1". But it still didn't solve the out-of-control defense problem, so they came up with the "one source" concept.
  8. Here is my Zeltron Bounty Hunter Assassin (and yes I painted it myself)
  9. Does the character in question have a Force Rating of at least 1?
  10. actually, it is, but the utility shuttle is sold separately. Sort of like buying a superduty pickup truck, with a factory installed trailer hitch, but needing to buy the trailer separately.
  11. I think it specifies that it is a standard kyber crystal
  12. I'm certain it won't be the next one released for FaD, but I'm pretty sure it will be either the one after that, or else the one after the Mystic book. Well the next F&D book is the counsler one, which leaves 2 (Warrior and Mystic)....
  13. Which is why you make a blanket announcement PRIOR to implementing it, like at the end of a session to give them a chance to think about it and a reminder at the beginning of the next session as well as reminders, when something would interact with a motivation. If they cannot see that it is not nepotism, then the players need a quick case of GTFU. Again, if they freak out about a 5 XP every other session and make absolutely 0 effort to make even a minor effort to remedy the situation and they don't want to make an effort to understand, then you have 2 choices. 1) Live with the group as it is, and run it as a video game where greed is the primary motivation 2) Have the players get a quick case of Grow the F*** Up! and deal with it or get new players As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.
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