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  1. Was just wondering if anyone knows how long it usually takes for the gen con released product to hit retail? Being in uk and seeing people with it is torture :/ I can't wait to get my hands on it Any info os appreciated Thanks
  2. If anyone has watched the whole video, is there any lotr lcg on here? If so do you know what time around? In work and tried skimming through but didn't see it
  3. I just got witw, redhorn, and rtr from shop4world.comy and they have been despatched today They have a 10% off everything offer on now if anyone is missing anything
  4. Thanks man :). Is there any way to set up notification when they become available again?
  5. I have every non noghtmare pack since release except for witw, AoO, road to rivendell and redhorn gate. Suler pumped that theyre on the boat, but wandered if anyone knew how long that usualy takes to land. Im in uk btw Thanks
  6. 28 but I think I did well based on drug knowledge aposed to elf
  7. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/1399/get-off-the-road-1.0 This is a deck I made today based on the hobbits using a "bouncing threat" style deck that represents the use of the ring raising it (spirit frodo) being small and sneaky to lower it (spirit merry) and causing distractions for other players and bouncing them back to the staging area to go back into hiding (spirit pippin). Its no power deck but its really fun to play and can actually hold its own with enemys using small target, gandalf, treebeard. It paired well in multiplayer with a ranged tactics deck that would allow the hobbits to quest, and engage/distract enemys, leaving them to pick them off. Try it out if you get a chance
  8. Awesome! Il try them out tonight, thanks
  9. The decks look cool, il try them out tonight. Quick question though, is theoden supposed to be in both decks?
  10. I like the idea of the deck, the ranger aspect of gondor isn't something I've tried out yet, the deck sounds promising though and could go well with a rohan partner deck so I will give it a whirl
  11. Nice! Do you have a deck list?
  12. Yeah tactics gondor does seem to be the most accessible overall so I may have to let beregond go in favour of erkenbrand. The rohan deck looks good too, I will give it a try and see how it favours compared to my usual build AUTHRAW that woul be awesome! Thanks
  13. Ah yeah good point I guess it's only worth while if I want him to survive the attack
  14. I also like the idea of mutual accord enabling spirit Hama to become the target of gondorian discipline allowing him to withstand an attack of 5 and then an attack of 6 before ultimately discarding himself readying imrahil, boosting eomer and triggering the horn. All at zero cost too
  15. Eomund sneak atk in the gondor deck sounds awesome! Hadn't considered it. Pelagir shipwrights questing monster synergy between the two is exactly what I'm aiming for as an overall natural companionship between the deck builds
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