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  1. I can understand that. But the truth is that it is more of a closed door decision. I have no idea how much they had to give up for such a juicy licence. Did they push Disney hard at the table or did they cave for fear of loosing a lucrative licence? How hard could they push? These are answers we will probably never know. But regardless of what happened or didn't happen I am still left without content in a box, and forced to fork out more money, when before I didn't have to spend near as much for extra content in comparison. Unfortunately, although I love the star wars licence, I couldn't vote with my wallet. That really hurt. And then you have the other licences and in house products. Runebound with its changes (flipping cardboard?) and elimination of single player. We now have smaller boxes so we cannot store for future expansions let alone the product that came in the box. Now we are looking at small boxes, and less content as well, even with normally well priced licences. Again this is perception, and without a completely crystal clear glass door, we will never know. I just know I am left wanting as the years turn by and I shop more and more through other development/production houses. I am just concerned and I obviously still invest when I find its worth my money. And that's key, where is your demand for the supply. Mine was at less than 29.99 for a 40.00 dollar title and a licence I enjoy. For the content, had it been priced at 40.00, I would have waited.
  2. Well, there are many games that are cheaper than 39.99 that have a TON of replayability. There are also games that are far more expensive and don't have much replayability at all. Although I want replayability I don't think price or even content is a good gauge of it. I am however concerned about the recent trend towards reducing content and box size and keeping the price close to what it has been. The LOTR LCG has a lot more content in comparison to Warhammer quest so this was a disappointment. Seeing Fantasy Flight take advantage of minis and using token replacements in the case of the recent star wars version of descent was a disappointment. Have you seen the number of minis that they have capitalized on? I was upset to get the Warhammer 40k game only to find I couldn't keep my cards in the box without them sliding around everywhere due to the reduced box size. As the industry becomes larger and the money rolls in it seems that the corporate mentality is finding its way into our industry as well. Cookie cutter games and concepts for sales are not just limited to the video game industry. It is entirely possible that I am wrong on some of these points. But there are a lot of recent trends particularly with fantasy flight that has me concerned for my once beloved company of choice. I have chosen to purchase this game for its theme and the reduced pre-order price I got it for. I believe it is worth the price I am paying for even if it does have limited replayability. Though one might have an argument to its full 39.99 retail price once its released.
  3. That would be one of those lessons you tell your grandchildren for things not to do. "Lesson number 108: Never sell a kidney for a board game."
  4. Now lets just hope that the warehouse delivery vehicle is not a horse drawn carriage. If it is it may possibly be drawn by Sad Ken (a Bottom series reference for those unfamiliar). Had to look it up but the reference was funny. Thanks for the chuckle
  5. You will have to forgive, but I died laughing when I saw you say "Seriously looking forward to it." after you just said "I may have to sell a kidney".
  6. Now lets just hope that the warehouse delivery vehicle is not a horse drawn carriage.
  7. Well we are finally here. Now, for those of us that pre-ordered and are not picking up local, its another 2 - 3 week wait before its at our doorstep. Now I just have to stop myself from watching unboxing videos and playthroughs that might spoil the experience.
  8. We are getting to the point where we are looking at a shipment that has taken a quarter of a year to ship. Finding that a bit odd. I have heard of a two month ship from china, but not a quarter of a year.
  9. I find tabletop simulator a wonderful way around print and play, especially when I cannot play the games due to time or table constraints.
  10. I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to the community. Love reading over all of the post of anticipation and the humor that always seems to come from it. Enjoy your Treats and....avoid the tricks of the old world. We all know how those go with Warhammer Quest. Never did seem to end well.
  11. Maybe it has the curse of Nurgle on the shipment?
  12. What I am wondering is why it went from 4-6 weeks, on average for OTB, to where we are now closing on the 8th week of on the boat. That's two months of ship time.
  13. I will keep that in mind, thanks for the tip.
  14. That's really odd. I am not seeing any of those formatting issues at all.
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