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  1. Yeah that's fair, I was being more tounge in cheek than attacking anyone but I can see how that doesn't translate well. I think its a dumb combination though regardless of how effective it proves to be in tournament results. The biggest thing for me is that I can't seriously imagine anyone coming up against that combo, getting destroyed by it and thinking that it reflects well on the game. I mean the things that have been flagges as bad enough to be properly nerfed in the past (Demo, Rhymer, TRCs, Reikan) all pale in comparion to this IMO. I guess if you can't understand my issue with a single squadron having 17 attacks in a turn then I probably can't explain it to you.
  2. How did this boken *** piece of **** get through playtesting? 😉
  3. Proper news would have been good, but then again if its 9 months (at least till they drop clone wars) maybe its not the worst thing that they didn't build up hype that would just fall away again. I mean it would have been better to just say - no news at this stage - blame it on Corona or something
  4. If we are talking seriously though it’s doing worse in my part of Aus than ever. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs in line with everyone else from day 1 with the terrible release schedule and delays but it usually comes back for primes each year. This year we got two new ships right before prime so keen as a bean I headed to two prime events. Neither got to a double digit. That’s a new and disturbing trend. im hoping that clone wars does for Armada what it did for legion in bringing a huge influx of players. But it that doesn’t work I think it’s completely done in my part of the world. It’ll just be us last few faithfuls playing in the garage with no wider community.
  5. I don't think its super fast or intuitive but I'm sure if you put in the time it gets easier. I wish more games were streamed over Twitch or Youtube though. Replay files are fine if you use Vassal but nothing is getting out to the wider community.
  6. Its so sad that there's just not enough steams out there for Armada anymore, I'm hoping there's some awesome footage to watch at this year's worlds. Does anyone know if Adepticon will have a setup this year?
  7. Thanks for that Red Castle, I'm amazed at your dedication, wish our local stores were like that!
  8. I read it that way too, seemed bad but I figured it was basically just an opportunity to roll a double on the red
  9. Hi guys, propably a dumb question but I'm a fair bit rusty. If the Onager shoots its big bombardment cannon at something, can it still shoot it's normal front arc guns as well? As in is the bombardment gun a different arc or does firing one mean you cant fire the other (without gunnery teams etc) Cheers
  10. Well I hope the USA gets it released on time, down here in Aus the best estimate I can get is "*shrug* maybe February?"
  11. Hey Seblys, I’m Australian and had the same idea so I’m talking to them about a bulk order for aussies. I’ll oroganise it though the legion Australia FB group once I hear back from them if your interested.
  12. I’m old enough to see what you did there... well played.
  13. Random question from someone well out of the loop, are the Vassal guys using voice chat these days or just typing furiously at each other?
  14. Thanks for holding in as long as you could. I'll miss your articles and tourney reports. Cheers
  15. I think they deleted the highlights... Seems like a solid strategy
  16. I guess this is new ground for FFG players but seriously don't stress. Nobody is counting the colours. The intention of the rule is literally just to ensure that armies are painted, based in some fashion and on the table. If you literally just sprayed them white, inked them and painted the base green the TO wouldn't have an issue at all. They just don't want bare plastic or undercoat only.
  17. I wonder what percentage of players in this gameplay competitively... Because in every other style of play you should just change the card to keep your crew happy if its an issue. It's definitely an issue for big comps though and hopefully, they will make it more balanced ASAP.
  18. Sent some? I just went to my store today and grabbed one off the shelf, sucks if you've pre-ordered and not got it.
  19. I think comparing Legion and Armada in this respect is really flawed. In Armada activation advantage is huge because first player each round is consistent and predictable and more importantly not shooting at the right time can mean not getting a meaningful shot. In legion attrition is going to happen no matter how well you play and timing of activations isn't as important as good positioning and utilising terrain to advantage. Being able to move then shoot 360 means that Legion is far more comparible to IA in activation comparision that Armada and as someone who played both extensively activations in IA weren't in the ballpark of importance that they are in Armada.
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