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  1. Thanks for holding in as long as you could. I'll miss your articles and tourney reports. Cheers
  2. I think they deleted the highlights... Seems like a solid strategy
  3. I guess this is new ground for FFG players but seriously don't stress. Nobody is counting the colours. The intention of the rule is literally just to ensure that armies are painted, based in some fashion and on the table. If you literally just sprayed them white, inked them and painted the base green the TO wouldn't have an issue at all. They just don't want bare plastic or undercoat only.
  4. I wonder what percentage of players in this gameplay competitively... Because in every other style of play you should just change the card to keep your crew happy if its an issue. It's definitely an issue for big comps though and hopefully, they will make it more balanced ASAP.
  5. Sent some? I just went to my store today and grabbed one off the shelf, sucks if you've pre-ordered and not got it.
  6. I think comparing Legion and Armada in this respect is really flawed. In Armada activation advantage is huge because first player each round is consistent and predictable and more importantly not shooting at the right time can mean not getting a meaningful shot. In legion attrition is going to happen no matter how well you play and timing of activations isn't as important as good positioning and utilising terrain to advantage. Being able to move then shoot 360 means that Legion is far more comparible to IA in activation comparision that Armada and as someone who played both extensively activations in IA weren't in the ballpark of importance that they are in Armada.
  7. I guess I’d be conscious to seperate competitive play from fun play. If fun is the priority the adjust the composition rules to the flavour of your friendship circle. Put hard caps on the number of units with the same name (max 2 storms) or a cap on activations. **** even try playing with pretermined objectives that clearly favour non infantry builds. The only reason to play by the full ruleset is if you are playing competitively and frankly how fun you find the meta is irrelevant in that context. The only other suggestion I have is to put it back on the shelf for 6 months and see what happens. I’d guess the droid army will be very vehicle based for example and a new wave of objectives that do more than the last ones would make a huge difference to builds.
  8. I think people are overly negative about trooper spam, competitively speaking its not going to change unless we get a set of objectives that don't favour infantry so much. I do feel like FFG missed an opportunity with the first batch of bonus objectives which really didn't add anything new to the objective set, hopefully they'll do better with the next.
  9. Just like the officer they come with whatever weapon the unit has.
  10. Gotta admit I'm not thinking that these generic commanders are going to be much good overall. Neither of the revealed cards are particularly interesting and when you consider the 50pt generic against Veers/Leia it's hard to argue that the extra points aren't worth it. The unit upgrade officer seems really awesome though so I can't wait to see what the rest of them do! Maybe the rest of the command cards will be more impressive.
  11. Literally just ignoring the two ATSTs and winning overwhelming on mission objectives 100% of the time by running a pile of troopers who can actually score.
  12. I’m loving the sniper teams for rebels simply because they give a rebels a long range attack and reliable damage output which you don’t get from z6 infantry squads. They are still squishy though so you need to be careful. Im not super keen on the bomb squads yet but that’s largely because rebels have heaps of things competing for close range attrition death dealers. I think I’ll like them more when I have turrets to bring the long range pain...
  13. I'm loving every part except for the 3 pip rocket today, I just don't know if the damage output offsets the lack of 2 more orders being handed out like you would get with a normal 3 pip card.
  14. I guess when you remember the points difference between kitted Vader and those infantry you are shooting at him he probably should be able to just shred most of them.... I reckon if you’re shooting 240pts of z6 infantry at Vader he will go down pretty **** fast, dodge or not.
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