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  1. “After you resolve this order, you may purchase 1 unit of commandlevel 2 or less and place it on a friendly area in the active system. Reduce that unit’s materiel cost by 1 for each Cultist in that system.“ You need to conduct a purchase, meaning you have to pay materiel plus satisfy the command level and the additional forge token to buy this unit. the materilel cost will be deducted for every Cultist, but the command lever and forege token requirement stays
  2. There is one thing that makes me think an expansion will be on the way...Now bare with me here. Somewhere here was a thread that had an official response that an official FFG errata and/or FAQ for the game will be posted in a six months period from launch. And as we all know its not out yet. So i figure that they are waitng to put it out WITH an expansion, since it is bound to have fixed rulebooks that should remedy and answer all the problem rule bugs?
  3. You actually have enough space for all the cards on the part with the three purity seals, you just need to overlap them so the previous card will show only the left side symbol . If you can find a more practical solution do send some feedback
  4. Tnx for the feedback, glad you liked it
  5. Yes, you may PLACE any order token IN a system containing at least one of your unit and/or structure, OR, in a system that is directly ADJACENT to that one. How ever, depending on the type of an order you will need to see if can ACTIVATE said order or not. This lends to a bit of trickery and tactical play
  6. Too big? Are you sure you got the ffg ones? Mine fit as they should
  7. I'll take anything at this point ...but seriously, guard and nids would make a awesome expansion
  8. Thank you and do try it out. We use it every game now, and it has made for a better experience and a even more thematic one, imho
  9. No news still...we really could use some official response from FFG
  10. They did say the FAQ will be at least 6 months from game launch...if i recall correctly
  11. #1 well, no. If a bastion is destroyed it is destroyed, no one can claim it. Any enemy world cam be bombarded but you need boots on the ground to take it (you can use drop pods tho ) #2 orbital strike doesn't normally rout, some upgrades will allow you that, non the less the defender choses who takes up the damage first. #3 you don't need ships, you need a viable friendly route to from where you attacked, or a near by friendly or unoccupied planet if defending. If you don't have where to go, you die. #4 ship combat goes as troop combat, albeit in a void, so yes you can(and must)attack with ships #5 only one warp storm move per player. Once moved it cant be moved no more ad the rest must move others You should also look up an unofficial FAQ, it has a lot of rules clarifications Hope this helped
  12. I was thinking of doing faction specific boards, but it may be very time consuming
  13. Sure thing, ill try to upload it this way. I'm having some trouble uploading images & files in general, so i hope this will be better. (i cant seem to be able to upload a higher quality image tho) Ground combat board (front side) Starship combat board (back side)
  14. You are not alone, there are a lot of people itching for an expansion ! But seriously, there has been no update on the game for six months!!
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