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  1. Hello guys, Just post here the result of the Regional we play yesterday. Greg Manson Spectre Cell Hyperion Spectre Cell TALRI113 Spectre Cell Gerateur Chewie / Han Ender Chewie / Han Otarnis Zil Vador / Trawn / Riot Budmilka futil Chewie / Drokatta / Sabine EDGEE Jabba / IG Petit-Jean Esgann Chewie / Drokatta / Sabine nostromo Jabba / Sabine / Weekay Drachos BruderGalos Sectre Cell lalaMiyagi Freddys Jphinormand RoyBean Cuthbert We haven't receive the Bye Card in the kit (That why i'm posting here) and if you there is any question, send me a PM
  2. Point 1 : If you Don't show any enthusiasm for new content, will that help developer and OP to still get involve into this game ? Point 2 : I Don't think they are unbalanced based on last wave. It's untested yes, do I have done some math around here. Point 3 : I Don't dream and this card might never go out but it's a way to introduce an idea that might touch dev (playing on Command Card cost) and using dead card that you might have to Something else (Zillo is the only known way to do it). Point 4 : Sometime, Magic happen : after 224 pages about the gunboat, FFG finally released it! Thanks for your valuable input here
  3. Now that we know Jyn and Krennic are comming, What do you think they could look like ? Should Saw Guerrera Be SCUM or Rebel ? Two Tubes
  4. We may have miss a "blister wave" during the year as the cycle was usually box / blister / box / blister. Box are the only way to provided tile and create new map so FFG need to realsed once a year. But this mean also the next expansion might be next year ? I do think that there is still some materials to create content with rebels and Rogue One!
  5. On the Scum side, I bet on Fenn Rau. It's a mandalorian (so the boba Fix make sense) we have seen him a lot in Rebels and exist in others FFG game (Xwing / Destiny ...)
  6. Will the next wave be a little box (not seen from a while), a Big Box or just some blister ? Famous Hero from movie or series (like Thrawn or Rex) are usually sold in blister while Troopers are embeded in BOX with unknown hero.
  7. A StarWing With harpon could also do a job here
  8. -The fact that you can choose after modification is way to powerfull ! How to you handle Element of surprise ? The ability to choose your dice is still strong regaring what could attack you (that the purpose of cross traing by the way) -This type of mecanic (gaining négative effect by attacking a figure) isn't implemented. It remove some ability (IG / BT-1 / Maul) that ar part of the balance. -As ther is no range limit, I can leave Jyn in my deployment zone as still use her capacity to block nearly all of your card :/ -This another unbalanced car in my mind ...
  9. I love : - The choice on defence dice ! But not after seeing dice. It will drive into issue with the reroll ... - The disorient ability should be rework to remove the condition if the hostile figure suffer 1 damage (like the command card). Adding 1 green dice is a game mechanic pour IG and BT1. - The fact that the partisant can't become focused. - Counter Intelligence : Good way to gain VP with your dead card Dislike : - The Alliance and Millant ability : Make them unbalanced. - The communication Jam is too powerfull for skirmish - Cassian should by spy instead of smuggler - Bothan spy are to similar to thealliance smuggler. I rather have them Trooper/Spy instead of smuggler (again ??) and give them the same working from wookie avender : conver your dodge into evade Force holocron : like the force user usage and the concept but don't see the usage. Might it be more valuebale for 2 Points to suffer 2/3 stress and let you decide to change 1 condition on any figure. Allow to transform the focus into stun on an enemy or revert your stun info focus
  10. I know the difference about the Deal / suffer damage. Harpooned condition trriger around step 7.5 in the timmeing chart. So the card is deal when the ship is still defending. So whatever trigger is done during this step, deal card, assign card, remove shield or suffer damage, the ability of joustero will NOT be trigger.
  11. I guess your fully wrong about the Suffer / Deal Damage card. Suffer or Deal will not trigger the Jostero Ability. TLT make the defender suffer 1 damage and doesn't trigger jostero ability. So Sorry, in both case, the ability isn't trigger. it could only be trigger against a ship at range 1 of the defender ! That only the fact that you are health is going lower without defending against it that trigger Jostero. Question might be more tricky if vader (crew) was in the same faction.
  12. I was using Ia-armies before and switch to TA. TA as the card where IA-armies has the carcteristique and abilitiess only. And the command card is as worst in both site. To make TA the best builder : Display the card that only allies to your deploiment card. If I have no brawler or hunter, why show me them ? The fact that you only can make add stuff that could be really use. Quick and simple improuvement : add an "All Trait in on my deploiment card" in the list selector This will include also "Named card" and I guess that the most helpfull thing we could have for just a small piece of work. You could also work on key word Inside the card (IA armies does this) Prepare for battle might be use on everyone but grant a bonus if you are a leader.
  13. There is two traits that haven't be buff a little : Guardian and Spy Thinking the first one is the next inline to be up (Royal guard champion ?) Spy => Kallus ? Rebel caracters that appear quite a lot in the first saisons
  14. Some other Hard hitting guys we might see comming ! Trooper + hunter
  15. BB is Mak dice pool (I just realize this) ... a Spy sniper and that a little what is missing in the empire: long range operator. Rebel have eRangers and Scum have HK & weekway. They are not are hitter, but stay competive. The focus granted at the first round represent there ability to surprise the enemy. GY and YY is close from blaise and I want to make them more different. Agree on the fact the small pistol use by bike's pilot is a GY Attack. But Scout have also other equipement. Defense dice : The protection is more to be out of range with the Hide (and trooper roll black ... always ) Regular version :
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