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  1. My character is already 'blessed' in several ways by his patron (with hermaphrodite and inhuman preternatural grace among other things) so I might be able to pass myself off as 'better than human'. Failing that, how might I intrigue Khazrak to lend his aid to my cause(and not, perhaps, one of my comrades')? On the other hand the Chaos dwarves sound even more like some folks I would be eager and willing to take off planet for their continued services! I got gold and riches aplenty aboard my ships, as well as rarer materials and an abundance of slaves to soothe their every whim, if greed is what drives them. So, plans are, for now, try to keep up a cordial relationship with the kislevite atayanka in order to use her as a gateway towards other human nations, try to get a more detailed idea of the 'players' (sniff out the existence of chaos dwarves, beast-men, vampires, skaven and elves/dark elves). Try to capture specimens of said species in order to get further info and get in touch with Kemmler (bargain with him for juvenat treatments in exchange for service), Morathi (offer her the planet in exchange for her temporary allegiance while I take care of planet side affairs), Khazrak (and attempt to secure him or at least goad him into moving his herd and attacking where I need him to) and the c_dwarven representatives (to trade some goods for services/weapons and arrange for a group to move to my ship and provide some regular maintenance). In the meantime, I'm thinking of sending off (well... suggesting XD) the marines to go and check out the warp hole (sorcerer and alpha are interested in it) and meeting up with the chaos tribes and maybe pressure and cow them into their service so I can stir up a demonic/barbaric incursion. If properly timed and arranged I might be able to maneuver and simultaneously take out Kattarin and Karl Franz and descend 'from the heavens' as a uniter and defender of humans (or Sigmar reborn). In the ensuing melee, if everything goes according to plan, everyone will collide in a glorious slaughter and slight nudgings will be able to influence the outcome of the entire battle (with orbital and off world assistance certain to ultimately sway the scales in any desired direction). After that, mop up, leave the entire place in the hands of the dark elves, and ready to move on. If played right I should be able to gain: The entire planet - with Malekith remaining on planet as a ruler/regent A cohort/troop of elite dark elves A company of dark dwarves for daemonsmithing Kemmler for necromancy/maintaining an elite regiment of undead Khazrak's and his herd's assistance, if any, I would be quite willing to sacrifice at an opportune moment for a significant advantage and tying up of an unpredictable loose end. Morathi's aid I cannot count on off planet but I might be able to utilize her to some spectacular ends while I work out the web of plans. Any possible troops/materials/assets from the Empire, Brettonia and Kislev would be a boon but one that is much more worth sacrificing while on planet than keeping in the long run. I would appreciate some advice on how to score a company of Brettonian elite knights, since it is already established that they might already be slaanesh influenced. This is beginning to sound more and more like a plan. All hinging on the depth of GM's WHF knowledge and implementation, as well as the unpredictable interference from other players. What are some alternatives that I might consider, in case some areas fail?
  2. Hmm, I read about that one Slaanesh hero, Sigvald the Magnificent. He sounds almost too similar to my character and I thought he would be perfect to entrap and sacrifice in a ritual to Slaanesh so I can 'steal' some of his essence (looks or speed, have done that with some NPCs before). From what I picked up on the wiki, I think I could lure Kemmler to my side with juvenat treatments (he wants eternal life, after all), but how could I entice Morathi to my side? Her story says that she woved to see her son ruling over the entire world. Maybe I could promise her that I would back her son's claim to rulership among the elves and would give him the empire and regent-ship of the planet once I leave it? That is all assuming that the GM picks these characters out and keeps them the same in his game. Now all I need is to steer the GM towards my character 'accidentaly' discovering these heroes XD
  3. Well, the GM is 'inspired' by the real Warhammer fantasy, I don't know how deep the 'rabbit hole' goes. This is definitely just a part of our larger campaign, although I expect we'll be spending several sessions exploring and manipulating the world. Shock and awe assault as well as orbital lances are technically an option, I just thought that I would like to conceal my 'future tech' and aces as long as possible. The massive warp rift exists, but my character has no desire to get anywhere near it. The sorcerer, on the other hand, is likely to leap into it from the orbiting ship if he could. For the chaos tribes I figured that I could let the marines play with them and then, when they gain sufficient traction to threaten tipping the balance, I could swoop in as a 'defender of humanity' or even disguised as Sigmar himself, and rally all the humans to me. I'm guessing I will need to eliminate or dominate Kattarin, Karl Franz and some other notable figures beforehand. For now we don't know anything of the skaven, Destroying them (if they are present) sounds like a necessary disinfection that must be carried out asap. The elves, the vampires/undead and the ogres are also unknown so maybe they're not in the campaign or probably they are yet to be discovered. I read up a little on Kemmler, I'm thinking he might be persuaded into joining my service, and he sounds like a massive boon, even after we leave the pebble behind, I just have to work it out with my GM if that is possible and how we could go about it. Are there any other 'NPCs' I should perhaps look out for? My character is a minion-monger and a 'people collector' of sorts.
  4. Ok, guys, I'mma make this one as short as possible while trying not to leave anything out. Four Black Crusade PCs accidentally fly their ships into a warp storm, causing them to appear in orbit an unkown planet. A scheming-noone-knows-where-his-allegiance-lies Alpha Legionnaire. His origin is wrapped in mystery, his plans even more so. THe only known thing is that he travels around with a couple of other Alpha Legionnaires that he interchanges with. A perfectionist swordsman Pirate Prince with Fellowship out his ass, with a dream of seeing his name splashed all over the known galaxy in blood. Preferably other people's. (my char) An overly-friendly Plague Marine who has the unfortunate tendency to hug stuff to death. He has severe brain damage, causing him to experience and display intermitent bouts of blind indicscriminate berserking, neard childlike innocence and cold intelligent insight. A newlyborn sorcerer that crawled into a giant demon ****** as human with a massive chip on his shoulder and crawled out a marine with an even bigger one, along with a desire to watch the universe burn. Long story short, the marines stayed on board while my character landed on the planet to do some exploration. Turns out we are in orbit of the wh fantasy world (before the end times) and I made contact with one of the minor atayanka of a castle on the outskirts of Kislev. She bought my story that I come from a far off kingdom and that I am willing to trade with her nation, as well as help her in fighting 'those dreaded chaos tribes from the north'. She also gave me some basic information about the kingdom of Bretonnia (that my character inferred was scretly ruled by Slaaneshi worshipping Marquis'), the human Empire led by Karl-Franz, and the Kislevite people and their leader, Tsarina Kattarin. The session ended with my character retiring for the night and an arrangement to take the atayanka and her entourage to my caravan (landed shuttle) and possibly to my kingdom. I have managed to conceal the othewordly advancements for now and am considering a proper time (if ever) to display my 'hand'. The next session will probably begin with me taking her to the shuttle where my minions will be able to overcome her entourage and I will be able to take her captive (or, alternately, persuade her to follow along willingly and without bloodshed). After that I have no idea how to continue. To summarize: there are three highly unpredictable and more than likely dangerous Chaos Space Marines in the fight for the fate of this world, in addition to already present highly capable rulers. As a servant of Slaanesh with significant resources at my disposal, how do you recommend I go about conquering this marble with as little trouble as possible? P.S. I have two ships in high orbit, numerous shuttles, about a hundred bloodthirsty khornates with combi bolters and outrider bikes, as well as a couple thousand of pirate raiders, two human-pilotable battlesuits that are between Terminatour and knight size, a retinue of four highly capable specialists (a ritualist, a tech priest, a diviner psyker and an assassin) and a massive storage of accumulated equpiment enough to outfit several IG regiments. I would, though, like to avoid just storming down like the Emperor and shocking and awing them into compliance.
  5. Specifically, the ruling in question was made when my Khornate Renegade attacked his Psyker DMPC and stunlocked him with repeated Stun attacks. He used this reasoning to justify the DMPC being able to manifest a Psychic Power while Stunned (because Focus Power is just a mental action of concentration and not a physical one) to retaliate and kill my PC.
  6. I have a problem with the correct interpretation of Stunned state (page 257), most notably with the following sentence: In addition, Stunned characters cannot take Actions or Reactions such as Evasion. I had a very long and heated discussion with our local GM on the topic last night. I thought that this means that being Stunned you cannot make any Actions or Reactions of any kind. He claims that because Evasion is explicitly listed, that it only applies to Actions and Reactions that are like Evasion, i e, that a character could still use a Reaction to, for instance, attack with a Servo Arm, or use an Action to Focus Power (since it is not a physical 'motion', but rather just a concentration). Which one of these interpretations is more accurate?
  7. Hello, guys! I know this might not be appropriate here since I'm not the GM of the game in question, but I wasn't sure about where else to put it. Our group is currently playing through the 'At the Edge' adventure and we have finished the first two challenges somewhat successfully. Our next challenge is the challenge of carnality and it has us, as players, in a bit of a stump. Now, we all agreed that we don't want to make it a sex-a-thon so we're looking around for other good ideas to represent this challenge. We were talking about making and using some drugs to achieve some sort of expanded sensory overload but, according to the GMs interpretation, that would fall under the realm of gluttony and not carnality itself. Discussing other ways to achieve an extreme state of sensory receptiveness we thought about starving/thirsting ourselves to the extreme but such denial is opposite to all Slaanesh represents. Now I come to you, asking for some fresh ideas, since we seem to be out of such. Have you run/played 'At the Edge' before? What were your experiences? P.S. Since were looking at the other 3 challenges(Paramouncy, Vainglory, Indolency) after this one any ideas for them would be welcome too.
  8. A BT is relatively simple enough fodder for a player who is tenacious enough, especially if the GM focuses to much on the RAW and rule interpretation instead of the fluff. Example: Pirate Prince archetype with a WS focus. Stats: WS 45 (raise to 65) - 2500 EXP S 45 (raise to 60) - 2250 EXP Agility 45(raise to 60) -1500 EXP Talents: Ambidextrous (250 EXP); TWF(Melee) (500 EXP); Blade Dancer (750 EXP); Crushing Blow (1000 EXP); Flesh Render (500 EXP); Lightning Attack (1000 EXP) Total = 10250 EXP Pour resources into acquiring two Velklir rapiers (roleplay for those badboys, or, if crunch heavy, trade around with acquisition rolls until you get them, shouldn't take you long) and fit them with twin daemonette sisters (more roleplaying/rolling in case of GM), aiming to fit them with Accursed and Vicious attributes. Then get yourself through the rite of fleshmoulding (several times if need be) for an unnat Agi, Str and WS (+6). At that point you would be at lategame in an average campaign, but you would still be a 'lowly' human among CSMs and definitely a tasty morsel for a Bloodthirster, right? Nope. Your weapons would have 1d10+7(base)+1(best q)+2(daemon wp)+12(your SB)+6(half WSB)+1d10(accursed)=2d10+28 with Pen 7+2(daemon wp)=9. Flexible, Razor Sharp(Unnat WS+6 means that every hit is going to have the necessary 3 DoS to trigger this), Tearing(+Flesh Render), Balanced. A mighty BT appears in front of you, aching to squish you for your audacity. You intend to prove him the folly of his savage ways. You -will- beat his init on a roll of 1 even if he rolls a 10 so you attack first. You draw your swords like a gentleman and proceed to pierce him like a fine Mordian Cheese. Spending two infamy points to raise both your lightning strikes you get a 65+20(for infamy)+10(Quality)-10(LA)+30(his size) = notable WS115 tests. Assuming you hit you automatically have 4 DoS and trigger razor sharp. Your Pen of 18 takes away all of his armour(13) and your felling takes 4 of his Unnat T (down to 14 total TB). After crunching some math, the average damage you would deal him in one round comes out to ~435 wounds, and the chances of dealing him at least 205 wounds (his 195+10 critical) are 99.63% in that first round. That is without taking into account the amount of 10s falling when rolling on average 32 d10s per round for ZH. Not to shabby for some well spent EXP and some strongarming of a GM stupid enough to keep enforcing RAW. On the other hand, there is a 0.37% chance that he remains standing and in melee range of you after that and then you are thoroughly screwed. On the other hand, I can't even count the times that my group got tripped up by some unwashed filthy gangers with sh*tty autoguns and a couple of well aimed long lasses with hotshots. Strategy > numbers everyday. P.S. And don't get me started on Psykers and their possible shenanigans...
  9. YOle

    Minions and Infamy

    Awww, I was hoping for some sort of workaround but I guess it's not a problem... If I get him a best quality cerebral implant (+20 on lores, Unnat Int +2 for one extra success) and a Qsal Crystal Spire for a 2 step lighter test as well as hiring out two helpers for +20 to test and two extra successes, I think I can pretty reliably make the minion Fleshmould himself for Unnat Int +6 and from that point onward any rite of fleshmoulding it does (for instance on me) will net him the 6 degrees (assuming he succeeds, which he should on a 60 Int + 60 test). It's just that using a mastery talent sounded perfect to me ^^ As for the slaves and getting extra donors, that should not be a problem, although I did plan on roleplaying that bit about preparing 6 hand picked individuals, a gladiator that wins out of a hundred men in the arena for Unnat Strength/WS, a young and beautiful imperial noblewoman for the Fellowship, a kidnapped and corrupted astropath savant for the Willpower, all of them subdued and charmed and then drugged out of their minds on exotic drugs and spices before they are ritually prepared for the Fleshmoulding... stuff like that to honour Slaanesh and to make the game more insteresting instead of a simple roll-fest So, if I understand this correctly, for instance the 15 Corruption points I get at CC as a Pirate Prince from Tome of Excess count as a reached threshold (of 10) and make me roll on the table? I thought that's how it works, just wondering if there was an explicit ruling about it that I can point out to my GM. I have decided to let daemonmongering and weaponmaking to our resident sorceror in the party and I think the daemon engine minions, however effective they may be, are simply too messy for my character to utilize. More of a gentle touch/velvet glove kind of guy that has his resources/hordes/minions/entranced NPCs handle the heavy lifting. Aside from him there are also 3 CSM in the party and that is quite enough for the gory high octane solutions
  10. YOle

    Minions and Infamy

    Greetings, friends! Long time lurking here, first time posting so sorry if I make any stupid questions. I just really like this product and enjoy it with my group regularly though we often have questions that can't be answered at the table no matter how much we perused the books. In our current session I am playing a Pirate Prince (from the Tome of Excess), focused on surrounding himself with capable minions (Saboteurs of Alcia are a pretty nice bunch) and proving himself as the finest swordsman in the entire galaxy. To further his own goals, he has stumbled upon some talk about the flesh shapers of Melancholia and how their rites could provide him with even more advantage in duels (meta - through unnatural characteristics) and, to achieve that, he would need to perform a certain ritual called the Rite of Fleshomulding. Through some research and a bunch of coin, as well as other methods of acquiring information, he has stumbled upon enough occult texts for his favoured minion, an Acedian cloister Saboteur, to perform the sacred rite and proceeded to raom the galaxy in search of a suitable spot and suitable offerings for the Prince of Pleasures. Out of game speaking, I have prepared everything to enable my minion to perform the rite (he has the S.Lore(Occult) and a lot of modifiers) but I am interested in making this deal as sealed as possible (because DoSs count and the price of failure is steep). Now, since that saboteur is a superior minion I have already raised his intelligence by 15 (total 60) and his skill to +30. Would I be able, RAW, to purchase Mastery(S.Lore(Occult)) for him and, if I did, would he be able to use it, spending my Infamy points? How are other instances where a minion might be called upon to use an Infamy point regulated? Also, another question, although this one should probably be moved to a topic of it's own, I've read in several places on this forum that if a character has enough corruption to cross a threshold just by creation (most tome archetypes) that he's entitled to a roll on the Gifts table at that time. Can someone point me to a place in the book or ruling about this?