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  1. Thanks, good stuff! The one problem with the force push is that repulser guns are heavy, but may be we could craft a miniture one at some point
  2. The question is, can I start the game as a F&D class just without a force rating, or would that be impossible? I haven't seen anything specifically saying I can't, I may wanna ask the GM.
  3. If this is the case, I think Soresu Defender may be the spec I'm looking for. It has both lightsaber and Lore as career skills, additionally I can take a bunch of parry and defensive stance talents. Combine that with the force Adherent's "As the force wills it" to recover all the strain it will cost at the end of the encounter I think I can pull this off.
  4. So after looking into It, I'm pretty sure I need a force rating to change my lightsaber attribute from brawn to another, and I'm not sure I'm allowed to take specs which have talents requiring a force rating. Can I get more info on this from someone who knows?
  5. Thanks to both of you, feel free to suggest Additions to the backstory
  6. Hey everyone, I've played with this character concept for a while now and finally have an up coming game I can implement it in. So the basic idea is a droid who is convinced he is an ancient sith. I'll summarize the backstory behind this: Basically he was an average everyday BX droid commando in service of the CIS, until one day where he and his squad were defeated by a young jedi. The young jedi just so happened to be an especially good mechanic, and had an idea. He would repair the droid and re-purpose it as a jedi training droid. At first things were going well, but after some time the droid just couldn't fight as well as he use to, he became predictable. The jedi decided to make the droid more "Sith-like" in order to up the difficulty, in order to do this he would 'download' a sith holocron into the droid. The droid would then act like and truly believe he was a 4,000 year old sith lord. Eventually due to the jedi purge the droid's creator would die, and the Sith droid would spent several years locked in a closet, until some unlucky fellow would open the door... Now, the question is how would I pull this Off mechanically? I'm looking for ways to A: be good at lightsaber combat as a Non-force user, B: make it appear as though I have force powers but actually do not, and C : Have lore knowledge about the jedi and sith. Here's what I have come up with so far: STATS: BRAWN: 3 AGILITY: 2 Intellect: 3 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 2 Presence: 1 Career: Hired Gun (Enforcer / Soresu Defender) Skills: Athletics 1, Coercion 1, Discipline 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1, Brawl 1, Melee 1, Ranged (Light) 1, Lightsaber (Br) 1, Talents: Enduring 1 Armor: Concealing Robes (I want everyone to think he is a human at first) Weapons: Vibrorapier (Loads of melee damage), SSB-1 Static Pistol (Would be built into one of his hands to simulate force lightning)
  7. I made statistics for custom bases, outposts, factories, space stations, ect.
  8. Suggestion: Maybe you could say they were stationed at an imperial prison instead, the players who wish to be different races could be like Imperial Prisoners or something.
  9. Well I am Inexperienced with Role Playing games, but If your In a jam I would suggest using the age of Rebellion mass battle rules for two large groups of people fighting each other.
  10. My game takes place in an alternate universe where Anakin killed Obi-wan in their duel on mustafar, and Luke and Leia are sith lords. So I think anything is possible.
  11. woah didn't realize so much of this stuff was set up already
  12. Hello all, I'm currently creating a system in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion that would allow players to create their own faction and join in a three way fight against both the empire and rebellion for conquest of the galaxy! Now I know it sounds like a very complicated system to build, and it is, But i think it would make a super fun Campaign! The Idea is the PCs join up on an imperial world, where the empire has a small presence. The PCs would then agree to rise against the local imperial forces and destroy their presence on the planet. For the actual conquering of the planet the empire and hutt forces would have between 5 and 10 structures or bases (Depending on a D10 roll) The players would have to destroy all said bases to capture the planet. Each time the players destroyed a structure, if they had the proper credits, they could build their own structure in its place. My issue: The biggest issue I have is i need some sort of table for hiring or coming across mercenaries or others who may want to join the PC's uprising. This will give the PCs a steady supply of new recruits... Secondly, I need some sort of formula for a large scale battle between two parties something like: Number of Troops X Weapons X Armor X Training X Misc. + Number of Vehicles x Weapons X armor + Number of starships X weapons X Armor + (ECT.) I would be very happy if anyone could help solve those two issues, and once I'm done with the system for Planetary conquest in Age of Rebellion I will gladly release it to the community. Thank you -James (Also My inspiration is from Star Wars empire at war, and Star wars battlefronts 1 and 2)
  13. Alright, I am going to start my first Star Wars Fantasy Flight games RPG soon and i had an idea I wanted to share with the community. My campaign is similar to the storyline of the empire at war: Force of Corruption. The players characters don't join the rebellion, but create an army of their own to combat the empire. Heres the big question though, where are you gonna get the credits to start an army?! the answer is you don't need any! I plan to have the PCs restart a droid factory, and use the B-1 battle dorids as basic troops. There are many other things i plan to do aswell, but this is just to get my idea out there.
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