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  1. I don't mean to rain on your parade, as this is an excellent battle report, but shouldn't you have been unable to use Jabba's Realm figures in this tournament? They were released on Dec. 29 and aren't legal for premier tournaments until today, Jan 9 (see https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/legality/).
  2. Damage Dealt + Cards Remaining (in hand and in draw) = Highest Wins Problem solved.
  3. My first game with Crime Lord I pulled it and played it. That's 9 resources.
  4. Even without Redeploy Padme or a Hired Gun could include a lightsaber or any other weapon (so long as you have the same color character in your deck, thus allowing you to include the weapon in your deck at all). Redeploy just allows you to also ignore play restrictions, in addition to the item not being discarded when the attached character is defeated.
  5. Per the Rules Reference: I know that doesn't tell the ratio of characters to upgrades and support, though.
  6. Removing a die = removing it from the dice pool once, immediately. This means that they must BE in the dice pool. It also means that they could potentially be re-entered into the dice pool.
  7. You cannot bank values on a die. The wording dice say that you may resolve any number of dice, not that you many resolve any number ON a die.
  8. Seconding. There's always someone to play in the Knights of Ren Discord server @ https://discordapp.com/channels/231183490975006721/231183490975006721
  9. MN, Woodbury | The Gaming Goat | Saturday, November 19, 6:30 PM | Cost: Whatever you buy. Should be 30% off MSRP, since that's the typical pricing. RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/679099485581700/permalink/679099488915033/
  10. Per the rules: Thus, you can resolve 0 or more die with the same type and assign each die (or a die and its modifiers together) to one or more characters. This also means that you must resolve the ENTIRE die (that is, if you roll 3 focus you can't spend 1 and bank two).
  11. *ahem* USA, MN, Roseville - Fantasy Flight Games Center - November 11 5 PM https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/10/25/enter-the-star-wars-universe/
  12. Twin Box for everyday play/trying out decks/having a spare to demo, and maybe a single box for tournament play.
  13. I've used this for Thrones, and will be using it for SWD. It's really high quality.
  14. I must be dense. Say I want to run Elite Phasma. I pull two Phasmas from two booster packs. I now possess 2 Phasma dice and 2 Phasma cards, however I only need 1 Phasma card. How is there not a glut in the market of cards over dice? Granted, you probably wouldn't sell the die without the card, but there will be "extra cards" for this reason (that will probably stay in binders).
  15. While I agree that the "most valuable" would be the card+die, a lot of people won't want to pay extra for a card that they don't need, and thus decreasing its desirability.
  16. They are a package deal. How so? If I want to run an elite character, that requires 2 dice, but only a single card. Therefore, the second card is worthless to me and everyone else, thus increasing the value of the die.
  17. USA, MN, Roseville, Fantasy Flight Games Center, 19 or 20 Nov
  18. RRG, page 4: Some assets have health and/or sanity. When an investigator is dealt damage or horror, that investigator may assign some or all of that damage or horror to eligible asset cards he or she controls (see “Dealing Damage/Horror” on page 7). RRG, page 7: An asset cannot be assigned damage beyond the amount of damage it would take to defeat the card, and cannot be assigned horror beyond the amount of horror it would take to defeat the card.
  19. The FFGC will FOR SURE have weekend-long launch parties. I would bet on them running an event at least on Saturday, Nov 19, and probably the Friday and Sunday surrounding it. I know that three Games by James locations are having launch parties, as is The Gaming Goat in Woodbury. The TC SWD community is really strong already, so welcome!
  20. Dice are essentially considered "out of play" or "removed" if they're not in a dice pool (yours or your opponent's). Disturbance in the Force rerolls ALL dice, meaning dice in both your and your opponent's dice pools.
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