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  1. Aetherer

    wave 3 february release?

    From a previous thread asking the same thing (UK webstore):
  2. Aetherer

    Quick Build Decks for Printing!

    This makes preparing for a game much easier. Thanks for this.
  3. Aetherer

    Wave 3 Release Date?

  4. Aetherer

    Ffg release wave 3 question

    I don't know how accurate these dates are, but a UK supplier has The Galactic Republic and The Separatist Alliance kits on for 29 March: https://elementgames.co.uk/wargames-and-miniatures/star-wars-x-wing/x-wing-second-edition/the-sepratist-alliance Pay no attention to the prices, buy direct
  5. Aetherer

    Store & Carry

    All options are valid, and this looks to be a nice way to do it. I went with KR Multicase, and got all of my stuff into 2x their cardboard cases. The cases drop into a case-bag, with enough pockets for the small-parts toolbox full of the tokens, dice-bag and rulebooks. They do backpacks and alu-cases if that is more your thing. But, they do custom foam trays for most bigger ships, and knowing which combination to buy got messed up after Rogue1 got dropped by the Imperials :(
  6. Aetherer

    New Player Need Advice

    Unless you can take Vader as crew, the Advance Tie is the only other Vader.
  7. Aetherer

    Enough players around for V2?

    If you all mark your dials, and get along well enough as a group, trade dials for the game and gather them back in when you're done. There are a lot of ships I do not have that I got dials and cards for in the conversion packs. I am all up for trading them long-term to people who play later-wave ships than I have. I'm unlikely to buy too many more ships, and I could always try asking around if I did want to buy more.
  8. This should have been the default option, before any points were added to the app. Having left out the Quick Build is a stupid omission, and leaves people initially thinking they have little option but to use points.
  9. Aetherer

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    On behalf of FFG, thanks for doing this. I've not looked through your stuff yet, but anything like this is better than the official version at present.
  10. It does matter if people want to use the points-based game, using the advertised method to do that. Downloading the points lists is one thing, but if the app is supposed to be the correct way, it looks bad for FFG. Also, aren't the ship slots only listed in the app, nowhere else?
  11. You have lots of old shield tokens? Use them up first. After you buy a couple of the new models, you'll have more than you know what to do with, as you will have for 1.0. Yes, FFG short-changed us in the conversion kits, but anyone buying them will have lots of spares from before.
  12. Aetherer

    Quick build cards to app

    I did, and it was a good go. It started with four players, two of us were 'new to 2.0'. two more turned up after game 2. I used the downloaded QB PDFs, which I printed off. Which was handy, as the organizer only had them on his phone. I had made a Rebel and Imperial side each, not knowing who I was playing against. I played as Rebels. It was advertised as a 'Wave 1 ships only' event, but there ware a lot of pre-selected models from all waves for players to use. We played a few games, starting with a level 4 game, moving up to a level 6 and then level 8 games. Being an organised event, there were objectives to enter a draw. That took all of two games to complete So, QB worked well, as it saved having to mess about with points, and QB ship load-outs were designed quite well. And, we got to avoid the app altogether.
  13. Aetherer

    Quick build cards to app

    I am hoping to go to a 'quick-build' event tomorrow. The organiser is assuming that the QBs are in the app, and told me to look there. This should have been there from the start (along with a lot of other stuff).
  14. Aetherer

    Quick build cards to app

    Yeah, that.
  15. Aetherer

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    True. But, since there are few places to review the game itself, and if FFG are 'selling' the app as part of the game, the app's reviews are going to be taken as the state of the game as a whole. They will see that the app is free, doesn't need the game to download, and want to see the cards, ships and such before paying for any of the boxes. No-one wants to look up that the points are in a PDF. They're told that the app makes the game run, and steer clear of a 2-star app.