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  1. This may be the boost that VR has been waiting for. Elite: Dangerous shows that spaceship games work well on VR, but that doesn't have the appeal of Star Wars games. E:D prefers joysticks and throttles (for lots of people), but SW:S may well favour gamepads. Both work well for VR.
  2. It's good to hear from experts from time to time. Thanks for the input. I know there was a comment from FFG long ago mentioning a new app, and nothing since. With any luck, they started re-writing it when the backlash reached a peak way back in 2nd ed. But, no updates, no leaks, nothing at all since. It is worrying.
  3. 5v5? Not chuffed about that. I expect there will be open play, to some extent.
  4. This, very-much this. They provided a nice easy way to get into the game, then skipped a bit to get to the main game. I don't get to play much at all, so quick-build is handy. Having no quick-build in the app is a big omission. I would use the fan-made apps, but I would prefer a fully-working, regularly- and quickly-updated official app.
  5. If they own the code for that app, they could give it to someone else to continue with. But there appear to be issues with that code, like the complexity needed to add huge ships (assuming that's the reason they are not being added). If they started again, with another company, they could change it to fit the current requirements. Huge ship slots and other functions were probably not thought of when 2nd ed first launched. They could even pay to get the code of one of the fan apps, and start from there. I'd expect a C&D tied into that though, so no-one is likely to take it.
  6. A few days ago, even Games Workshop announced a 40k app for their new version. FFG already has an 'app', with the majority of the functionality in place. Surely, it isn't that much work to repackage it, and add in a few extra, much-wanted, features....
  7. So, with everyone working from home these days, and sales having dried up, is there any new mention of this?
  8. How many combos need at least 2 upgrades? Lots of crews would be wasted, as they apply to secondary weapons, for instance.
  9. There's lots of Thingiverse. I'm not going to link them here, but look there.
  10. I should have said "that's the official only option". Giddy Gamer has been on here long enough to have discovered the other apps.
  11. It isn't. Not with the app. Use the points in the downloadable PDFs, as that's the only option. Quick Build cards are in the ship kits and conversion box, though. Also, squad[rons] are not a huge ship thing. Huge ships and Epic are different things. Get the other box for that.
  12. I went with KR, which are quite similar but with softer foam. They've stopped updating their range, but Pick'n'Pluck does for most odd ships. Small ships fit into the tree-shaped slots, but I've taken to removing the stands, and can fit far more into the foam. Small X-wing ships can easily take a bashing in a foam case, and 2 per slot works for me. Bigger ships fit into odd places, but nearly everything fits in the end.
  13. Busy cinemas are our worst nighmare. So, week 4-6 are our visit window. We'll be there, though, eventually.
  14. Where is no huge or epic in the app:
  15. My Gozanti fit fine. I only tried one of the base-sets, so the other may not work as well. I assume there were a few batches of these sets produced, and they may differe slightly, by whether you got an early version, or one that was tweaked after they had shipped (or something.)
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