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  1. They don't ship to any EU countries, it seems. I wonder if the UK can get BN.com back after Brexit
  2. If it is a technical issue with the Squad Builder, I expect: They did not create it to scale far enough for the number of ships, pilots and cards (very unlikely), or; There is just one person being made to run the Squad Builder (I hope this is not the case, but answers so many other questions about it). This has to be a delay in shipping, and the insistence on holding back for a simultaneous world-wide release. This isn't the only game product I know of to have this issue, at this time. That has no release date announced (that company never announces more than 2 weeks ahead anyway). If the delay was due to points costs, what's stopping from releasing the original points, and changing them in the soon-to-happen points change with everything else? They wouldn't hold a product back for points.
  3. They're full-price there. Shop around for models to use with the 2e conversion kits, and you're laughing. But, when was the last announcement for 1e that wasn't a FAQ? Before 2e dropped, I expect. As said, these models listed on the FFG 1e page are old stock. When they're gone, they're gone.
  4. All that really shows is who posts on the forums Yes, sharing it more widely will help. Causal players will not usually stop in here.
  5. Can some cards have their range modified? Skilled Bombardier lets you drop either 1 space more or less. Is there an equivalent that could modify this?
  6. Galactic Empire: My main force, with too many TIE fighters and interceptors for the conversion kit. Gozanti for when Epic 2.0 happens. Rebel Alliance: The other half of the starter sets (with the conversion kit), and because I started playing and buying when 1.0 came out. Resistance: I got the kit to use the resistance bomber I liked the look of, and then the transport gets announced :) Galactic Republic: The ARC looked good, but I had not bought one until the Guardians of the Republic got announced. So, with a lot of good-guy forces sharing ships, and a like of bombers, I seem to have enough ships for 3x games at once
  7. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Gozanti Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? A couple of games with huge ships. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Huge battles. Ships are too expensive for standard, and we don't get the time to play epic battles.  Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Yes  What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Huge Ships, Missions
  8. Is this the first [ship to come with] of Autoblasters for 2.0? The transport shows them in the add-on cards down the side.
  9. I went to a wave1 event a couple of months ago. There were lots of little white cardboard boxes on the desk, with a ship and stand in each. I assume the cards and dials came in a separate box. I suppose these are the standard packs sent to retailers for events. If I could request to get these sent when ordering online, I would. They fit through the letterbox, instead of being returned to the depot, or slung over the fence. I don't want or need a retail pile of display plastic when it goes straight in the bin. Other manufacturers, like Games Workshop, often send out older or less-popular mail-order packs in generic cardboard boxes. I am fine with that.
  10. From a previous thread asking the same thing (UK webstore):
  11. This makes preparing for a game much easier. Thanks for this.
  12. I don't know how accurate these dates are, but a UK supplier has The Galactic Republic and The Separatist Alliance kits on for 29 March: https://elementgames.co.uk/wargames-and-miniatures/star-wars-x-wing/x-wing-second-edition/the-sepratist-alliance Pay no attention to the prices, buy direct
  13. Aetherer

    Store & Carry

    All options are valid, and this looks to be a nice way to do it. I went with KR Multicase, and got all of my stuff into 2x their cardboard cases. The cases drop into a case-bag, with enough pockets for the small-parts toolbox full of the tokens, dice-bag and rulebooks. They do backpacks and alu-cases if that is more your thing. But, they do custom foam trays for most bigger ships, and knowing which combination to buy got messed up after Rogue1 got dropped by the Imperials :(
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