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  1. Has anyone made custom card? Are there any resources online to help? Having a blast playing the game but my group wants to create our own characters and units, obviously we are casual players ?
  2. There are some small ships over 2 in all the kits but regardless i found myself needing 2 of each faction upgrade packs to cover my collection. With a few short falls and a lot of extra unwanted stuff particularly large ships. I decided to sell off all the extra ships to get back down to 1 upgrade per faction. I dont regret this as ive covered the cost of the upgrade kits as a bonus.
  3. If i used force push to move an enemy unit would this move trigger standby on my units within range 2?
  4. In Australia and we feel the same way
  5. Do you prefer apples or oranges? Not trying to be trolly but that is my feeling on the two game system. Id never give up my friday night IA campaign for a fun gaming night with friends but legion ticks all the boxes for casual play for me.
  6. Brisbane player. Really looking forward to playing Legion.
  7. Great write up, I'm more a fun gamer but I love the command decks ability to turn on fun list. Jonboyjon what's your favourite list and why?
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