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  1. Looks like I might have an idea: Hard Knowledge Underworld check on Brec Airgang: 3eA+3eD 2 successes, 1 advantage
  2. Yeah got that one. Average Piloting Check for "nicks and dings": Average Piloting Check: 1eP+3eA+2eD 3 successes
  3. Zein comes walking down the boarding ramp, looking about the ship. Checking the hull for any possible damage during the last travel. He turns to acknowledge the greeting party. In Sullstan, he addresses the leader "Greetings, Zien Aborb, at your service Captain."
  4. Ok, still writing background and might buy a bit more but my character is ready to review: http://swsheets.com/c/0akuptclf-zein-aborb
  5. We might be ok, it has 2 crew slots and 6 passenger slots. Only place me might run into trouble is if we have to rescue someone(s).
  6. Anyone have a good name for our ship? Or does @Sincereagape already have a name in mind?
  7. The Commander specs are mostly Leadership social skill interactions with some combat mixed in. Its your "officer" trees. The diplomat specs are more the interact with the masses trees.
  8. Check the first article in the thread. @Sincereagape has all the players and roles listed at the bottom of the post.
  9. Update on my build, I am creating a Sullustan Ace Pilot (with some Mechanics). Most of the heavy lift is done. Just buying his gear and writing background now.
  10. Working on a non-force sensitive character. After all, Rebellion needs gun bunnies.
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