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  1. Just wanted to create a post specifically for Bad Publicity updates on our channel. Seems easier to follow for those interested. I’ll kick it off with our video on the cards in the first Dynasty pack of the Imperial cycle:
  2. I don’t know what’s real anymore. I do know I made a mistake having this forum email me post updates.
  3. Also think about all the card abilities we are seeing that require you to discard the favor. “Pretty sweet Kakita Yoshi you have there. Pretty sure you want to use that ability. Is that Censure really worth it?”
  4. We were just interested in how quickly the spoilers would be ripped from the video with no one saying where they came from. I’ll upload better images on our Facebook page. All you had to do was ask ?
  5. Bad Publicity will be having 2 new spoilers incoming very soon.
  6. Bad Publicity is back with part 2 of our Lion Clan overview. This time with core set Conflict Cards!
  7. Hello! we posted a video talking about our Gencon plans. Plus we also show off a neat giveaway we'll all be carrying around with us at Gencon. Hint: it's L5R related. Find out what it is and how you can snag one by checking out the video. thanks for all the support thus far!
  8. We chat some on the preview articles and other fun stuff. Thanks a ton for the support so far and we'll hopefully see some of you at a Gencon. maybe we'll have surprises . . .
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