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  1. Thank you for your reply I will keep checking back and hopefully catch them when they have been reprinted.
  2. I have recently started playing and wanted to start collecting all the adventure packs but everywhere I look there out of stock. I live in Scotland. Amazon are out of stock unless there is one left for sale for a silly price e.g. at the moment there is one hunt for Gollum selling for 46 pounds. Anyway my question is do the older packs get reprinted ?
  3. Hi all just started playing LotR card game with the wife. Neither of us has played card games before so as you can imagine there is one or two questions. I have watched a few how to videos and such and we have played a few games and think we have a general idea of what we are doing. In fact we enjoy it so much we have just ordered an expansion and some packs. Anyway down to my first question If you have an event card in your hand that allows you stop an attacking enemy from attacking that round does this mean you stop it getting a shadow card too or does that still come into effect ? Eg: the Feint card Combat Action: Choose an enemy engaged with a player. That enemy cannot attack that player this phase. Thanks in advance for any replies to this question.
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