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  1. Hi guys, I accidentally managed to delete original files along with shared ones. If any one of you happen to have those files saved somewhere in their PC, I would be really glad if you could, please, send them to me. I still have 3D files, but I did those plans in program I don´t use anymore, so it is not ideal. Thanks a lot. By the way, that glue I used is PVA glue. Did not know proper English nomenclature before. Edit: Reuploaded files added to first post.
  2. Hi guys, quick question about Wrong man for the job. At the start of each overlord turn, if Ollen is adjacent to the Manor´s heart, he restores Skarn. Does it mean revive only when Skarn is knocked out, or is that meant as regular healing / revive? If it means only reviving him, game might be too long. Otherwise I´m afraid game would be only about 8 rounds long. That might be bit quick end for heroes.
  3. I know that abilities can be used in response to other abilities. The thing is that this was still one attack and she was attempting second reroll. I think that stackable abilities are written in such way as "you may use this ability once per attack", or something like that. Here is only "Limit once per attack" and it´s not cler if it means ability or reroll (that was already once made).
  4. Hi guys, I have question about Reynhart the Worthy. Does his Heroic feat stack up with hero ability? hero ability: If you roll an X during an attack roll, you may suffer 1 fatigue to reroll 1 attack die. Limit once per attack. heroic feat: Use after rolling an X during an attack roll to recover all of you fatigue and to reroll any or all of the dice in your attack pool. Thing that happened was that player rolled X during attack. She used heroic feat to reroll blue die and recover fatigue. Reroll was X again. She chose to use her hero ability to reroll attack die. At taht moment we stopped game to fight, because we split between two camps. One side said, that she can´´´´t do that because she rerolled attack die once already using her heroic feat and second side argued that those are two separate things. Could anyone clarify who is right?
  5. Search for Talisman hero sleeves. Those cards have exactly same dimensions. I bought them from ebay and they fit perfectly.
  6. This is awesome idea IT worked out pretty well. And on the next campaign we ran, one of the guys who usually plays a warrior achetype decided to stick with being a mage. I too like to stick with what I already know how to play and this seems like nice fluent transmission to something else. For example: When I can pick a hero (not just in Descent) I mostly choose Mage. With this, even if I pick any other archetype, I can still choose class that I think will most likely fit my playstyle instead of completely random draw.
  7. Same here, our group simply moved to other games. As one of guys didn´t like descent very much and it we felt that it wouldn´t be fair to simply tell him not to come next time we wanna play. So we played somtehing else next time... and week after that... and week after that... It´s been a year now. But every week when we gather I try to convince others to try descent again. I really need to find another group of heroes badly.
  8. Keep it calm, buddy As my grandmother used to say when I was enraged by something: "War is far worse than this."
  9. Same here. All expansion boxes and only thinking of shards of everdark H&M collection. I even have same opinion on LT packs.
  10. This basically changes everything I mean, we read (by we I mean me, because group was too lazy) rules wrong and thought that this is how it´s played normally
  11. Box is mentioned here (even with link): possibly solved over PM. Anyone else with similar issue? Hi JT Any chance you could give the dimension of the Tjena box you used please? The one in your pictures seems to be taller than the one I found. Plus, I don't suppose you have the plans/dimensions of the insert you made in any other format than DWG? Cheers Hi, it is 32x35x32cm type. But in real, they measure it as outside of cover so real measures are bit smaller. I suppose I can print it to pdfs, but if you download latest draftsight (free), you should be able to open it as well. Parts itself are not dimensioned in dwgs and you can´t measure in pdf. As for the glue, I used Herkules. Totally ordinary glue for paper. Kind of white one that gets transparent when dry. http://www.entosphinx.cz/en/lepidlo-herkules/564-herkules-baleni-250-g-v-plastikove-lahvicce.html
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