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  1. One of my players is planning something real devious, he wants to kill a deathwatch member and essentially steal his identity to break into a Loyalist chapter to subvert high ranking members of the Chapter and steal Geneseed. I would love to run this, he sounds like he has a really clever plan for it and he's been lagging behind the rest of the team in infamy for awhile, so this is a perfect opportunity to bring him up to everyone else's level. Problem is though, I have no idea what kind of stats the higher ups of a chapter would have. Any ideas?
  2. I'd say that Tzeentch is likely the most dangerous Chaos God purely for the fact that he's such a tricky bastard that he's likely planned for any eventuality, including his own possible death, so he's always be able to **** you over no matter what you do. Slaanesh might be more dangerous in the long run though, with the Eldar Craftworlds slowly winking out, the influx of Eldar souls will only make his power wax as time goes on
  3. I'm pretty new to the whole roleplaying scene and I'm still yet to play a game, and I'm unsure about the limitations of Armour Penetrating weapons. Does the Pen score also decrease the damage reduction granted by toughness, or is it only able to ignore actual armour?
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