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  1. Ever since I entered the board game hobby this has been by far my favorite game, I was buying every single D2 release without second thought. But nowdays I’m just having a massive headache in terms of storage and logistics so in a way I’m happy new physical content is not being developed/released (and stop bleeding my wallet dry). I’m doing my own foam board inserts but countless attempts failed trying to make practical storage solution for all components. Reading all forums on the subject, sorting tiles in file folders, keeping large monsters in expansion boxes and small monsters and heroes in tackle boxes (god help me if I ever decide to paint minis), storing cards and tokens for easy access/setup… Combined with the challenge of finding a reliable group committed to playing a campaign as this game takes time to organize, setup, play and do book-keeping/homework (latter was considered a chore by two recent groups, plus they couldn’t bear to lose 2 scenarios in a row so the group dissolved. but that’s for another discussion..). Bottom line in the past 5 years I don’t think I explored 30% of what the physical content has to offer and it’ll keep me busy for years just trying out all monsters and plot decks available, then switching to a good guy and trying out various heroes, classes and skill combos... unlimited possibilities. Then, I might give app a go. I envy the person here who exhausted all existing aspects of the game, I wish I had the time and group to do the same. All physical campaign books and H&M scenarios contain 128 individual quests (185 total encounters) and I don’t believe I played more than 20-30 so far. That’s not counting digital campaigns. If anyone here played it all please come forward I’ll frame your pic above my gaming table
  2. Thank you for taking time to help me. Please replace rumor cards in this campaign. In fact I managed to screw up selecting two rumors, despite holding them in my hands when choosing.. Burning Harvest - replace with Scarce Goods Three Heads, One Mind - replace with My House, My Rules I had a "A Dangerous Path" rumor that I managed miraculously to select properly (which later got replaced with "Unknown treasures"). Both are already played/no longer available.
  3. Hey this campaign tracker is simply awesome! I registered in it's early phase of development but back then I noticed the Heirs of Blood campaign was not included so I set it aside, but now when I got back to playing Descent I'm amazed by how many functionalities are added in the meantime truly amazing, can't thank enough! I have one novice question though, for unknown reason to me I managed to input incorrect rumor card at the start of the campaign, and now I can't find the option to change it. Is there a way to change it retroactively or I have no choice but to create a new campaign and copy all info item by item?
  4. it is legal as far as I know, good point. maybe the outcome would have been the same after all
  5. You guessed right, he wasn't moving from-to nearest squares on a joining tiles. He did spend all 14 points for that and if he counted 3 instead of 2 per water space he wouldn't make it. Well what the heck, that oversight only cost me a victory But in my defense I was a bit rusty, haven't played this game in more than 6 months and this was just a warm-up quest before we start full campaign, so I guess no harm done. In defense of other players, they are all new to D2. Thanks for clearing this out for me Luckmann.
  6. Yeah, that what I though... To make things a bit clearer, the situation happened on tile 12A: Squares marked red - 2 ettins Green arrows - movement of Durik Yellow arrows - water spaces on his path He started his move off this tile and ended on another tile, spending 2 move actions + 4 fatigue. He counted 2 movement points per water space occupied by monster, and as I said I didn't raise the question. My bad I guess...
  7. Player controlling Durik can choose to spend 1 additional move point when moving through a space occupied by a monster, but what if the monster is standing in water? A few days ago we had a situation where two of my large monsters were blocking heroes path by partially standing in water, and another player used Durik's special ability + some fatigue tokens to reach the other side (and effectively secure the win for the heroes), by only spending 1 extra move point per occupied space and not taking water into consideration. I didn't raise the issue but I still have doubts if this was legal...?
  8. hmm... oh so that is why I was constantly loosing a 2 heroes game to a newbie overlord... I really do like Descent, but introducing a mayor rule change 4 years after release smells like something is seriously wrong with this game.
  9. I never played 1st edition, but I guess from a lot of comments that is somewhat similar to D&D board game series (Ravenloft, Ashardalon...) without OL. I'm a huge fan of those games (have 3 of them) and I like the rules simplicity and pure hack & slash action with possibility of mixing the elements/scenarios between them. On the other hand, I enjoy playing Descent 2nd edition much much more, it's my absolutely favorite game. However, I'm very annoyed by several aspects related to a game, to name a few: 1) Poor quest description. I don't understand why there isn't some clear and brief explanation as to what each sides objective is for a specific quest. Eg. "Heroes objective is to light 4 beacons / OL's objective is to kill the villagers. Beacons are represented as 4 red objective tokens / Villagers are represented as villager tokens. To light the beacon, hero must spend one action while adjacent to it". Simple as that. Instead I have to read through the whole page multiple times just to figure out what to do. Eventually, i started reading the Victory conditions first, and then the setup, specific rules etc, but sometimes the victory condition may be "if there are 8 fatigue tokens in OL play area...". Alas, most of the cases I just read upcoming scenarios a couple of times a day before our group meeting. So frustrating! 2) Too many case by case situations where rules are not providing clarification. I don't think I played a single quest for the first time and had a flawless experience without having to google for answers on specific situations not covered by the rules, or being unable to apply logic to resolve it. 3) Unnecessary convolution of rules with the wording like "Remove the figure from a map, and place it 3 spaces from the original space". Come on! Just write the d*mn "Place figure 3 spaces away" and be done with it. Jesus. 5) For god's sake why make lieutenants the same color as heroes? Since you're already paying for them separately couldn't FFG at least try to make a tiny effort to make them, I don't know, dark gray? 6) Storage. With every new H&M pack or expansion I buy, storing all of it is increasing nightmare for me. Not to mention trying to take it to a game meeting, or at least the things I intend to use. Fumbling through boxes looking for tiles, monsters etc, and trying to put everything the way it was at the end, man... Regardless of how much I enjoy playing it, unfortunately this game is starting to limit my abilities to do that. I have to say first few examples are just showing why I'm having a hard time bringing a group of people together to play this game. Constant pauses to read the quest rules or google for answers, non linear logic, slow learning curve, long sessions... is what usually drive away people who would potentially really enjoy this game in my opinion. Second, the increasingly poor mobility of the game makes me unable to play it outside my home, but that's not always possible. Shame, it's an amazing game.
  10. I'm not surprised by it too, I've given up seeking answers in the rulebook and quest specific rules long time ago. Too bad you have to try and figure out the logic behind these absurdities, not use common sense. First, interacting with something that is under the figure (pulling a sheet of parchment under someones feet), second - saying that the figure is adjacent to and on top of it at the same time. I'd really like to hear the official explanation, but until then I'd rather treat the matter as search tokens.
  11. Perfect example. I'm just having a hard time believing that the designers left obvious contradictions such as this totally unclear. There must be a more straightforward rule, eg. "adjacency is measured to the entire monster base" or something along those lines...
  12. I check both Errata and unofficial FAQ and I found no answer to this question, which brings me to a standstill. I personally prefer not to view tokens under any monster as adjacent to monster, but simply because I play a hero in our game, I guess I would strongly oppose it as OL
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