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  1. Has anyone made the events in the game app into a physical deck yet, even if it's a pdf and I would have to print it myself? I do not know how long the app will be around, so I would like to try to find a way to keep playing this fun game without the need for that app should it ever not be around.
  2. Garronn

    X-Wing 4th Faction

    Based on what I have read so far, it seems like the main issue I am seeing is that a lot of people don't like the idea of this being like the Star Wars minis game from a while back where you had about a dozen factions ranging from Ancient Sith to The Galactic Alliance. I think the easiest way to handle this is to do tournaments featuring on some of the factions, like only clones vs droids tournament or vong vs Galactic Alliance. I do agree though that anything added in that is not in the Rebellion Era would hurt the feel to the game. So the only thing I can think of is adding a Merc faction that can be used with the other three factions.
  3. Surprisingly, I prefer the class 1 SD. But that may have to do with the 300 point total, when wave 2 comes out then it might change. From what I know, the Empire player should focus on getting as much dice and dice manipulation cards as possible. And your objective cards should put you in a position to exploit that the most, which is why I run a low point point fleet of 292, guarantee play number 2.
  4. Much better as I see it. I have found that the easiest way to build a fleet is to pick your objective cards first and then build a fleet around those three cards. Also the big thing about this game is being player number two, so leave a large point count unspent, like 6 or so points.
  5. So from what I can see is the main problem here is size and balance. The first is very understandable, given that if you line up roughly 11 ISD front to end to be just as long. Armada has everything in "Relative" scale, so we could shrink the SSD to 2 feet like I have suggested a few times and mobilize it. As for balance, make it a special scenario. This would let the SSD have massive stats, but none the formal play issues that would go with it. Look at the Borg in ST AW, that game nerfed them horribly just so people could have them in a tournament. I ask, "Why?" Why should the SSD be a ship to play outside of special missions. That is my thought on the matter here.
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