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  1. I think from memory that the people of the Empire of Lorimor are said to have darker skin tones in general than the citizens of Terrinoth. Remember though it's your game, the entire human race (and any other species you like) can be darker skinned if you desire. They deliberately leave the lore open ended and you can make the world anyway you wish besides.
  2. The 40k lines used to be packed with typos. Maybe the same editors for this line.
  3. I would expect them to use their non-RPG intellectual property. Since they already have systems for their rpgs and fans can do the hard work of converting them if they are so inclined I don't see them allocating their resources to developing these. The examples they have in the CRB hint that this will be their approach.
  4. I did consider doing this in two phases. First of all start with an End of the World Scenario using those rules and if the players lived long enough and could now be considered heroes/badasses etc instead of just normal people trying to survive, move both the characters and the system over to Genesys to represent this change of affairs.
  5. I don't mind seeing it there tbh, they are not making any money on it and anything that showcases Genesys system (whilst not charging for it) would be a bonus for FFG I would think.... Certainly they would pull it down it if wasn't I'm sure.
  6. There's one on Drivethru called croaking sirocco or something similar. I have never played it so no idea how good it is.
  7. There is a free adventure someone has done up on Drivethru, it's called Croaking Sirocco.
  8. If it's an unusual game format, maybe make the characters unusual to explain them being role-played by different players. Maybe there is some kind of flux that causes different spirits/personalities to control the body at different times. It could also be used to explain the lack of knowledge the characters have of the previous actions, imagine the disorientation of suddenly being in a body and just what is going on right now and why is the ogre swinging a bloody great big club at me!? The concept might need some work but if your creative enough you might be able to pull it off and come up with a unique roleplaying experience.
  9. Suneisha


    I think the being able to add one spell would reduce spell casters versatility as opposed to being able to cast anything they like off the bat but you are right it might be worth seeing where Realms of Terrinoth takes heroic abilities. Having players have to buy talents is definitely another effective way to even it out with non-spell casters.
  10. Yeah you might need to up their power level and equipment from the standard creation rules, but using superheroes rules sounds like a great idea and maybe add boost dice to represent unnatural strength and toughness.
  11. Suneisha


    I haven't had a chance to play this game yet but I was wondering for those that want to reduce the versatility of the magic system I had an idea (which may not be effective since I haven't had a chance to play the game yet ). Would something like letting the players craft one type of spell (type, modifiers etc) per certain amount of XP work? Maybe a 25,50 or 100xp benchmark and maybe a couple of spells too start with based on starting 100xp experience? The heroic feats made me think of the idea, where the power can be improved based on XP levels but does not become an XP sink that requires them to be spent. What do people think, doable, ridiculous, needs refining? Happy for all constructive criticism either way as I haven't had a chance to play yet (hoping to get my first game in a couple of weeks).
  12. And what an amazing and thoughtful girlfriend you have to pick that up for you, I wouldn't be letting her go if I was you!
  13. I like it, I like it a lot!
  14. For the rest of us non-Brits please let us in on the joke!
  15. Suneisha


    Thanks guys, I'm glad I wasn't missing anything and this gives me a much better idea of how the rules work and to concentrate more on narrative than hard and fast mechanical rules. I'm still a noob to the system so I think I will stick with the narrative rules for now as that's easiest but once I get a bit more experience I will see if it's worth while adding house rules, such as automatic death at damage double the wound threshold or adding criticals for every wound they take after they go into negative (I think they used this rule for the 40K line, although since you go unconscious in this ruleset that might be a bit savage meaning your foe(s) are still laying into you when you are laying prone and unresponsive!).
  16. Suneisha


    Okay I am sure I have just been a spaz and missed it but I can't seem to find a way for characters to die except through critical wounds. Is there a would threshold limit where your character automatically dies that I have missed? From what I can see you would have to take a number of critical wounds to die and since you only get one critical wound for going over your would threshold limit I'm not sure how this would work even with some sadist smacking away at your unconscious body. I'm sure I will slap myself when someone gives me the answer! Thanks in advance!
  17. I'm curious if anyone has done any work to convert feats from dungeons and dragons into talents? I thought this could be useful for fantasy buffs. I'm only familiar with 3.5 but possibly 5th edition might have similar things as well.
  18. I think your idea would work well Arioch1973, I think Genesys might even be a better system for it than D&D.
  19. No wonder you like the setting with a name like Izrador! Is a port really needed if you have the background information? Once you have the fantasy rules for Genesys I hope it would be really easy to play and probably the system is a lot more suited to the more dire setting in Midnight. I am not really familiar with Genesys yet beyond what is on the forums so I might be wrong.
  20. Even if they don't convert Midnight, all the lore is available so it shouldn't be too hard to play it as a fantasy setting.
  21. The barbed ring/venom nail actually has a much harder availability than the tox nail. I don't think this was ever addressed in the forums or the errata, but I think the ability the venom nail gives is probably a bit too awesome for an availability of scarce such as the tox nail has. For anyone who still plays the game, perhaps giving unarmed attacks the toxic(0) trait might be a good compromise.
  22. Not sure if anyone is familiar with it but possibly Godbound would be a rules lite version you could use to run in the Midnight setting. The rules are very simple but also close enough to 3.5 rules that there should be little problem in players familiar with these rules adapting them. Although it would change the feel a little bit I am even thinking of going one step further and bringing not just the rules but the Godbound theme into Midnight. The idea would be, with the other Gods gone for so long, their powers are now flowing back into the world and being inherited by a few lucky locals. I realise a lot of people probably wouldn't like this concept as it changes the theme of hopelessness and inevitability quite a bit but for me it would be a fun spin using the setting and life would still be quite treacherous for a young Godling threatening Izrador's monopoly on power and worship.
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