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  1. I've been out of the loop for a while as far as Genesys goes. Just curious if there are any other official products in the works or if they are pretty much finished with this now?

  2. Thanks Phillos, that makes a lot of sense and does add up that the US were able to largely dominate the war after the deployment of SXC due to their superior ability to get (relatively) larger numbers of troops and resources to the battle fronts more efficiently. I had skimmed past or forgotten about the dropships, which also explain how other factions were able to stay in the war but were still at a disadvantage.

  3. I was skimming through the Worlds of Android book and in particular the Worlds War where it mentioned the wars on Luna and Mars became a battle for National interests.

    My question is if the US owns the beanstalk and the beanstalk is the most efficient way of travel by far, how was any other nation able to get a sizable military presence (troops and equipment) into the hotspots to be able to come close to challenging the US military presence there?

    I doubt even the Weyland Corporation is corrupt enough to let foreign military hardware and troops travel through the beanstalk. Even if it was the US government isn't going to let them travel over US soil especially for the sole purpose of fighting US forces off world.

    As I said I only skimmed and don't have a good grasp of the lore or the science behind it so there's heaps I could have missed that explains this.

  4. A lot of the earlier Terrinoth games lore was created before Realms of Terrinoth was released and can differ substantially to what has now become official lore. For example Baron Zachareth is one of the most outspoken opponents of the undead yet in Heirs of Blood was allied closely with Eliza Farrow.

    It's possible they haven't allowed for the Kingdom of Saradyn in RoT. It is certainly a strange concept having a tiny kingdom hidden in a realm that doesn't even have Kings of its own.

    I'd just place it wherever suits your story more. Perhaps off Map, underground or hidden by some mystic barrier that keeps it invisible to the outside world.

  5. So random question that I could have asked on any of the main lines but decided to ask on this one and as you will probably guess from the question I am brand new to this game.

    In looking through the catalogue for Age of Rebellion I noticed two books that capture all the gear from all three lines and all the transports from all three lines respectively I.E. Gadgets and Gear and Starships and Speeders. I am a huge fan of having a variety of species but have noticed that they all seem to be spread over a broad range of the three products and endless expansions. 

    Does anyone know if there is a book that brings all the species together in the same way the two above mentioned books capture tech and ships?

    Thanks in advance!


  6. I definitely think the mask spell suits the concept of the verse skill (not so much the runes skill, though there's no reason it couldn't be used for this). 

    Conceptually I could see the runes skill being used for the predict spell as it is probably closest to arcana in the way it's implemented. You could say the magic trapped in the runes was being used to discern the strands of possible futures.

    Of course you could make an argument on any of the spells for any of the skills depending on your viewpoint. It was a good pickup that the Terrinoth spell skills hadn't been included for the new spells in the EPF. I wonder if FFG missed it or just decided that the spells weren't relevant for those skills 


  7. I think they strangely do it in reverse. I can't remember any references in the books but in Legacy of Dragonholt it seems that Counts and Countesses are ranked lower than Baron's and actually owe fealty to their County's Baron (such as the Countess of Dragonholt County).

    This may have been before they fleshed out the realm fully. Your idea makes a lot of sense from an orthodox point of view.


  8. Would it be possible to have more freedom as a bioroid if you were to escape to the moon or Mars or perhaps even a planetoid? Would there be lawless frontier areas there where you would have more freedom and be able to escape the watchful eye of big brother or are these areas as built up now as well? Also what about other areas on Earth far away from New Angeles like perhaps Australia (I picked this because I live here 😁)?

    Possibly stupid questions but I'm quite unfamiliar with the Android Universe.

    Maybe you can even live under the sea since you don't need to breath! 😆

  9. I recently bought the PDF and have only flicked through it (and am completely new to the setting) and have a few questions on clones.

    Firstly, I know Vat grown clones have no rights and are considered property but does that extend to natural clones? I.E. a family unable to conceive decides to have a baby cloned from the mother or father's DNA (or someone else that they admire) and bought to term naturally in the womb. Whilst for all intensive purposes a clone, the child would be born and raised as an ordinary human being.

    Secondly, are clones fertile? I would assume not due to the complications this would bring I.E. would children with a clone parent (or parents) have rights? Whilst being descended from clones, the offspring will have been conceived, born and grown up like normal children with no cloning or maturation processes involved.

    I'm sure these questions probably have nothing to do with the game or setting but I'm curious on if there's any official lore or if not what your take is.

  10. Thanks for the information, Duty and Obligation do sound like things that could definitely ported over to Genesys from your descriptions. Duty could potentially involve working for one of the Baronies, the Order of Kellos, perhaps an order out of the Aymhelyn as well as a tonne of other organisations and governing bodies. Obligation seams pretty self-explanatory.


  11. I suspect they will be one shot, at least until they have covered all the separate game lines/genres from their IP. Maybe once they've covered those they may revisit with additional lore for lines like RoT and SotB and the other source books they create, as long as they are selling well enough.

    All speculation though, no one really knows what FFG is thinking.

  12. On ‎2‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 5:50 PM, Flobio said:

    Cave Spider (Minion)

    Large, aggressive, and frequently hunting in packs, there are few monsters more dangerous than the venomous cave spiders of the Shadow Peaks. In recent years they have spread far beyond their usual territory, and some of the spiders now hunt with numerous sticky webs...


    Skills: Range, Stealth

    Abilities: Poison: Enemies who are wounded by a scorpion swarm must make a Hard Resilience check as an out-of-turn incidental or suffer 4 additional wounds, and must check again on their next turn if the check generates Despair. Web: Each enemy engaged to this monster must suffer 1 Strain to dodge this attack. If a crit is activated the attack hits and the enemy is rooted until the end of the Cave Spiders' next round.

    Equipment: Chelicera (Brawl; Damage 1; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]), Spinnerets (Range; Damage 1; Range [Short]; Critical 3, Web) .

    From the core Descent 2e box.


    As always feed back welcomed!

    Oh, it might not actually be in the book, it was on the entry you had above for the cave spider, I've marked it in the quote :)


  13. I like the look of it and thematically she is perfect. I haven't played a lot of Genesys yet so not sure if she's too powerful. I might have to run a mini-game and pit her against my players and get back to you with any feedback.

    Watch this space!

  14. Yep that's the one Archellus 😊. I only discovered them recently and love the idea of them. I'm planning on throwing them at my players soon in Descent 2.

    And Water Colour Dragon, it wasn't me that would have said that to you. I only discovered the one with the comb a couple of days ago when I bought the relevant expansion.

    Sounds like you are all over it though and all things crow related. ☺

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