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  1. Suneisha

    More Books?

    I suspect they will be one shot, at least until they have covered all the separate game lines/genres from their IP. Maybe once they've covered those they may revisit with additional lore for lines like RoT and SotB and the other source books they create, as long as they are selling well enough. All speculation though, no one really knows what FFG is thinking.
  2. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Oh, it might not actually be in the book, it was on the entry you had above for the cave spider, I've marked it in the quote
  3. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Looks fantastic. I noticed in abilities though you seem to have referred to your cave spiders as a scorpion swarm. A scorpion swarm does sound pretty cool though.....
  4. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    I like the look of it and thematically she is perfect. I haven't played a lot of Genesys yet so not sure if she's too powerful. I might have to run a mini-game and pit her against my players and get back to you with any feedback. Watch this space!
  5. Suneisha

    Heirs of Blood

    You are going to have your heroes face Waiqar, you are a bad, bad man, I love it! 😀
  6. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Yep that's the one Archellus 😊. I only discovered them recently and love the idea of them. I'm planning on throwing them at my players soon in Descent 2. And Water Colour Dragon, it wasn't me that would have said that to you. I only discovered the one with the comb a couple of days ago when I bought the relevant expansion. Sounds like you are all over it though and all things crow related. ☺
  7. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Any intention of having a go at the Crow Hag? They seem like a unique and interesting creature in Terrinoth….
  8. Suneisha

    Heirs of Blood

    Fascinating, you keep this up and it may very much become a career if FFG take notice (not that I have any idea how they work, just my thoughts not theirs unfortunately). I'm sure doing something you love as a career, whilst it might become more of a chore, would still be more enjoyable than doing something you don't have a passion for. At the moment I have my players having their first tentative steps into Terrinoth through Legacy of Dragonholt (just completed) and Descent 2 (just starting) with the intention of then bringing them into the Genesys RPG with the lore and events established in those games as part of the additional history when the RPG begins in earnest. I never even had the foresight of bringing in a new darkness (let alone two), just letting events progress through a series of more standard adventures. It looks like you've gone much further and will have a great deal of lore and adventures prepared by the time I introduce my players to Realms of Terrinoth and I will have to say I won't be too proud to pilfer such in depth work
  9. Suneisha

    Heirs of Blood

    Wow, amazing work Watercolour Dragon, as Senator Palpatine says "I shall watch your career with interest". Just out of curiosity is the Fourth Darkness something out of one of the other Terrinoth game products or is it something you've come up with yourself?
  10. Suneisha

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    That is so cool and very helpful for Terrinoth aficionados like myself. I wouldn't be surprised if FFG approach you if they decide to create a Terrinoth bestiary since you've done so much of the hard work already.
  11. Suneisha

    Heirs of Blood

    I think you could use it to get the creative juices flowing for a game. I think you could definitely set an adventure in the hidden kingdom of Saradyn with the characters trying to foil Eliza's play for power. You might have to take out a few elements and focus and expand on the main ones you want as a board game is a little bit denser not having to worry about realism and flow as much as a role-playing game does. As Horus States, however, the framework is definitely there, you'll just have to do some work to convert it to an rpg adventure.
  12. Suneisha

    Question on Search Items

    Thanks for that Sadjit, That's how I interpreted it too. I think it should be written as all search cards should be used for a one time effect as listed on the card and then placed facedown. Writing it some cards makes it sound like the card should specify when the card is only one use, where as items like healing potions, stamina potions and fire flasks make sense to only be one use but don't explicitly state it on their rules. I might have got more confused because one of the items that the characters found was the warding talisman, which thematically could be more than one use but would seem to fit in the same category as the potions. It seems people are on the same page about the rules though, which makes me think I probably got my interpretation correct.....
  13. Hi all, I have what I am sure is a stupid question with an easy answer, that will show how new I am to this game (played my first game on the weekend and was the Overlord) but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer. When using a basic search card, such as a health potion or fire flask, it says flip this car to use the effects, which I would assume would be a one off use. However, usually when an item is turned over this just means it's unequipped and can be equipped again at the start of the player's next turn. I'm sure these are meant as one off use items, but can't find it definitively stated in the rules (which I've probably just missed). Is anybody able to state whether the items are one-use or multiple use (I know they are returned after the game) and if they are just one use where this is stated (as I'm sure the players will argue otherwise). Thanks in Advance! Sune
  14. Suneisha

    Storytelling through random cards: On an idea I had...

    I did something similar with Talisman. I basically ran a game where all the players got sucked into a game of Talisman as the characters they picked (Jumanji style). To add authenticity to the game I randomly selected cards from the adventure deck and crafted the adventure around that. Not sure if that's exactly the same thing you are talking about but I had a lot of fun trying it out.
  15. I fully agree, the female heroes in 2nd edition are far less scantily clad. It seems to be a direction with all of their Terrinoth line as the pictures in the Realms of Terrinoth Genesys rulebook also have great and colourful fashion but much less flesh showing 😊