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  1. i used enemies from Left 4 Dead aswell
  2. You can kill a greated deamon of khorn in one turn, however it takes 5 rounds of combat to kill a cultist
  3. the CHARACTER doesnt know anything about Rubric Marines. he only knows the smallest amounts of Chaos. hell he though Khorne was an actual person he could meet lol
  4. Currently running a custom campaign and every session the player who is running the Rogue Trader Captain constantly comments that he desires a squad of Rubric Marines upon his ship to use at his will. He has also commented on getting some Black Shields, to which i immediately said a flat "NO", however i did say that if he does the right things, he MIGHT be able to acquire the Rubric Marines. obviously this means he will have to pledge allegiance to Chaos, specifically Tzeentch. So i am wondering, what would you suggest him to do in order to align himself towards Tzeentch in order to acquire said Rubric Marines? I know it might be a far stretch but he says he is willing to wait and work towards his goal. Please help as it would be interesting to see how this turns out. PS, It is even more interesting as one of the players is actually an Inquisitor, meaning he will have to work from the shadows and not arouse suspicion.
  5. so i am running a campaign and i had designed it to be more purely a human campaign like normal. thing is, one new player decided it would be interesting to run a Dark Eldar character. i am having trouble accommodating towards this character. it sounds like an awesome idea, but it is just making it difficult because nearly all the other characters want to kill him for being a xeno. really doesnt help that one player is a member of the Inquisition. and what also doesn't help is that, further in to the campaign, ANYTHING xeno is considered a major threat. is there any tips anyone can give me?
  6. Awesome. Cheers. Here it is I hope it works https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6nH14ngsyMZNDQ5Z29NanZBOVU/view?usp=sharing Added note: just realized a couple of things may be missing, however if you work with what is already in the document it shouldn't be too hard to work out
  7. depends, do you want Hard Copy or do you want PDF? if PDF, you can go to http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/108564/Only-War-Core-Rulebook
  8. For some time now I have been trying to create an Only War campaign cross over with the Halo universe. Unfortunately after finishing the campaign I was running for Only War, my Only War group has since disbanded and a few of us are now playing Rogue Trader instead. However the dream has not diminished and all of my Rogue Trader crew have agreed that a Rogue Trader/Halo cross over is a brilliant idea. After working on it for about 2 weeks straight, I have created a list of Weapons, Gear, Vehicles and Enemies, both UNSC and Covenant related, for the Halo Universe using the Warhammer 40,000 RPG system in an Excel Document. All Weapons, Gear, Vehicles and Enemies have been converted to be used in the D100 system to be used in game. Unfortunately with no visible way of uploading such document types on to this website and not knowing how to do so any other way I am unable to share it on here. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!! If you would like a copy of the document, please message me your Email address and I will send it through. And if you do look over it, please provide feedback as to whether or not I should change anything as it would be greatly appreciated
  9. I am having trouble understanding the Money system in Rogue Trader (if there even is one). I know profit factor can be used to upgrade ships n such but when it comes to purchasing weapons for personal use and out fitting an armory with weapons for your crew and troops, i have not seen much in the way of money usage and currency. I know the technical currency is Thrones, but how would one determine how many Thrones they are able to spend on such things?. So far as an ADHOC system with my group i am running with, i have currently considered 1 profit factor as 1 million Thrones, but if the players want to spend money on say food, booze and guns, spending 1 profit factor for anything is a bit harsh. I dont just dont know what to do in this sort of instance. for example, the Void Master wished to purchase some void shrikes for the fighter bay. because i wouldnt know how to do the money system cause i can not find anything i told him it would be 3-4 million thrones, so 3-4 Profit Factor. Can anyone help please?
  10. when the RT, after being teleported and saved from near total TPK (enacted by the players who decided to use an orbital bombardment on top of themselves to prevent a Chaos Daemon incursion) by a Deathwatch ship, gets teleported back to his own ship and ends up in the ladies shower room and ends up being raped by an extremely horny, extremely butt naked, female Ogryn.
  11. - When, while in zero gravity, you manage to flip a Hellhound by a tech priest lifting it causing it to do a barrel roll over an enemy line while spraying fiery liquid death upon the enemy. and lands it without taking any damage when the gravity is turned back on.
  12. i live in Australia mate............. 90% of the worlds population of dangerous animals live here hehehe
  13. i wouldnt know if it would be helpful, but you could also consider team work being used in Deathwatch with the squad mode. i dont know
  14. Probably best run with Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy instead of Only War as Rogue Trader is more space orientated and you can get the ship stats and such.
  15. Chyronedave is half right. here is an example as to how they do it. except they actualy use Google+ if i remember right
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