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  1. I'm pretty salty about the dewbacks, but they are fixing them, so I totally get it. We say "it should be better" but then I look at all the KS's I've backed and say "FFG is doing okay." Yes, KS is a different animal, but many of the games I've bought have been from companies with experience. Delays of several months aren't that bad in the KS (even if some backers act that way). About the only ones that deliver on time are the Tiny Epic folks. But seriously, I want my fishing dewbacks.
  2. I'm going to paint one of my dewbacks white. In honor of you. (not really--one white and one red--fire and ice). I'm a big fan of my Hoth imps--my tank's white, too.
  3. Yeah, I totally get that. When I heard about the problem, I was thinking that it would add another month or so. And I'm not even done painting my shores yet, so I shouldn't be complaining.
  4. Thank you. Now if they would kindly just hurry up. I'm sure they know that some of us nerds aren't patient. Lol.
  5. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll say WTF are my Deeeewwwwwwwwbacks? And what did happen to those mats? Without the Sullust how can I make my high ground map?
  6. I just meant a powerful unit for opposing players to complain about/fear (without getting into justifications or not). Based on your response--will the dewbacks be better AR-Rt's?
  7. Well played, sir. Your internets is in the mail.
  8. We still don't have Deeeeewwwwwwbacks. I want my Deewwwwwwbacks.
  9. I like the idea of quick build cards--smaller, shorter games could be cool every once in a while.
  10. Kickstarters are a whole other animal. I've had a game be a year late. I'm waiting on one that's nine months late at this point. However, the creators of both games kept me informed. There's prolly not a good solution for the OP's complaint. And I'm still salty about my dewbacks. But at least they're fixing the base issue.
  11. No problem, and you weren't too imprecise, as "immeasurable" does work as an explanation.
  12. Which is why I made the point about beer--it's the "cups" that makes "fewer" appropriate.
  13. The OP wasn't precise enough. It's not about immeasurable--less refers to non-countable nouns, and not immeasurable. "Sand" and "milk" are both non-countable nouns. So you'd say "I wish there was less sand in the sandbox" and not "I wish there was fewer sand" or "I use less milk in the recipe" and not "I use fewer milk." As a generalization liquids and powders are usually non-countable. Beer is kind of an exception because we might say "I drank three beers." But we're really saying three cans of beer (or bottles or glasses).
  14. Curse, curse, curse, hate, hate, hate, hate. When are the jabba-loving shoretroopers coming out? Generic curses and maledictions on FFG. Anger leading to hatred. Get me my red light saber; it's time to kill some younglings.
  15. No, I am (pre-ordered at my FLGS). Just want them here already.
  16. Could be cool, BUT NOT UNTIL: dewbacks IG-88 jawas the death start troopers tusken raiders Darth Maul Dengar
  17. You're right. So what? Light/dark Anakin is the unit that we need.
  18. I think everyone is missing an obvious release: Dual Anakin. One package and a dual role Anakin (several poses). Cards for repbulic Anakin and separatist Anakin. (A "Kill the Younglings" one-pip? A "I hate the sand" two-pip?). Maybe he's a republic commander and separatist operative. If you're going to run him as sith anakin, you can paint his eyes red.
  19. So I'm going to have to wait another two months for fishing dewbacks and shoretroopers? Much disappoint. Very wait.
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