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  1. Yeah, the saber is broken in skirmish games, lol. (I was a victim of his saber.) But Bossk managed to weather the attacks and regen. And skirmish matches are fun. In response to the OP, I'd never painted before. I do okay now, but I've nicknamed my first stormies "clown troopers." But I got a magnifying class (only about 20 bucks), and some small brushes and I've improved a lot. My minis still don't look as good as the long-time modelers' but I'm happy with what I can do.
  2. You'll get better, dude. And Rebels can be good. One of our group's better players dominated with rebels.
  3. Yeah, this seems accurate to me. When many existing players already had multiples of each ship, having releases that are almost all old ships is a really bad idea. Like releasing defenders--most existing players had them and with the new points system you could only fly two, so why buy a new one? Especially one with a standard paint job. If your marketing strategy is "squeeze your customers," your business is going to lag a bit.
  4. Yeah, I mostly had the basic Star Wars stuff: an x-wing, Vader's tie, landspeeder, dewback. I had the Hoth playset, but the absolute best Star Wars toy I had was the Death Star play set. That thing was seriously cool.
  5. And those dudes on the Death Star!
  6. Yeah, well you ought to expect that--after all you @ me first. Sure, you personally didn't say that, but others were and that's why I made my original comment. Me annoying? Perhaps, but only when dealing with self righteous, finger-wagging nags. So sorry.
  7. Yes, you're such a grown up. Good for you. I'll assume it was your adult rage that interfered with your spelling ability. However, I do have a minor quibble: I didn't call everyone names--I said "some of y'all," the key word here being "some." And I'm really talking about people's behavior and not people themselves. And I did address points being made. The main complaint seems to be power creep. I wondered why there were no comments about the power creep with the new heavies, especially the republic tank and order sharing clones. Again, I'm sure you were too busy being a mature person and righteously angry at my post to notice that. I've played this game enough to know that she'll be strong. But OP? I don't think so. She'll have to face the enemy to use her powerful weapons against them, right? She has red defense dice, but no defensive surge; this means she can melt fast to focused fire from the enemy. She'll be good, but not some unstoppable juggernaut. Perhaps a proportionate response would be in order. As for your last remark, I thought I was supposed to be the childish one. Please don't copyright infringe me.
  8. Literally lol'd. Try spinning. That's a good trick.
  9. The x-wing base at my FLGS decreased a bit with 2.0 but is surging. Some were turned off by the cost of switching to 2.0--I still don't play rebels or resistance, but we have some new players. While they fixed some stuff with 2.0, there are still plenty of problems. That they expected people to re-purchase barely improved ships, when most players had poodu load of ships, is one of them. I'm still having fun playing x-wing though, so I wouldn't count it out yet.
  10. LOL. One constant on this board and the x-wing board: any time the empire gets a good unit, people come out crying. In this case, people haven't even played her (or against her) yet. How about let us have this one for a bit? And power creep? Can we talk about the new heavies? LOL. LOL. LOL. Some of y'all are whining like prequel Anakin.
  11. Yeah, those og clone wars were the bomb. I imagine Tartakovsky was a big part of that. I would watch those and then think, "the movie jedi are pathetic; why can't they do cool stuff?"
  12. Nice. If I were nearby, I would definitely take you up on the offer.
  13. We've lost some and gained some. There's probably a cyclic action to it. I don't always play--it became tedious to save EVERY Saturday (our group's normal play day) for X-wing or Legion (because some of our players would be there all day and into the night). Sometimes I want to do other things. But they moved X wing to Tuesday nights and I've been going most weeks. Maybe there are changes you can make to develop your group.
  14. But at least we have the dewbacks now, right? Hurrah for dewbacks!
  15. They are--I have one pre-ordered and my go in tomorrow and put money down for a second--I'm just bummed about waiting. (thanks, tho)
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