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  1. Djaskim609

    Legion outpacing X-Wing

    Look at the board traffic difference between x-wing and legion. It's not even close.
  2. Djaskim609

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    I was initially thinking dewbacks, but I could see FFG doing a total switcheroo and giving us probe droids and death star/imperial navy troopers. Instead of a detachable heavy maybe a a K2 type droid (someone already mentioned that) or a melee unit (like Jyn disguised herself as in Rogue One). But it will probably be dewbacks and shore troopers.
  3. Djaskim609

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    these units look really cool, but I'm an imperial player. Honestly, I was happy for him and it was cool to see everyone tag him.
  4. Djaskim609

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    And you can pivot before/after you move. For free.
  5. Djaskim609

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Yuuuuup. My bad--and tbh, I just wanted to tag you know who. @MasterShake2 throwing 4 red dice, etc would support the **** out your other units. It's fire support.
  6. Djaskim609

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Tauntauns are support units. right, @TauntaunScout
  7. Leia with her buns? Tatooine Luke? That works. Chewie with a perm?
  8. Djaskim609

    I've got an idea for a summer project..

    I like the idea of GI Joe and (especially) Cobra minis. But they would have to have white dice with the hits and surges counting as misses. And any defeated vehicle would spawn a mini parachuting out. And the TO would end every tournament with a thirty second explanation of why drugs are bad or about stranger danger.
  9. Djaskim609

    the new tank

    This. And I don't get the not being able to shoot out while being transported. It's probably a game balance thing, but you take damage, the back is clearly open--why not shoot? Ultimately, it doesn't matter, as I'm still getting it.
  10. Djaskim609

    What CONTENT is missing?

    I was thinking of the models being hollow. For a trooper to hide inside.
  11. Djaskim609

    What CONTENT is missing?

    You could probably kill them for cover. Or Luke could.
  12. I'm guessing the toy's big head was to fit action figures. Scale go wonky on some of those old toys. I had the death star set; it was pretty cool but it didn't even resemble a moon.
  13. Djaskim609

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    What Simonsays says.
  14. Djaskim609

    jyn and new troops

    more bounty hunters--Bossk to chase wookies!
  15. Djaskim609

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    I have a good reason for my minis not being fully painted yet: they're not fully painted yet. I don't care what anyone thinks of my reasons or when I should have them painted. They're Star Wars army men--painting is not required. Besides, with my limited skills, I call my stormtroopers the clown brigade.