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  1. Exactly, im very happy with this "USELESS" core set! also, i found very nice to have my own tokens, literally you can play with anything ?
  2. What in my post was negative?? au contraire! IM VERY HAPPY TO DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A SINGLE, OR TWO, OR THREE CORE SETS!!! im really hyped by this game, and im working in to build a community around my friends!!
  3. Ok, but anybody is agree that this is, by far, the most useless core set in FFG competitive games history? cause thats the pooint of this thread
  4. Fair enough, but what about this: you want to try the game? 9,95 dolars, open, and play. Why 40 bucks??
  5. Of course im going ahead and skip the starter, and of course im not going to be the only person doing that. The thing is, au contraire to the others "core sets" of FFG, this one seems totally skyppable ;-). As MtG, this game doesnt need official tokens, theres nothing that cannot be replaced for BETTER components, and also, why i need two basic decks? for one play? This basic decks are not allowed in competitive, so i see those useless... I dont want to convince anybody, just triying to understand this ?
  6. No starter here! 4 decks to party with my friends, then will see, but i found 4 decks to be enough.
  7. Beyond some tokens (that can be replaced VERY easily for EVEN BETTER components we have in our houses) and rulebooks (that we can find online, and also gonna be updated periodically) whats the point in to buy a Core Set?. I would prefer to buy 4 different decks for the same price than only two! (remember theres two basic decks to learn the play in the core box). Toughts?
  8. Im conserned about the replay value of this one. If really you can have a box, and play enough to do not feel being abused by FFG...
  9. because they are tottally differents products, the WHQTCG reskin is a cooperative game, and Terrinoth is a licence 100% from FFG, and now theres room for another competitive LCG game. I didnt see why not.
  10. Terrinoth gonna have his own LCG... they are preparing the terrain with a lot of content, from genesys, fiction, heroes of terrinoth... Maybe they can reimplement INVASION? thats gonna be great, also have a nice multiplayer system! Also, they can make Terrinoth "futuristic" as 40K for WH... that dont gonna surprise me much... Its all about speculation! but, the licence issue IS A PROBLEM, so i can see FFG making products with his own IPs
  11. Yup, you make me think... SW license aventually gonna end someday... but terrinoth is from FFG... so that can "assure us" more game, in more time. Anyway, anwering to someone who saids "fantasy settings are better for this mechanics"... Not at all!! why? au contraire, this system mechanics needs new approaches, new settings... Infiltration and crawler fits perfect with any SW... anyway! i really love WHQTCG, perfect mix of Death Angel and LOTR... and even better, it is NOT an LCG!! Still WH the best fantasy IP ever! IMO
  12. I just see this TOO MUCH similar to WHQTCG, thats why i would prefer a different setting (and terrinoth is not interesting to me)
  13. Thats why i said: SW Rebels. Its the SW universe, but with his own feeling...
  14. Hi there! Ok, is not my intention to criticise this, i love WQTCG, and of course im happy of this anouncement! But also i think... Terrinoth is not my favourite theme, and also, i saw in this a missed oportunity to make something with this mechanics MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. Some idea? yes: Infiltration/slash/dungeoncrawl with Star Wars Rebels for example. The exchange of aesthetics and IP for this game would make a much different feeling with the cool mechanics. We can have the same "classes" but adapted to the SW universe, etc... That would be much better, IMO Just my two cents.
  15. Why a player who think to pass dont gonna claim the battlefield? i mean, probably in the game theres situations to need to not have the initiavive, but looking the gameplay and tempo i would gonna say that go first it is very important. If you only have a couple of possible actions left that don't really advance your board significantly or hinder your opponent, I could see passing to see what they do and respond to that on your next action, especially if they have a lot of possible actions left, you don't want to claim the battlefield yourself too early. Sure, you mean, a kind of bluff passing action, of course, the round ends when both players passes, and claim the battlefield is an action, so, yeah, i think its correct your argument netherspirit ;-)
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