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  1. I've been working on a few racing rules to give it a little bit more flair than just pure vehicle speed or opposed riding checks. I might start a second thread to share what I have come up with and to ask for feedback and other ideas. I was a little worried about the jet bikes too, and I thought of a few solutions. 1. Have the Eldar (Which are honestly more likely to be Dark Eldar and maybe a few Corsairs rather than Craftworld Eldar) travel in a raider transport instead of jet bikes. 2. Have the Eldar mostly represented as Reavers who are more interested in keeping pace and attacking the other racer than they are with actually getting ahead. This one might be the better option. There will be a strange kind of strategy to choosing the vehicle. Obviously the solo bikes like the Veloxic are going to be the actual fastest, but travelling the circuit without a gunner or other team members will leave you quite vulnerable. I might even have a team that simply drives a chimera and just tries to kill everyone whenever they get lapped.
  2. Well that's neat. Without any prompting, one of my players decided to play a psychotic street racer. I'll have to nudge them towards the Dervish Circuit.
  3. Oh man what a good idea! Bloodbowl meets Formula One! I'm gonna totally rip it off for something in my campaign, maybe have a crazy xeno-lovin' Rogue Trader hold some kind of Xeno Olympics. Absolutely! It also goes without saying that anyone and everyone is free to use this setting or individual pieces at their hearts desire. You are right, I can 100% percent see this fitting in with Rogue Traders in some way! My own plot thread was likely going to be that Lucilla has grown too old to race, the players could choose to gain the Longlegs support by participating in the Dervish Circuit in her place.
  4. As much as I would love to take credit for the gang names, I'm just lifting some of the names from the book and fleshing them out haha! I am very happy with what I came up with for the Dandy Longlegs though! I just updated the post with a bit of progress on world building. I liked your idea of a race against Aliens, but I adapted it into something which the players might be able to participate in should they be inclined to drag race.
  5. I haven't played any of the other systems, but I DM'd a few campaigns of DH2. I can tell you that this system is built around everything and everyone being OP, so both Psykers and Fighters will be able to kick some serious ass if they are built intelligently. I don't know much about Only War, but DH2 contains most everything you would need for both builds IMHO. My group found that there was kind of a check list of best practice items/talents to pick up at the start that absolutely everyone had. I can't remember all of them, but LITERALLY everyone started with photo contacts and the jaded talent. If you are starting with 8k XP I would recommend everyone gets Resistance (Fear) as well. AS I said, these are just general best practice things that **** near everyone needs before you start specializing.
  6. My group managed to kill it with only a little difficulty using a combination of damage from the psyker, the sniper and some krak grenades I conveniently left on the body of one of the smugglers. Don't underestimate your players, they can do more than you would think.
  7. I'm not looking at the book right now, but if I recall, RAW quality doesn't change the rarity, it just gives a bonus or penalty to requisition. So no, it would still be too rare.
  8. The Elector Gangs Cogworks - Tech Gang Based in the Industrial cluster, Cogworks is primarily made up of basic tech gangers with little real skill or intelligence. Their real power comes from the brilliance of Vantice Kaine, a Heretek who came to Spine city a little over a decade ago and quickly came to prominence when he began to supply free energy to the populace. His motives were not philanthropic and he soon started leveraging his power plant for his own benefit. It wasn't long until he had built up a massive following of tech gangers and managed to forcibly take an Elector sigil. Gang secrets: In truth Vantice specializes in harnessing warp energies. Thus, the entire city run on warp generators - a secret that the Inquisition is beginning to take notice of. Any who discover this secret find themselves hunted by Vantice's elite Cog Guardians, who wield volatile warp tainted weapons. Dandy Longlegs - Cloud Boys The Dandy Longlegs take their name from their headquarters - a massive spider-like walking vehicle which clings to the side of the spine and can quickly scurry anywhere it needs to. Rumor has it that a cloud boy purchased it centuries ago from offworld and somehow had it transferred to Spine city at great expense. Members of the gang spend great fortunes on expensive vehicles and love racing more than anything else. Gang secrets: The Dandy Longlegs live to race, the faster the opponent the better. Their leader, Lucilla Danehardt, is something of a hero to the Longlegs, in conjunction with sponsorship from the faceless trade Lucilla has frequently participated in a cross species drag race, referred to in Gothic as "The Dervish Circuit". The circuit is held every six years by a mysterious Avian species who are only known as the hosts, the races are held on a massive desert planet which is assumed to be their home world. Orks, Eldar and dozens of unknown species are known to make an appearance at these races which have gained a savage reputation. Razor Angels - Fleshcutters The Razor Angels are the latest in a long line of gangs to have occupied the Archeotech purifiers down in the Acid Moors. Most know better than to fight a gang that can shut off the water at any time. Past gangs have extorted the various factions for coin, yet the Razor angels take a different approach, taking children instead. This ensures that they are always the most numerous gang in Spine City. The Razor Angels claim to have come from deep down in the underhive, fleeing from an unknown foe of unfathomable power. Gang Secrets: The Razor Angels idolize a serial murderer known as "The Moorside Slasher" who has terrorized the cluster for nearly thirty years. All Razor Angels would claim this individual to be their leader, but in truth they have never found this elusive figure. The Angels keep their Elector Sigil locked away, hoping to gift it to the slasher should he/she ever be found. Edit: Added the Dervish Circuit and the Razor Angels.
  9. Okay, some updates on what I have so far: The settlement: Spine City In a massive open chamber of the Underhive a wretched collection of plasteel and wood clings to the side of Desoleum's Spine. It's filthy districts, called clusters grow like fungus off of their host. For many, Spine City is the first stop upon entering the Underhive as it borders the last Sanctionary outpost in the lower hive. Spine city is a microcosm of Desoleum proper, although few carry oath cogs, the denizens of spine city swear their own oaths to the many gangs which populate the city. Among the numerous petty undergangs are the five Elector Gangs of Spine city, a title which is held so long as they hold their Elector sigil. Above them is the Underking of Spine city, a powerful gang leader who was chosen by the electors to protect the city from outside threats. Gangs in the city are free to operate as they will, so long as they answer the Underking's call to arms against any outside threat. The four Clusters Each cluster in the city will have a different feel and a separate list of random events. The Industrial Cluster Massive vertical foundries line the top of spine city. Travel here is hard, reliable transport in the form of shuttle craft being held only by prominant gangs in the area. For others, especially workers, this means that they must climb anywhere they mean to go. The sheer impossibility to move is what stops the Sanctionaries from establishing a presence in the City. Those who are not strong enough to climb in this district are held as landed serfs and treated with disdain. Notable locations The Rope Guild - Civilians and sometimes vigilantes who guide outsiders travelling to the cluster. Although most gangs attack guild men on sight, the rope guild is a thriving organization filled with clever and adventurous members. The Cogworks - A massive complex which supplies free power to the city. The complex is the HQ of the Cogworks tech gang, and none truly know how they generate so much power. The mystery is especially strange since no one has ever seen any form of fuel being brought inside the Cogworks. ??? The Acid Moors There is little in the way of floor underneath Spine City, instead the bottom of the chamber is filled by a lake of toxic run-off. Despite horrid conditions, and a near ubiquitous disease called "the Acid Cough", there are great riches to be found here. Most people in this cluster rely on a native animal, the Moorcrab, for survival. Moorcrab meat can be processed into a surprisingly delicious meat when treated correctly. Moorcrab shells are often used in the construction of "Underships", which can sail upon the Acidic sea with little to no difficulty. Notable locations Razor Angel HQ - The Razor Angel HQ is a hastily built set of walls and fences which surround several dozen impossibly complex water purifiers. These purifiers are irreplaceable, being capable of turning toxic sludge into pristine drinking water. Knotbeard's Apothecary - Although the old acid sailor, with one eye and a Plasteel leg, might seem a bit silly, he is also the greatest Apothecary in the Moors. His stories about his origin are clearly lies, but he clearly possesses a mastery over the local resources. ??? The Ring Cluster Perhaps the only cluster which could be thought of as aesthetically pleasing, the ring cluster is a massive rockrete ring which surrounds the middle are of Spine City. This cluster contains the Over Chief's palace, and serves as the governmental seat and a mustering ground for the Over Chief's military might. Notable Locations ???The Glitz Cluster ??? Notable Locations ???Edit: Changed the Lower reaches to be the Acid Moors. Added the Ring Cluster and the Glitz Cluster.
  10. The advice I tend to give is to adapt and overcome. The strange thing with 2nd ed is just how often character end up being insanely OP. It's just part of the system, nerfing usually just leads to annoyed players. The best option is to be very tactical with your NPCs. As previous players mentioned exploit the subtlety system to make the enemies tailor the encounter against your players weaknesses. If the enemy knows they are going to fail mid-short range combat against the power axe and the dude with the flamer, thrn they ought to try to ambush with the right tools for the job. Depending on the threat it might mean they show up with skulkers with sniper rifles, it could mean a few guys with heavy weapons firing out the side of an arvus lighter, or it might even mean planting explosives as traps to stop the players. Mind you, if they ace their subtlety then let them slaughter the unprepared enemy. That's their reward for playing smart.
  11. I was going to build a random encounter chart. This definitely makes it in.
  12. I'm also thinking of having a number of prebuilt "jobs" they could learn about. ie find a lost elector sigil in the depths of the hive, perform a heist to steal ten million thrones from a wealthy noble. Generally a few different fleshed out adventures ready to go in case they are needed.
  13. That would be a good hook, the players learn they will be going up against him, but also learn that there is something supernatural about him. Could be an interesting thing to try to investigate before the match starts.
  14. Love it. Especially the mutant beasts. The whole thing just screams for a Minotaur mutant to be in there somewhere. Great idea!
  15. As an additional note, one of my players wants to add another element. It will be a bit of a challenge, but I think it will be really cool. Specifically, one player wants to play an Arbites who is a dirty cop and rolls with the gang once in a while. ie after gang activities he goes back home. I'm not going to let him be the only one who "goes home" since all the players live here after all. So I also need to be able to flesh out the civilian world a bit.
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