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  1. Mad Cat: I had no idea the % was so high. Let me ask this so I make sure I understand you. Scenario A: both Mk 2B's are at Red Distance plinking away at a Victory. Both roll 1 blank. You are saying I immediately pick up that blank dice and re-roll it because of DTT? Alzer: So its my understanding in this scenario that I should use DTT, or Enhanced Armament. Correct?
  2. Thank you to all for the responses. This helps me a lot. Madcat: I did consider DTT's over Enhanced Armament. I havent found a lot of information on them but, I am thinking you need to be in Blue Range to exchange its 1 Blue Dice, for a Red. If that is the case then it would seem to me that Enhanced Armament would be more worth it. Due to the HP of the Assault Frigate, and the type of defense tokens it has, it seems best to stay at Red Range. I was thinking between that, Ackbar, and Concentrate fire, it could get up to 7 Red Dice. That is what brought up the question of XI7. I was thinking if I drop down to 6 Red Dice, XI7's would be a decent choice. However it seems that it doesn't based on what I am reading this morning. Ginkapo: I used the MC 80 Star Cruiser for theory crafting purposes at the beginning. However this time, I am using the Mk 2B. In either theory craft, I have used those for Ship combat only. I left the Squadron Commands to the GR-75's. So 2 MK 2 B's would be focused on one ship at a time (if possible). As of this morning I worked out the points to fit the Enhanced Armament (or another Turbolaser), and a Gunnery Team on both MK 2 B's. Sirdave: This is what I was looking for. I understand there is a lot of circumstances so a guideline or a rule of thumb would help me a lot. You provided that
  3. Hello. I have been able to get most of my questions answered by the Armada Discord Group. One was created awhile back for these forums. However there is one question that I need as many answers as I can get. This means them and the forums. I tried Google'ing but, I could not get a straight answer. The question is when does Raw Damage become more important than XI7's? (assuming points aren't an issue) I used 2 Assault Frigate Mk 2 B's in my example. I was looking at Enhanced Armament vs XI7. I know from previous Tournaments that you will almost always see a Victory or an ISD. These have Redirects. Assuming I were to hit one of these in the face with 4 dice, they could redirect all of that damage back. In a way, on a mathematical level, it seems that the XI7 is at most 3 dice in value (in that scenario) due to it keeping them from redirecting more than 1. However that is just the example of the ISD and Victory. There are some lists which do contain either a Demolisher or a Raider (Demolisher being most common). I have yet to see if any lists in the tournament will include the Arquitens. In the case of the Aqruitens or the Raider, it seems the XI7 loses value. As you can see this is my theory crafting issue. I am not sure what the right call is. Anyone with math or some other kind of information to shed some light on this?
  4. Vergilius: Yes I do need more experience. It will be difficult because my area's Armada group is non existant as I learned an hour ago. The leader is at school, and the other members went to X Wing TMG. So I now have no outlet for it. I compare it to back then because it's all I have to go on. The last Tournament I watched was a few months ago. I don't remember the date of the video exaclty (it was 2016 though). If the meta stays similar after Wave 5, then I have it somewhat figured out at least. Ardaedhel: Discord is awesome. I am part of the Twitch Broadcasting Community. I don't Stream anymore but, I do show up as a Guest, or assist other Streamers. Least to say I use Discord a lot. It's been a lot better to me than Teamspeak. If you need help setting up, let me know. I will join and walk you through it
  5. It lagged/bugged out and caused me to post the same thing twice. I will have to figure out how to delete this one
  6. Vergilius: Thank you. This is what I needed. Unfortunately I am not to the point of understanding terminology. Now I am starting to because of all the responses in this post. Yes the dice game was present in X-Wing TMG as well. That is how my theory craft started with the 2 Liberty and E-Wing build. I looked at the current metas and I noticed that if an ISD is present, they don't use Spinal Armament. Even in the top tournaments last year, the very few ISD's that were present, and were higher up in the leader boards, didn't have it. So I sat there and looked at the MC 80 Battle Cruiser and realized it's Red Dice is the same as the ISD 2. Having 2 Battle Cruisers with Spinal Armament means I now out dice them by 1 at long range. I am an even dice roll at medium range. If I have 1 Battle Cruiser, 1 Star Cruiser, I am still even. Knowing the Battle Cruiser(s)/Star would be busy with ISD's and Gladiators, I knew I needed a Squadron set up that was Rogue so I wouldn't be reliant on a carrier ship. That was why the original build (before all the responses) left room for 6 to 8 E-Wings. Now that I realize that even 8 E-Wings may not cut it, I am looking in to other options. As of today I came up with yet another idea to perhaps accomplish this. I forgot about Hera Syndula being in Wave 5. She can give Rogue to 2 Ships. 1 could be Jan Ors, while the other is either Tycho or the other Unique A-Wing in the Corellian Mission Expansion. Hera is only 8 points more than the GR 75 idea earlier in the post. For 8 points I get 4 Anti Fighter dice which is way more than the GR 75. I could lower my E-Wing count to 5 or 6 to ensure I have a Ghost and an A-Wing to back them up. Here is the update to the original list.. For the GR 75 or Pelta idea refer to above posts 307 Total MC 80 Battle Cruiser: Raymus Antilles Gunnery Team Nav Team (or Medical) SW-7 Ion Batteries Spinal Armament Mon Karren MC 80 Star Cruiser: General Sato (or Madine) Toryn Farr Gunnery Team Nav Team (or Medical) SW-7 Ion Batteries Spinal Armament Endeavor Hera Syndula, Jan Ors, A-Wing, E-Wings (or an A-Wing in place of Jan) The logic with me keeping Toryn on the Star is because it's more defensive (Contain Token), and would allow me to keep close to the Squadrons (for the re-rolls). You were talking about Nav Teams so I can put them there instead of the Medical Team. It's 3 points more if I did that. If you feel the points are better spent else where, I can do that. I still have 2 Turbo Laser slots not in use (1 on each ship). I could add an X17 to deal with the ISD Redirects. Though I am not sure how effective they would be. I am wondering if the Dual Turbo Laser Turret would be more effective. That would give me 6 Red Dice (on the Battle Cruiser) for the long range poke. They cost 5, and are in Wave 5. The point difference in the Star and Battle is 7 points. There is that option as well if needed. I was thinking the 7 point save could be used for those Nav Teams or something else. We have to wait for the Corellian Mission Expansion but, I am thinking 2 Unique A-Wings would be better than 1, and Jan Ors. Sure treating 1 Squad as Heavy is nice, and being able to share Tokens but, A-Wings like Tycho already have better Tokens I think. Scatter is more effective than Brace from what I have seen. Not only that, I am not sure if I can rely on Jan Ors as much as the A-Wings for being "tanks" for the E-Wings. We will see Thank you. I have said this before in the past but, I think someone should start a Discord for the Armada and TMG Squad Builds so we can freely talk without clogging the forums up. I would do it but, I am too busy to maintain it. I am barely on mine as is. What I can do is Private Message the people in this post with my Discord so you can try it, and see if my idea is good. It doesn't require an account. You just need a web browser to join. It has Instant Message and Voice Talk. I will send the link if you say yes
  7. Formynder: Thank you this is what I was trying to ask about. I will look that up TallGiraffe: Interesting idea. Why the YT-1300 though? I saw in other posts they wern't that great. I am still unsure as to why that is said. If they are good I am interested to hear why
  8. Vergilius: I agree there is a lot of uncertainty but, I want to at least start theory crafting. That way when wave 5 comes out I can look back at my notes and be like "ok this may work in the meta" or something. This is going to be hard to explain.. I am still confused by this entire activation thing the forum speaks of. I am aware there is a Command Dial but, I struggle to understand how this factors in to the part that is being talked about specifically. So in this case are you saying I should use a Nav Team in place of the Engineers? Is Madine better than Sato (for 2 Black Dice)? I can agree that is how you should approach a theory craft however there is another element to it. That is play style. That is something X Wing TMG taught me. I was one of the last "XXX" builds left in all of the tournaments. Despite the X-Wing being horribly under balanced (even with the T-70 stuff), I managed to place 100 in the System Open Series (out of 252 players), and top 5 in Regionals or Local Tournaments for 2 or so years straight. A lot of that success is attributed to how long I have been using X-Wings. I joined X Wing TMG when it first came out. I flew X-Wings from the Core to the T-70. I knew their counters, where to move and all of that. It was second hand nature to say the least. Point I am getting to is I recognize that my theory craft may be flawed in some regards. This is due to me being new, and also because I am trying to work with a Ship that hasn't been used yet (from what I have seen). I am doing it because it fits my play style. I like the defensive capabilities, and how they are a jouster like my X-Wings. Ever since I was given the Liberty Expansion, in any practice match I haven't lost. I am really happy with those results, and wish to continue building upon that success, for a tournament sometime next year maybe. That is my goal. That is why I am asking questions, and trying my best to learn from you all
  9. Ok so I could change the list a little and put in a C90 Corvette B. It would lower the amount of E-Wings I am fielding to roughly 3 (from 6 to 8). The C90 could be a Jaina's Light one, with the Overload Pulse, Redundant Shields, and Toryn. That would allow me to hide behind Asteroids while shooting the Overload. With 2 Star Cruisers, my point total is 351. If E-Wings can't replace the A-Wing then I could scrap that idea and use the Pelta Class or stick with the GR 75.
  10. Church14: I am only asking because I am new. The only way for me to learn is by doing the same thing I did in X Wing.. Ask questions. Why is an SW7 more valuable than an Overload Pulse? I see Overload Pulse all the time in the ISD's, however I have yet to see an SW7, on any ship. It's hard for me to tell what the logic is when I have nothing to go on. Mad Cat and Church: I don't mind using the GR 75 idea however, to my knowledge Sato can be used on the Ship it's on. That means the Flagship can change it's own dice. Toryn Farr however is a different story. As far as I know she doesn't work the same. So wouldn't it be adviseable to keep Sato on the ship that can last the longest? Move only Toryn to the GR 75? If I am using an additional SW7 shouldn't I go with twin Star Cruisers? This would give me 1 additional Blue Dice to work with, possibly increasing the damage I have. Blues have 2 Accuracy, Reds only have 1. Or should I go double Battle Cruiser with the points I saved? (Upgrading from a Star Cruiser to a Battle Cruiser is 7 points) Moving Toryn frees the Star Cruiser/Battle Cruiser for a different card. I was thinking Leia or Walex Blissex. Leia would give me more room to make mistakes.. If I make a wrong call on 1 Command Dial I could fix it with another. Or I could get Walex to make sure I bring back 1 Discarded Defense Token. Or I could leave that slot empty. As far as the Engineers.. I was thinking putting Medical Team in there. I am not seeing too many other useful cards for that slot. It's 1 point and would allow me to Discard Crew Criticals.. Possibly saving my Engineering points. Should I put that there or just leave the slot alone?
  11. Mad Cat: At 5 you can restore 2 shields, and move 1 shield from another section. You are saying an additional shield isn't worth it? I will make notes of what else you said Ginkapo: If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying the Z95 will be the new main body fighter? Church14: I am not sure how that will be possible. The GR 75 is the only one I am aware of that can field Slicer Tools. They only have 4 Total HP. Is there some other ship that will be capable of this? Norell: I am a little confused by that comment. That is probally because I am still new to the game. Do you mind elaborating?
  12. Hello all. I have been an X Wing TMG player for the longest time. I am moving over to Armada though. I was recently gifted some pieces, however, I am going to wait for Wave 5 before I plan out what to get. I also need to find the Armada group for my area (I don't use FB). While I wait I was hoping I could get some input on the E-Wings and my current theory crafted list. I will start with the E-Wings. I know it's a bit early to tell but, I thought I would try asking.. will they be a fine Fighter Replacement? I am asking because I am aware from reading the Forums that a lot of people say the A-Wing is the best for Rebels. I am curious as to if that will change anytime soon. As for the MC 80's.. I have read the other posts about it. Those builds do not suit my playstyle, and I have other ideas that I would like to try with them. I thought it would be best to make my own post, rather than "hi-jack" the other ones. This is my current thoughts: 319 Points Total MC 80 Battle Cruiser (Flag Ship) Commander Sato Toryn Farr Gunnery Team Engineering Team Overload Pulse Spinal Armament Endeavor MC 80 Battle Cruiser Raymus Antilles Gunnery Team Engineering Team SW-7 Ion Batteries Spinal Armament Mon Karren The logic I had with this list, was to be more defensive. At 5 Engineering, and Red Dice, I can hit from a distance, and take a lot of hits back. This will help if I am up against the lists I have seen in the Tournament Videos (ISD and Gladiators, or 2 ISD's). The Gunners increase my efficiency when doing this by allowing me to hit more than one Ship a turn. The MC 80 that isn't the Flag Ship will be doing most of the work. It's why it has Raymus, Mon Karren and the SW-7. When I Concentrate Fire, Raymus will give me a Token to use with the Command Dial. With the Flag Ship giving it 1 Blue Re-Roll, it can try to turn a blank in to a hit using the SW-7. Then I can use Commander Sato to turn 2 Red Dice to Black. I did check the rules on that and asked around. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong though. The rules say that at Red Distance you must use Reds. However, it is a declared attack, so Sato can over ride that. The declared attack is a Red but, the Red Dice are being changed. It's a modification after the fact. At least that is my understanding of it. This list can down grade to Star Cruisers to save 14 points, or to make more room for E-Wings. Or to make room for a Pelta Class, with A-Wings (depending on what that will cost). So far, is this list Tournament worthy? If not, what changes need to be made? Any help is appreciated.
  13. I have noticed the theme as of late for Rebels is a bunch of smaller ships, and not a lot of large ships. Imperials in the last few tournaments have either ran 2 imperial class 2 star destroyers, or 1 imperial class 2 star destroyer and 3 Gladiator class 2. Being new I am curious why not test 2 Liberty's? With Wave 5 introducing E-Wings it would be possible to do a lot more I would like to think
  14. Hello. I just started Armada yesterday. I think I got a grasp on the rules but, would like to play some more to ensure I do. In addition to that I am hoping to try a build I theory crafted. I have prior experience with X Wing TMG so I would like to think that I did a decent job as a new player. This is what I had in mind: MC 80 Battle Cruiser: General Rieekan, Toryn Farr, Gunnery Team, Engineering Team, SW-7 Ion Batteries, Spinal Armament, Endeavor MC 80 Battle Cruiser: Raymus Antilles, Gunnery Team, Engineering Team, Overload Pulse, Spinal Armament, Mon Karren If General Madine can make the MC 80 do a 2 yaw at speed 1, then I may do that instead. That puts me at 317 points, so I have 83 points to put in to E-Wings when they come out. I am debating as to whether or not to drop Mon Karren to increase those points. I am only using it to ensure I hit hard at Red Distance. 8 points is a lot for such a short use. Anyways if you can make one or the other possible, I am available most days. I don't use FB so the best way to get my attention is find me while I am playing X-Wing TMG or if you email me at levctt@gmail.com Thanks!
  15. That person didn't put in that much time Chief. Sounds like someone else then Criwi. I remember faces the best, not names. I only remember a name if it's popped up enough times