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  1. Totally Sarge! I made that clear with my group that I was only allowing the core book and no force sensitives. I ended up having one player kindly ask if they could play Chiss and to be fair I was like ok ok, Species ONLY from other books. I let them know that until the other source books for Technicians and Bounty Hunters come out I want to limit sourcebook usage. Seeing as they haven't even been announced that should give me ample time Else just like you said it is too much to juggle on where to look up Rule X or Rule Y etc. Some of the awesome stuff they'll just have to play more frequently if they want to get to it mwhahaha which not only will make them happy but me too. If I could get the game to run consistently for a year with happy players would be a huge success for me and we'll easily get into the content published!
  2. Awesome! Great advice here, thank you. I've got almost 3 weeks left before we run so I'll be sure to look over their skills and space rules to make that fun and interesting. I know I'd love space combat to be awesome, it's a big part of Star Wars to me. I just tested my soundboard set up last night! So that'll be fun. Great tips about minion group and npc strength, thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. After Escape from Mos Shuuta and Long Arm of the Hutt I should have a general feel using these recommendations. I gave the group the heads up that the first 3 sessions or so will be learning before we really delve into their story. I'll post back my experience when I run it mid September.
  3. My group is a set of very experienced gamers. I'm the least experienced. They are generally up for everything, space combat will be the interesting part. I fully expect them to relish in combat but also enjoy the social. Have at least 2 that typically play the face. Break down is going to be: Hired Gun - Marauder - Droid... (think Chappie / Rock 'em sock 'em Robot) should be interesting, wants to be all brawl. Colonist - Politico - Twi'lek going scathing tirade all the way wants to berate people something fierce. Explorer - Scout - Chiss my most rounded out player I think, very much the planner, going to be the pilot Bounty Hunter - Assassin - Klatooinian he's still developing his character but very much ready to be a murder machine, interested in getting into the gadgeteer/technician stuff Technician - Outlaw Tech - Wookie she is the new player but in our Shadow Run game was the melee badass that wrecked face Thankfully the group all knows, new system, new GM we'll sort it all out, but was hoping to hear people's thoughts on running with 5 as I had been planning on 4 and starting with the beginner game despite custom characters and then rolling into Long Arm of the Hutt and then figuring out where they'd like to go from there and picking from the currently published books to sprinkle in all the various modulars and adventures to fit their interests. Bs4W... shutting down for a few hours, look forward to reading more! Super excited for my first session.
  4. I just had a player ask if we can add one more player bring the group from 4 to 5. We haven't started yet so sure why not? But I can't find a good reference in the book about group size vs combat difficulty and a general rule of thumb. I know that one way is just throw another wave of minions at the group but how big should a group be? Is there a sort of X wounds for Y players explanation? If anyone could point me to the right spot in the book, I've looked at Minions, GM section and flipped in general but having some trouble. Any advice would be great! Thanks Bs4W
  5. Huh, didn't know the 3 books have slightly different maps. I was looking at the F&D one as my next expansion out of EotE so that is nice to hear that it has travel times. I was looking for a plotter image as well, as I do have access to one at work; guess I need to get a little better at the searching. I'd drop money on a nice poster size as well as a travel map style one; could be epic for an AoR style game too! But I've never seen an RPG map in a travel map style before... so that might be asking a bit much beyond just a nice poster.
  6. Hello! I was wondering if FFG would ever release the Galaxy Map in PDF form? I know PDFs aren't targeted for this system due to various licensing agreements but a high quality copy of the map on pages 328/329 of the core rule book could be a huge boon of use among groups just by being able to zoom in. If no PDFs of the quality of FFGs map does anyone know of a high quality poster for purchase? I've seen a few online but they are just images and aren't high resolution. Would love to buy a poster of FFGs copy. I'd even go as far as buy multiples of them, esp if they were of Poster and actual map (to write on). What do you think? would you want to own a physical map or PDF/zoomable map? Thanks for your thoughts! Bs4W - GMing Droid
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