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  1. Hello guys I ask here because we habe played this mission last evening. End of Round 2 the Imperial player got a optional deployment. we then ask us why? what is the different from the optional deployment he had one step before in the status phase? Any idea?
  2. RR Page 15: "altough the range bonux applies at range 0, a shop cannot normally perfom a primary attack at range 0"
  3. when will the second part of outrider ever trigger if you ignoring obstacles every time you move trough? never. And this sounds very wrong.
  4. That's wrong. It would trigger never because of ignoring obstacles every time. You can't decide
  5. Lern to Play and Reference Rules have the Date 15. June and Reference Version changed from 1.0 to 1.0.0 but i think no changes ?
  6. then you have to determine the cover for behinde the object and for standing on it and rule it seperatly. so no cover for standing on it for at-st for example.
  7. Hey why do you look at the back of the Base in 22-25 and on all others not? if you look only at the full front view you see the whole figure for 23-25 = no cover.
  8. Trevor79

    Cover question

    Forget the 50% Rule during Game. Its only used before game started. First: Mini are fully seen = no cover, Second: if mini partial see check base to base and then when line goes trough terrain or base that blocks los = cover. What type of cover is defined before game for that mini.
  9. You have to differ from TLOS and check for Cover. Legion have TLOS for can attack or not.
  10. Only then wenn the line from base to base goes trough the building. this can be if the mini that stand on the ground is too near at the building but far enough to see the figure from top of the view.
  11. How do you determine how much of the mini are blocked LOS when you in the step "Apply Dodge and Cover" trace a line from center of attacker base to center of the defender base. The section on Page 8 is to determine which terrain should provide cover or not. As in page 22 RR Step 1: If cover is or not is base to base line goes trough any piece of terrain or other base (ground vehicle) Step 2: what cover you get is what object blocked the line in step 1
  12. example Luke on the Building: The Building is defined before the start of the game that it provide heavy cover. I assume the line from the troopers leaders base to Lukes base cross the building, Luke get heavy cover. because he can kneel or duck behind the buildings "edge" Before the Game starts you or the organisation from tournament defines the covers. So you can define on the roof of this building provide no cover or light cover like hills
  13. No! High does not matter for Cover. Only for LOS. Cover: Base to Base LOS: Top to Any
  14. If you put your mini on top of a platform your mini is easier in LOS for attacker. top to any ->> LOS is only used for can mini attack or not If a mini has cover is absolutely a other story and only base to base.
  15. What about the difference level up time from RRG and LTP. LTP: If the XP peg moves beyond your last S.P.E.C.I.A.L. token, you level up! RRG: If the XP peg is in the hole beneath the rightmost S.P.E.C.I.A.L. token the survivor has, and the survivor gains an XP, the peg is moved back to the leftmost hole. The survivor levels up! For me these are two different timings. For first Level Up in LTP you need 2XP for under second token you have. and for RRG it is 3 XP for move XP peg from last to left most space. What do you think?
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