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  1. This was posted on the facebook feed, but figured it deserved to be asked here. When Karnon performs Whirlwind; : Perform an attack with a Melee weapon targeting all adjacent monsters. You make 1 attack roll and each monster rolls its defense dice separately. Targeting multiple monsters (at least one of which is a minion), can he use his heroic feat? Heroic Feat Use when you perform an attack with a Melee weapon that targets a minion monster, after dice are rolled. You may change the result of each attack die and power die to a different result of your choice.
  2. I'll let you know when it ends but it's looking like a Hero victory in my session. Encounter one, Open group Skeleton Archers. Heroes; Ispher the bard Astarra the Hexer Sir Valadir the Runemaster/Battlemange Roganna the Shade as ShadowWalker First round, Roganna and Valadir move up into the first room, killing the Master Ettin. Ispher grabs the search token (stamina potion), Astarra misses horribly and does little of value. Merric picks up the furthest villager, and moves closer to the door. Archers move up across the pit behind the door, one opens the door, the rest shoot Astarra, then close the door. Ettin takes one hit at Astarra and brings her down to 1hp. Second round, Sir Valadir kills the Minion Ettin in the cave room, Ispher and Roganna kill the Master Ettin. Astarra moves towards the door, slips in a Grease Trap, hits the wall, and dies. (Hilariously). Skeletons open the door, miss a LOT, dealing 3 damage to Sir Valadir, then close the door and move back across the pit. Merric dumps his captive in the pit, moves back through the door grabbing another captive, then moves back through the door and throws him in the pit (Leaving Merric on the Heroes side of the door; Remember the door to the pit room is closed with one hero dead... must be safe right?). Third round, Heroes ignore the Master Ettin, Ispher moves and opens the door tossing Valadir the stamina potion on the way, also raising Astarra with his end of turn heal. Roganna throws the shadow soul down next to Merric and kills one skeleton that was blocking LoS. Astarra attacks another skeleton, sucking horribly and dealing no damage (skeletons regenerate) but putting 3 hexes on Merric. Sir Valadir chugs a stamina potion, fatigues into range, pops his heroic, and completely obliterates Merric from the map. Encounter 2; Urthko has +8 life: total 14. Open Groups (Ettins, Skeleton Archers). Heroes kill both Ettins in the first room round one. OL uses Shifting Earth to move Valadir to the corner of the elbow bend, and moves every other hero back 2 spaces towards the entrance. Archers open the door, Killing Valadir with arrows, then closing the door. Alric and barghests move up closer to the square room at the bottom of the map. Heroes raise Valadir and move up/back till they are all clumped in the first cave room just before the elbow. OL uses shifting earth again, all heroes except Astarra pass, Astarra is moved 2 spaces forward. Skeletons open the door, shoot, move back, and close the door. Barghests are moved into the room at the bottom of the map, Urthko is kept back behind the far elbow. Meric moves closer to the door. Heroes move Astarra to the door and open it, Explosive Runes.... Astarra dies... (hilariously). Other heroes move up, dropping shadow soul in the room and kill 4 Skeletons. OL uses shifting earth again, all heroes fail. Valadir and Roganna are moved back, Ispher and Astarra are moved into the square room and eaten by barghests. One remaing skeleton shoots Valadir and closes the door. Heroes stand up Ispher and Astarra (both roll 6 hearts), Roganna moves to open the door but steps in a Web Trap and is immobilized. Valadir fatigues, opens the door, and kills the master skeleton archer. OL uses shifting earth (again), moves Roganna further back into the middle of the first cave room, moves Valadir closer to the (open) door. Alric attacks Valadir twice (Blazing Rage), then moves around him a bit using Overpower to move him into the room and kill him. Barghests kill Ispher and Astarra (again), but Urthko had to help this time. And so here we are; Still only 4 rounds in, and I (the OL) am severely depleted, having spent all but 1 threat token now (one hero actually has 2 fortune tokens)... really not sure if I can last another 4 hero turns.
  3. So, Played Archive of Arrizon last night, Encounter 1. The quest rules state that "heroes (and the boulder) may move through the locked door". So first turn, 3 heroes moved out and attacked the Hybrid Sentinels in the first room, managing to kill one minion. On my turn, used "Shifting Earth" to move one hero back behind the door, and the other two closer to the Sentinels, moved the master 2 spaces in (fire breath, flurry, fire breath), killing the two heroes outside, then finished the move to place both Hybrids on the other side of the door. As near as we can tell, this completely locked the remaining 2 heroes into the starting room, since the quest rules state that they can move through, but can not attack through the locked door. Heroes elected to just stay dead (I had the Ettin, and the Medusase group in range if they stood up), and we just sped up the next 7 rounds until I won. So, First round Victory? or did I cheat somehow?
  4. I think the next line of the quest rules is "Arrizon may only recover (hearts) from Mend".
  5. I played Dezra/Battlemage/Knight during a RtL campaign and it was absolutely my favorite Knight combo. During at least one scenario she was able to lock down boss enemies using Guard/Shield Slam. Basically allowing the monster to move adjacent, performing an attack, using the surge for shield slam to stun the monster. Monster would then be forced to discard stun as its remaining action. Dezra then activates, recovers the fatigue or health, attacks and takes one step back, repeat.
  6. It depends how much you hate your heroes. Kobolds are a pretty strong unit, if played correctly (and if the scenario allows for it), they have the ability to do some pretty brutal damage and to create a very effective blockade against the heroes. So yeah, worth it. One thing to note, is that most of the H&M are re-releases of stuff from Descent 1 (ie the conversion kit) with some tweaks and new models.
  7. Well if the OL won all the act I missions, there would be 6 available Act II missions, 3 of which would be played, with a possible max of 6 rewards (min 3 rewards) for the OL going into finale. If the Heroes won all the act I missions, there would still be 2 available Act II missions ( 1 from hand, and one from the unplayed pool) for act II, so max 2 rewards (min 0) for the OL going into the finale. If the Heroes win all, then OL gets a slight bump for act II in the sense that there is one fewer campaign/shopping phase. The balance for the structure would have to be in the win/lose rewards on each card; potential Act I hero win rewards would be relics (since it foils the OL scheme and pulls the card off the table) Act I OL win rewards should be minor OL cards or XP (with the main thematic reward being saved for the ACT II version). Act II rewards for heroes would be relic/gold etc Act II rewards for OL would be relic, or including specific monster groups or Lieutenants as additional re-enforcement groups for the finale. I am thinking the finale has a kind of reenforcement pool, with 1 monster group in it, but the ability to add additional groups based on rewards, so that OL is still limited as to the number of monsters he can re-enforce per turn, but has more options and a higher maximum units on the board based on success.
  8. Well, unless we got it totally wrong, I think its pretty clear from the current CRRG. The issue is that if you think of moving models, the rules are inconsistent between large and small monsters in terms of when they are allowed to spend movement points. If a large monster 'shrinks' during a movement (action or otherwise) then it would be able to end its 'movement action' (and expand) at any time and still have left over movement points... which it should be able to still spend later in the turn. --- of course this would mean it could 'double move' by expanding after every square. If a large monster 'shrinks' at the beginning of its activation, and can not expand until the END of its activation, or to perform an action, then things are slightly more consistent... except that then a large monster would be able to 'shrink' to a single square, then expand in a different direction, without actually performing a movement action. Ohh here is an example for your guide. MMM e e e a MMM H e e b e e e e e e c e e e e e e d e e e H e e e 1 2 3 4 5 6 Monster performs a movement action, shrinking to b3 and gaining 3 movement points. Monster interrupts movement at b3 (no movement points used), to attack H, expanding to b2, b3, c2, c3, d2, d3 e e e e e e a e MM H e e b e MM e e e c e MM e e e d e e e H e e e 1 2 3 4 5 6 Monster then continues movement, shrinking down to d3, and continuing movement to e3, f3, f4 Ends activation, expands to f4, f5, g4, g5, h4, h5. (now if a frenzy card was played, Monster could shrink, expand to attack H at b4, shrink again to d3, expand d2,3, f2,3, attack H at e4, then shrink to f3, then move 3 MORE spaces, then expand.)
  9. OMG, what about a random campaign? OL starts the game with 5 rumor Act 1 rumor quest cards. Each quest has a win reward for the OL (relic available or finale affecting reward) and the Heroes (gold, relic, etc). At the start of the game OL must play 2 rumor cards, these are the starting available quests. Heroes choose which quest to do. If the Heroes win, the quest card is discarded, and the OL must play an addition card from his hand at random. If the OL wins, OL gains the quest card into his reward pile, OL plays an additional card from his had of his choice. Act I continues until 3 quests have been played. Transition to Act 2, OL gains rewards for all cards in hand or still in play. OL then draws the ACT II version of any cards in play, or in hand (should be at least 2), and then plays 2 of his choice. These are the available quests. Heroes choose the quest from the 2 available. If heroes win, they gain the reward listed on the ACT II quest card (relic, finale affecting reward) and the card is discarded. OL plays an additional quest card at random if able. If OL wins, he gains the reward on the ACT II quest card (relic, finale affecting reward), and the card is discarded. OL then plays an additional quest card of his choice. Act II continues until either there are no more available quests, or 3 quests have been completed. OL then gains all rewards for any cards remaining in play or in hand, and chooses the Finale.
  10. Yes with a ranged monster, you can interrupt the movement with an attack action (expand) then continue movement, as long as the attack was valid from the original (unexpanded) square. What is not allowed is the following (melee monster); MM e e e H a MM e e e e b 1 2 3 4 5 6 e = empty space M = monster H = Hero Monster begins move action and shrinks to a2. Monster moves to a3 Monster moves to a4 Monster 'ends' its movement, expanding to a4, a5, b4, b5 e e e MM H a e e e MM e b 1 2 3 4 5 6 Monster attacks H. Monster has 1 remaining movement point, shrinks to a4, and moves to a3, expanding a2, a3, b2, b3; e MM e e H a e MM e e e b 1 2 3 4 5 6 Again, this is not allowed because a monster can not expand unless it is ending its entire activation, or, is expanding to perform an action which is valid from its un-expanded location.
  11. Using Rules as Written, I would say yes, since the ability specifically states "at the start of the OL turn", not "when activated, or at the start of this monsters activation". Since activation is not required to trigger the Spawner ability, it would still trigger if the monster group is inactive. Note that the spawned minion monsters would still be considered inactive.
  12. Actually @Charmy hit on the right idea in his response. When a large monster spends its first movement point, it shrinks, and CAN NOT expand unless it is interrupting its movement to perform an action, or is ending its entire activation. This somewhat fixes my issue with the use of movement points, since if the monster can only expand when performing an action, or ending its activation, you cant end up with that intermediate state where it ends its "movement" (expanding) but still has extra movement points.
  13. It is actually not allowed. When interrupting a movement action to perform another action, the new action **must be valid from the un-expanded space**, so in the example used, you could not interrupt the monsters action to perform an attack, since the attack is not valid (no range) from the other side of the elevation line. The monster may **end** its movement, then attack, but then would not be allowed to use its remaining movement points to move again after the attack.
  14. This has always been a bit odd for me, since this explanation seems to assert that you can only spend movement points during a move action, which (in the case of heroes at least) we know is not true (movement points gained from fatigue or from other sources can be spent at any point during the turn, even if no movement action was taken that turn). However in the case of large monsters, it appears they may 'interrupt' a movement action to perform another action, but may not 'end' a movement action, and then spend any leftover movement points. If they 'could' spend unspent points, then they could certainly move up to the elevation line, end their movement (to expand), attack (only valid after expanding), then spend the unspent movement. (again this is not allowed) The alternative here is that you must perform a movement action in order to SPEND any movement points, and points must be used during that action, but (of course) that movement action may be interrupted in order to perform another action. Applying the same rule to the heroes, would mean that a hero could only spend fatigue to gain movement points in order to EXTEND a movement action, rather than moving without one..... (again, they are not restricted like that).... sigh, rules...
  15. I saw a copy in my local FLGS yesterday if your in/near Toronto.