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  1. I used Citadel Macragge Blue spray as a base and then just painted over it with other citadel paints where needed. Only needed one coat and then agrax earthshade wash. Not going to win any awards but I think they look pretty good.
  2. Hi, have enjoyed reading your posts, thanks! Any chance you could tell us what this perfect bossk dengar build was now worlds is over? Thanks!
  3. I remember! Thanks for the flapjack! Enjoyed your video from the day, congratz on getting so far!
  4. This weekend I went to my first nationals event. I had an absolutely great time, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was really nice. I was aiming to go 3-3 as I knew the competition would be tough. Ended up doing a bit better than that but was very lucky to avoid Jumpmasters until game 6! In the end I went 6-0 and finished second in swiss. Unfortunately because I never thought I would get through to day 2 I had already made plans so could not come back for the top 32. Nevertheless I am extremely pleased with how I did! My list was: Whisper w/ Kallus, VI, ACD, FCS Oicunn w/ Predator, Palpatine, Rebel Captive, Ion Projector I usually fly scum but I really like Decimators and Whisper is a good hammer to Oicunn's anvil. I had practiced with it a bit and generally my tactic was to get in close with Oicunn and try and kite with Whisper. If I could catch anyone with the Oicunn - Ion trap then even better! Here is a quick run down of my games, they are more like notes than play by plays as I wrote them when I was tired and was having trouble distinguishing one game from the next! Most importantly all 6 of my opponents were really lovely guys and I would happily play all of them again! Apologies to my game 1 and 5 opponents whose names I can't remember! Game 1 Whisper, Kallus, ACD, VI, FCS Omega Leader, Juke, Comms Yorr, Palp I won initiative (very important). I chose his Whisper for Kallus, he chose Oicunn. I set up my right, he set up (my) top left. He kept shuttle in the corner for a few turns. I went up my side and back around. Got Whisper down to 1 health but Oicunn took a battering, first crit was where all the next ones are faceup. His Whisper was stressed from Reb Cap, so I blocked with Oicunn and it was ioned too. My Whisper finished it off for no return damage. Got Omega down to 2H before Oicunn died, Omega ran away because he had no evade, no TL and Console Fire. Whisper went after Palp and killed it with no worries. Whisper and Omega jousted for about 6 turns: Both K turned, both shot, bumped to clear stress, K turned again. I didn't want to just run, and eventually both were down to 1 health but I just got through the final damage to kill. 100-58 Game 2 - Ricardo Vessery, Tie D, Tractor 2 x Black Squadron w/ Crack + Targeting Comp 1 x Black w/ Crack 1 x Academy Targeting Comp Asteroids in the middle, I went slowly up my right side, he went slowly up my left side. I got to the top and turned in, and sent Whisper into the asteroids. He turned his formations by doing hard 1s then hard 2s. Vessery 4K then 3 bank to bump. I was able to decloak whisper to the side of them and then barrel roll out of everyone except Vessery's arc. Whisper murdered a Black, Oicunn got another down to 1h. Only 2 Ties in range of Oicunn, lost a few shields. Oicunn bumped and ioned another Black next turn, Whisper stayed behind the swarm and out of arc of Vess. Whisper killed the bumped Tie, Oicunn killed the 4th, then they double teamed Vess. 100 - 0 Game 3 - Dex OGP, Palp Vessery, Juke, X7 Steele, Juke, X7 Asteroids spaced out. Oicunn in centre, Whisper on my right. Palp in top left facing right, Vess to right of centre facing right, Steele on right facing left. Oicunn charged up centre, Whisper charged up right. Defenders moved towards each other then 3 hard towards Oicunn. Oicunn 4 forward over debris to catch Vess who just bumped into the front of him, ion, and never moved/shot again. Whisper hurt Steele, my red dice were good. Steele put a crit on Oicunn so if I bumped I took damage too. Shuttle moved in to try and kill Oicunn but couldnt do enough. Whisper got behind and killed it. Last turn, Oicunn bumped Vess to kill him but only had 1h left so killed himself too. 100 - 58 Game 4 - Sam Brobots, PTL, Adv Sensors, AT, Title B w/ Mangler C w/ HLC Horrible matchup for me, only saving grace is Reb Cap. I put Oicunn on my left, he put both bots opposite. I put Whisper just right of centre. He charged forward with bots, they are really fast! Had to get Whisper over to support Oicunn quickly. Charged Oicunn in, but I played Whisper horribly, got in too close too fast which limited options. B picked up an ion token early on. Lost Whisper in exchange for IG C, Oicunn on 7 health, IG B on full. Not good. He chased me to the top of the board, I 2 hard turned and bumped him. He was stressed from shooting me. Revealed a 1 hard white, couldnt move, got second ion. I bumped again, missed the next ion but then was behind him. He was stressed and had to 1 hard to avoid board edge. Meanwhile Oicunn was R1 shooting him to bring him down to 2h. He cleared stress and boosted to try and get me in arc but didnt work so Oicunn finished then job. 100 - 41 Game 5 Miranda, TLT, Homing Missiles, Adv SLAM, Extra Munitions, Conner Nets, Seismic Charges, Sabine Esege, TLT, Adv SLAM, Extra Munitions, Conner Nets, Thermal Detonators, Rec Spec At the start of this game we were on table 5 and I looked to my right at the top 4 tables. 5 of the 8 lists there had 2 or 3 jumpmasters in so I had gotten very lucky to avoid them! I know my opponent felt the same way as he said as much! Scary bombs! Rocks were in the middle but not too tightly spread. I deployed on the right, he was on the left. I had no intention of going into the rocks to be bombed/ioned over them so went up my side. He went up his side then turned in the the rocks towards the edge of the asteroid field. Oicunn also turned in once the K Wings were past and he wasn't going to get netted. Whisper stayed wide. Unexpected move from Esege almost got Whisper with a net but my 2 bank just avoided it. Brought Esege down to 1h quite fast but had to not decloak with Whisper a few times to try and be unpredictable and not get bombed. Esege went down and I could hunt Miranda with both ships. Took a few turns and Oicunn was down to 1h but I got her. 100 - 29 Game 6 - Tom Scout, Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Proton Torps, Boba, Overclocked, Chips Scout, Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torps, 4Lom, Overclocked, Chips Scout, Adaptability, K4 Security Droid, Plasma Torps, Chips, Overclocked I can't describe how lucky I got in this game. It was the end of a long day and I was super tired so was forgetting things but my dice made up for it! Rocks were mostly to the left. He set up on the left, I went on the right. I Kaluss'd 4Lom. Oicunn slow rolled while Whisper shot forward. He came towards Oicunn. First engagement only 1 Jump in range of Oicunn so just 1 lot of torps. Oicunn and Whisper both shoot at 4Lom and get him down to 3 or 4h. Next few turns are a bit of a blur, Palp got thrown out of the window from a natural crit (not torps) and 4Lom went down. Oicunn eventually died in exchange for the bumpmasters torp. Whisper was shooting at the Boba boat and had him down to 2h but then couldnt get a decent shot on him again for a while. I forgot to cloak at one point but my opponent was still concentrating on Oicunn so Whisper got away with it. Then I forgot to cloak AGAIN but my lucky dice saved me. Whisper also took 2 torps to the face (while cloaked) and managed to shrug off both entirely. As I said I was so lucky. Came down to Whisper v Boba boat, Tom was extremely good at posisitoning so Whisper would just edge past his boat but eventually caught him and finished the job. 100 - 58 So that was 6-0, I was second in swiss, about 45 MoV behind first place. It was a perfect storm for me with good matchups and good luck when it counted to end up doing the best I have ever done! I regret not being able to go on the Sunday but chances are I would have gotten knocked out in game 1 anyway! Looking forward to next year already!
  5. Apologies, my computer posted twice, please see other post.
  6. I often run Kavil and Palob but I think you are putting too many points into them. Neither have great defensive capabilities and both are enough of a threat that they will be burned down quickly. I'd suggest running both with TLT and nothing else.
  7. Just played a game on Vassal where Dengar was down to 1 hit point when it was my turn to fire. If I kill him does Dengar still get to fire back? My thought was no as it Dengar's ability says "Once per round after defending, if the attacker is inside your firing arc, you may perform an attack against that ship." After defending, to me, implies that you only get to attack after you have seen if you are still alive to attack. I.e. if you defend and are alive you can attack, if you defend and die then you are dead. Simultaneous fire does not come into play as Dengar is still PS9, he does not become the same PS as the attacker so the Simultaneous fire rule does not apply. The other way of thinking (my opponent's way) was that it does not say 'unless the ship was destroyed' and also that the phases go like this: 1. declare target 2. roll attack dice 3. modify attack dice 4. roll defence dice 5.modify defence dice 6. compare results 7. deal damage So the defence is before deal damage and therefore Dengar gets to attack. I can follow this logic however this would imply that if you hit Dengar with a Blinded Pilot crit he would get to attack before it takes effect. Opinions?
  8. The R4-B11 droid seems made for Drea Renthal and makes him so much more potent. Might be an idea to try and squeeze it in somewhere.
  9. I have only played 1 swarm with it but it did get wrecked, yes!
  10. I have been practicing with a Dash Miranda list for a store championship on Sunday but (in typical fashion) have just come up with a Scum list that I have fallen in love with. Which do we like better and why? Should I change to the Scum? I am more used to flying Scum but I think the Dash Miranda is naturally more powerful. Any comments appreciated. Dash Miranda list (100): Miranda Doni (43) - K-Wing Twin Laser Turret (6), Extra Munitions (2), Intelligence Agent (1), Proximity Mines (3), Advanced SLAM (2) Dash Rendar (57) - YT-2400 Lone Wolf (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Recon Specialist (3), Outrider (5), Engine Upgrade (4) Scum Fun list (100): Drea Renthal (30) - Y-Wing. Ion Cannon Turret (5), R4-B11 (3). Palob Godalhi (26) - HWK-290. Twin Laser Turret (6). Kavil (32) - Y-Wing. Twin Laser Turret (6), R4 Agromech (2). Binayre Pirate (12) - Z-95 Headhunter.
  11. It's definitely situational but when it works it is worth it's weight in gold. I find that TLTs struggle with 3 agility ships (unless you have 4 of them, then its just a matter of time) but being able to knock the stealth device off Soontir or kill that ship with one hull left is great. It is also good when your opponent spends his token to survive an attack, only to have it go through anyway (leaving him exposed to the next shot) or it acts as a deterrent to them using tokens as they know you will push the damage through anyway. And they are only 1 point each, what else are you going to stick on them?! I do agree about the first turns too, I tended to try and spend it as early as possible to make sure I could actually use it.
  12. This weekend I competed in my first 'proper' tournament (have done some fun and quirky ones in the past). It was a Winter OP pack put on by That's No Moon and Element Games. There were 16 tickets available and the event was sold out. The whole day ran very smoothly and the TO's did a fantastic job. I will certainly be attending their future events! What I took I am a big fan of Scum and find them the most fun to fly. However I don't like flying BroBots and so have really struggled to make a list that can stand up to a lot of the top tier lists out there right now. I also love the HWKs and have often flown Torkil and Palob as a pair (the BroHWKs). I had played around with TLTs on both plus Latts Ratzi with some crew members to maximize his ability. However, like so many before me, I found the YV-666 pretty lacklustre so Latts got ditched quite quickly. Instead I came up with a list I liked to call the Scum convoy. It was the BroHWKs with TLTs, a Thug with TLT and 2 Z95 Pirates. I flew this for a few weeks and did well except against aces with Autothrusters who I just couldn't hit. I was expecting to see a lot of aces this weekend and ended up being so frustrated with un-hittable Soontir that I changed my list the day before the tournament and took the following having only had one practice game with it: Palob with TLT, Crack Shot and Rec Spec Kavil with TLT, Crack Shot and R4 Agromech N'Dru with VI, Cluster Missiles and Glitterstim Binayre Pirate The idea behind this list is that it is a toolbox with different ways of dealing with all kinds of lists. It has a blocker in the form of the Pirate, TLTs to deal with low agility ships, Crack Shot and Palob's ability to help deal with aces, and a potentially potent alpha strike to deal with anything that the rest can't. Normally I would go with Lone Wolf on NDru as it pairs so well with his ability but I tend to find that at PS7 he can't get his missiles off all the time. I went with VI as it gives me a better chance of shooting aces before NDru gets murdered as well as giving me a 1 point initiative bid to choose to move after Soontir if need be. The one game I played with the list it kicked Soontir's butt so I thought why not, let's go with it. Game 1 My first opponent was Si who was running: Darth Vader with Engine, ATC, the title and VI Juno Eclipse with Engine, ATC and the title Omega Ace with PTL and Comms Relay I set up in my left hand corner with the Pirate in front and Kavil and Palob behind, forming a little triangle. Meanwhile NDru went in my right hand corner so as to have as much breathing room as possible. Si set up all 3 of his ships slightly off centre (towards N'Dru's side) facing towards my triangle of terror. I was a little worried that he might hunt N'Dru with Darth but I thought I could probably survive his shot before shooting my missiles and then I don't care anyway. We started out with my 3 ships just going forwards slowly while his 3 ships went straight for them. Meanwhile N'Dru moves quickly up the opposite flank. Turn 2 I am extremely happy to see that he turns Juno to go after N'Dru and boosts and barrel rolls to be perfectly in front of where N'Dru ends up. N'Dru lets rip, stripping both shields and a hull from Juno for no damage in return. These two then play cat and mouse for a few turns while the other ships fight it out on the opposite side of the board. Darth and Omega Ace both try and get up close and personal with both TLTs but I make sure I separate them and a few good hits later and Darth is down to 1 hull. Kavil's 4 dice really helped here! I took out Darth and by this time Palob had ended up in range of Juno too so he took her out as well. That just left the Omega Ace which was swiftly dealt with. Palob was fantastic at shutting down Omega Ace's ability as I would just steal his focus every turn so he could never get his auto 3 crits on me. As always Si was great fun to play and we had a good laugh during the game! 100-0 win. Game 2 My second game was against Tim who was flying: Howlrunner Omega Leader, Juke, Comms Relay, Stealth Device Omega Ace, PTL Epsilon Squadron Academy Tie I was a bit nervous about this as I know TIEs are knife fighters and my slow, low agility ships with TLTs definitely don't want a swarm at range 1. Tim started to set up in a line along the top right hand side of the board and I knew I did not want to joust with his hoard so I set up my triangle of ships in the bottom left corner again. Tim's deployment ended up being a line of 4 ships with Howlrunner behind them so they could all use his ability. I put N'Dru opposite the hoard as I didn't really know what else to do with him. I knew I was throwing him away but I had painted myself into a corner with my deployment and thought I could at least take out a TIE before dying. Unfortunately this did not go to plan as N'Dru's missiles only took 1 shield from the Omega Ace before N'Dru promptly vanished in the face of massed TIE fighters. Things were looking bleak at this point as the hoard turned to face my triangle of terror. I knew he could get to range one and stay there easily compared to my slow moving turrets so I quickly flew the Pirate forward to block and tried to fly the TLTs as unpredictably as possible. Unfortunately for Tim his Howlrunner was just about at range 3 of both my TLTs and he had barrel-rolled to get into position so he was token-less. I got lucky and managed to take out Howlrunner in one salvo and things were looking up again. Over the next few turns I managed to consistently block with the Pirate while concentrating fire on whichever TIE was in range of both TLTs. I killed the Omegas in a couple of rounds and soon it was just the two PS1 TIEs against my turrets. I can't quite remember if he got Palob in the end but I don't think he did. Another win, 100 to me, I think only 24 to him. Game 3 Game 3 was against Sam (I think, sorry if that's wrong, I can't quite remember!): IG88-B with Lone Wolf, Sensor Jammer, HLC, Inertial Dampeners, Autothrusters Thug with TLT Thug with TLT Obviously when I saw this list my immediate thought was that the IG must die asap. My previous experiences with Autothrusters have shown me how much they nullify TLTs, especially with super agile ships like IGs and Interceptors, so I am counting on N'Dru to put some hurt on the IG before he bites the dust. Sam set up his Thugs and IG in the middle with his IG on the right. I didn't want his Thugs to go N'Dru hunting so this time I set up all my ships in a square in the bottom right hand corner (so his IG was nearer to my ships than his Thugs). I immediately hard turned my Pirate and turrets while shooting forward with N'Dru. He went forward with his Thugs and banked his IG towards my corner which was perfect for me as N'Dru found himself directly in front of the IG at range 1 in turn 2. N'Dru's missiles stripped all the shields from the IG which I was extremely pleased about as I was having nightmares about them only doing one shield again like last game! However N'Dru then got one-shotted by the angry IG. Ah well, an eye for an eye. The TLTs were then able to finish off the IG but not before he had put some hurt on Palob. Between my Pirate and TLTs I was also able to take out one of his Thugs but not before Palob had bit the dust. This brought it down to my Pirate (who was seriously out of position) and my slightly damaged Kavil against his full health TLT. He managed to stay at range one and behind Kavil for a couple of turns so he was getting primary shots whereas I was getting nothing. However I then pulled a couple of hard turns while he did some soft turns and suddenly I was behind him. I managed to whittle him down with Kavil's R4 Agromech and Crack Shot (which I had forgotten for the whole tournament up until now) and I managed to take him out for no more losses. This was an extremely close game, Kavil was down to 2 health and the Pirate was shield-less by the end. The last few turns especially were really intense as we both tried to outmanoeuvre the other's Y wing. Great fun and another great opponent! Win 100-54. Game 4 So I was 3-0 so far and on table 1. Very much not somewhere I am accustomed to being! My next opponent introduced himself as Tom. It was only after the tournament that I discovered this was in fact Tom Reed who came 3rd in the UK Nationals last year, only being beaten by the guy who ended up winning the Nationals. In retrospect, maybe it's better that I didn't know this! Dash with Predator, Outrider, HLC and Rec Spec Chewie with Predator and the title I don't remember a lot about this game, other than it was quick and brutal. I set up in my usual triangle on one side with N'Dru on his own facing Dash. Unfortunately N'Dru's missiles did only 1 shield to Dash and then the HLC took him out. Not good. After that it didn't take Tom long to clean up the rest of my ships. Tom's flying was simply superb. Every time I expected him to do something he did the opposite and I couldn't get a single block or get out of range 1 of Chewie. Tom was also very patient, constantly flying just into range 3 to fire his HLC before flying off to reposition. I was simply outclassed in this game. I managed to get Dash down to 1 hull but was tabled for my troubles. 27-100 loss. Game 5 So I am 3-1 and playing my friend Rob on table 2 in the last round before the cut. We both know that the winner of this is making the cut whereas the loser probably won't. Rob is a formidable opponent and is one of the best pilots in our club so I’m not liking my chances much here. He was flying: Corran with PTL, Engine, R2D2 and FCS Gray Squadron with TLT Gray Squadron with TLT I set up in my triangle in the middle this time and he set up opposite me. I put N'Dru in the bottom right corner and Rob immediately gunned for him with Corran behind his TLTs. Thanks to some good flying by Rob the TLTs came into range of N'Dru while his Corran was at range 3. Between them they were easily going to take him out before I could get to Corran so I made the decision to sink the missiles into a Y wing before N'Dru got destroyed. I took 5 hit points from the Y wing which was a good amount and I didn't mind too much when N'Dru got destroyed in return by a double tapping Corran. Rob proceeded to fly his injured Y wing towards the corner and turn in with Corran and the other Y. Unfortunately for Rob, a slight misjudgement that he barrel-rolled Corran but stayed in range 3 of both TLTs. Some unlucky green dice from him and a liberal use of Crack Shot by me meant that Corran went down without too much of a fuss. The Y wings followed suit, but not without a fight that took out Palob and the Pirate. I think I was lucky in this game in that I was able to take out Corran quickly when he is usually much more difficult to deal with. So at this point I am 4-1 and am definitely through to the top 4. I have never made the cut before and can't really believe that I have! Top 4 Game So at this point I am in second and according to how the cut works that means I play third place. I was extremely glad about this as Tom was in first and I still didn't know how to beat his pancakes! In third was Gareth with: Darth Vader with TIE x1 and ATC Omega Leader with Juke and Comms Relay Omega Squadron with Juke and Comms Relay Omega Squadron with Juke and Comms Relay Gareth set up in the top right hand corner in a square and I put my triangle in the centre with N'Dru opposite his ships. The plan was to put some hurt on Darth with the missiles before trying to block with the Pirate and TLT the TIEs to death one at a time. His ships and N'Dru flew at each other and I decided on turn 2 he was going to shoot forward and block me so I flew slowly with N'Dru to try and avoid this (I took the initiative so I moved after everyone but Darth). Unfortunately I misjudged his intentions as he just flew his ships forward at medium speed and when it came to getting my TL with N'Dru I wasn't sure if Darth would be in range. Oh well, might as well try and take a TIE off the board instead, so I target locked one of his Omega Squadrons. Turns out Darth would have been in range but hey-ho. The missiles only did one shield to the TIE (**** those green dice) but N'Dru survived the return fire thanks to Glitterstim. This was an unusual situation as N'Dru usually dies immediately. Unfortunately all he could do was crash next turn but luckily a misjudgement on Gareth's part meant that all of his ships crashed into each other or N'Dru. N'Dru then took the shields off Darth (forgot to roll an extra attack dice too, you can tell I was used to him being dead at this point!). N'Dru then got hammered by the TIEs and taken off the board. By now the TLTs were in range and what ensued was a car park of TIEs, Z-95s and HWKs. I think Darth was stressed from failing a K Turn last round so had to green manoeuvre forward which took him into range 1 of Palob who stole his evade for good measure. Kavil went to work on Darth and got him down to 1 health. All Palob could do was a range 1 primary shot on a token-less Darth. 2 dice, 2 hits. 3 green dice, 2 evades. Crack Shot. Dead Darth. Much hilarity was had by those watching that the Sith lord was brought down by a HWK primary shot! What then followed was a few turns of the TIEs trying to stay at range 1 of Palob and to bring him down. They eventually succeeded but not before one of the Omega Squadrons was dead. Then it was down to the Pirate and Kavil. They got the Omega Squadron (thanks to Kavil's crack shot) and Kavil wasn't allowed to modify dice because of the Leader's ability. The Pirate managed to get a crit through which took the Leader down to 1 health, it was console fire. Next turn he rolls a hit to end the game. So I’m through to the final but facing Tom again. I know I'm outclassed but am just happy to be there! Final Playing against Tom's Dash and Chewie again, still no idea what to do! I decide that I will basically do the same thing again and see if it works this time. Probably not the best strategy but it's late and I'm tired! One thing that is different is that I gave Tom the initiative instead as I knew trying to block him was futile! Set up with the triangle in the middle and N'Dru opposite Dash on the right. This time the missiles did all 5 shields and suddenly I might be in with a chance! He blocks N'Dru with Chewie and Dash kills him, but I don't mind as he has done his job. However I am then too keen to try and capitalise on the situation and fly the Pirate at his ships too fast and without support. Pirate dies and its my turrets vs his shield-less Dash and full health Chewie. Again, Tom flys spectacularly and makes me either unable to fire on one of the ships or am forced to split my fire between them. HLCs make a mess of low agility ships though and he finishes me off without too much trouble. To be honest I'm glad he won as he is the much better pilot (as well as a nice guy!) and deserves it. I am extremely happy to have come in second and had a great day. Really looking forward to Store Championship season but not sure what to take now. I still can't help but feel I got lucky with my matchups, only facing things my list is designed to counter. N'Dru was also a bit hit and miss, the missiles either being a game changer or a complete flop. I feel like if I am investing a quarter of my list in him then I want a more reliable result! So back to the drawing board for a while, have a month before my next tournament so we will see what transpires before then. Thanks for reading!
  13. I'd drop both unhingeds and stick the R4 Agromech on Kavil instead. Use focus for first attack then get TL for second. How often do these 2 get stressed anyway?
  14. I kind of disagree. With as fragile as those HWKs are, they love to be at R3 and they should aim to be there. TLTs also love R3. If your enemy gets into R2 while you're aiming for R3, well that's even better, 'cause now your abilities trigger. Have you ever tried piloting these HWKs towards your enemies? They get into R1 way too fast, and since your secondary weapons don't get R1 bonuses like your enemies do, you get smoked pretty quick. If your opponent should happen to get into R1 despite your efforts, you're now suffering the same fate as any other TLT ship, but at least your abilities still trigger. I agree, have used both with Blaster Turrets and Ion Cannons before and they struggle with damage output. TLTs mean they can be consistent. Also for approx 25 points each I like to think of them as Y Wings with annoying abilities (minus a couple of health points). I like this but have found Bossk a bit lackluster in the past. Do you think he is better than Kath? I like the idea of 3 tacticians, even though you are unlikely to catch anyone with the HWKs it makes for a deterrent that people have to avoid. This, definitely. Thanks for all the replies guys!
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