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  1. End everything you say with "et [Name of opponent] delenda est."
  2. I read through this thread, and not once did somebody mention the attraction of the AF Mk2 is that it specifically defies how a ship should be logically made in any conceivable way. Yes, I also really enjoy punk-rock.
  3. I would totally play as an ARC trooper working with the group (if that's acceptable).
  4. I have never done a PbP game before, but I really like Force and Destiny and would be willing to try it out. EDIT: Since I didn't mention it the first time, I wouldn't mind playing as a clone if needed.
  5. I played at my local LGS today. I brought a double Assault Frigate list with a corvette and 3 A-Wings for the Swiss. I was 5th going into the final round, but I managed to table my opponent getting me 10 tournament points putting me into second. I played Rebels in the final match with the Assault Cruiser, the Scout Frigate, Han, an Assault Frigate Mk2 B, Tycho and a Y-Wing. I did not think I would make it, so I really just threw things together with out thinking (In the future, I would have taken some other rogue than Han and enhanced armaments instead of the Y-Wing). I barely managed to scrape by with a win against the Imperial player because at the end, Home One had taken no hull damage (just lost all its shields a couple times) while the ISD had taken 7 hull (Mostly because of an opening salvo attack with ackbar on turn 2 for 11 dice from the MC80). Only squadrons were left otherwise. With Opening Salvo, I ended up winning by around 27 points (half the ISD got me there). MVP of the match had to be the MC30 when it managed to use Ackbar's bonus to kill a damaged victory and to ram the raider for its last hull point.
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