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  1. My players never used the YT-1300 for very long. They always wanted something bigger. The biggest they've ever gotten was a Vigil Class Corvette and an "acquired" Marauder that the female commander obtained through going on a date with a love sick Zygarian who she intimidated into giving her the ship. They handed it over to the Rebellion.
  2. Starlaria, Starcoli, Spaids, Sperpes, Spugs, Spaintjobs, Spoogle, the list goes on and on.
  3. Yea looking at the Nubian Design Collective, losing that defense isn't worth it in my opinion. I'm a player btw. The loss of a hardpoint is worth keeping the defense. I'm going to suggest going the High Output Ion Turbine option. On a side note, who ever worked on the Nubian Design rules did a great job. They're way better than the engineer book. I'm impressed.
  4. Thanks for the info. I knew about the attachment, but the group seemed as if they didn't want to waste the hardpoint on that when other attachments help us out more. Which is why we were looking at a full engine swap. I'll take a look at the Nubian Design Collective and see what I can find.
  5. So I may have missed it in the books, and didn't seem to find it here on the forums, but my group and I have acquired a Gozanti class cruiser, but we aren't satisfied with speed 2. So we would like to look into making an engine swap, or adding an engine to up the speed to speed 3, in line with some other Sil 5 ships. We were looking at some of the engine components in the engineer book, and adjusting rules and costs for adding or swapping engines. Have any of you attempted anything like this, if so, how did you go about it?
  6. Have you tried one shots? I just did one with my group where we did something different than they normally do. They played the crew of an Imperial walker assaulting a planet. It was a single session, plenty of combat checks for the pilot and gunner, plenty of leadership checks for the commander, and damage fixing for the engineer. An added thing was I gave the commander command of two other walkers who assisted and took hits for the pc's. My players seemed to have enjoyed the break from the same old thing. I did try to make it a bit more gritty and ugly than our normal encounters, bodies flying, seeing people their characters knew getting killed, fear checks when necessary, etc. Usually I gloss over bodies and death and some of the other more nasty things you see in war. Going forward after seeing how my players reacted to it I'll likely use it more often. My point though, break it up with one shots. Even make those one shots have an effect on your normal campaign. Have them play the villains, or the civilians just trying to survive. A war like this was often fought alongside civilians. They saw the carnage, ran from the blaster shots, watched family and friends killed for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. Go with Elusive. I've used him and Braylen Stram with it and have been incredibly successful. B-wings are my new favorite Rebel ships now with the stress usage.
  8. Thanks. I thought so, just wasn't sure.
  9. This may have been answered before, and I feel like a total noob asking this. But for those of you that have purchased the Conversion kits, and a few of the new ship expansion packs, not Lando's Millennium Falcon or 1st edition expansions, are the upgrade and pilot cards in the new 2nd edition different from the cards in the conversion kits? I was at my flgs last night contemplating whether they were or not, and a quick search via our best friend google didn't turn up any results. I'd rather not double up on too many models if I don't have to, but if there are new cards I would find that pill easier to swallow.
  10. My players have gone through one full campaign with a main villain that they met a few times, but never truly knew he was the villain. They're on their second campaign, linked to the first one, and they've met this villain, but have yet to figure out he's the villain yet. He has great cover as a rebel operative of high caliber. His missions put him in very close working proximity to the Empire as a double agent, or maybe triple agent as he works for the Empire, but does missions for the Rebellion as a double agent to the Empire. I've also used a manifestation of the dark side of the force in the shape of a ship in the first campaign, which I plan on making a recurring theme in my second campaign. This ship causes havoc in the shipping lanes, and has caused some chaos in the Imperial Navy as it likes to take over other ships, and space the crews. My players found plenty of debris clouds in space made of people in this ship's wake. In similar fashion you could use this guy in the background or something that isn't normal per se, but interesting nonetheless. Now I've used the whole evil ship taking over other ships and spacing people enough for my players that it has become cliche for them, and they distrust any empty ship they may find in space.
  11. I love the new B-wings. I've had great success with them. I've run Ten and Braylen with nothing but Elusive and they just don't die and hit like mad. They feel like Defenders to me, with the free evades at 3 speed or higher, just use stress to gain that advantage. I would be interested in a dual slot cannon. Something for the bullseye that hits like a mack truck when it goes off. Not sure I'd run crew, outside of maybe Perceptive Co-pilot for that extra focus when gaining the first into the barrel roll.
  12. The moment when you realize a 10 year old kid is a better pilot than your whole squadron.
  13. For something that severe, something equally severe, but not outright death. Some time in the brig, demotion down a few ranks and docking of pay works, as well as some less than desirable duty assignments. For minor offenses, use your imagination. We had a few that were used against us in army basic training, flipping rocks over so they "bake evenly", mopping the rain as it's raining, and using a slippery when wet sign, for safety. Sweeping the dirt off the dirt, cleaning the grass, etc. Just stupid, mundane, and crap that when you look back on it, is funny.
  14. You and me both. I used the tractor beam to line them up closer for range 1 shots. However, I ran two Defenders last night and their suitability man. I'm impressed. I gave both of them Ion cannons, and didn't even use them. Just used Juke with them and they were amazing. On topic, I'm having a tough time lining up Bullseye arc shots. I think with more practice I'll be better at it. But thus far, I don't use too much of them.
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