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  1. MY players had to enter a Hab Structure that had been infected with a bio hazard. They had to spend all their time in their gas masks. Basically they are there to help with whatever poisons you come up with. Maybe the very atmosphere is toxic and the Respirators are needed for venturing out onto the surface. Sooooo in short No there is nothing in the official books that would require you to be wearing a gas mask (although I would give it to them against Hallucinogen Grenades)
  2. You mean the Tube Charge on page 115 of Hammer of The Emperor?
  3. The issue with Power Weapons in this scenario is not on the offence but on the defense. If they parry you shooting them in melee they destroy the gun (well 75% chance destroy the gun). Generally melee should be in the favor of the melee specialist, you can certainly take abilities that help even out the score but in the end it probably wont go so well for you. @ Commediante I may have my opinion on how it should be but that does not mean I will not look at the issue from another angle. I am a firm believer in the rule of cool. That is if you describe something cool then you can probably do it. (Had a character once slam a combat shotgun into a daemonette's stomach and open fire. Yes I had to use WS)
  4. Power Weapon. Your dual auto pistol welding beast is now impotent. No pistol can have a power field so parry once and the weapon is gone. If it is a Melee specialist then they should have a second parry for the other gun as well. Also melee specialists should generally have a higher Toughness and better armour. Back in DH it was stupid powerful, now not so much. Have him go up against an ork. The guns do less damage per hit and have to be reloaded when empty. There are plenty of reasons not to engage Melee with guns. However I just don't allow it. If you want to use them as improvised melee weapons fine. But no shooting while engaged in melee (I do allow one last burst beforehand as a panic shot).
  5. Yes sorry I was going from memory you are correct 51
  6. Be vague. Your players imagination will do more to set a chill in their spine than anything you can come up with. As the party descends into the chamber have them make awareness rolls to notice a feeling of being watched. If there is a psyker then have them use Psyniscience to feel that there is a presence just around the corner, then there is no corner. Make things just a little off, take away what makes the players feel safe. Have at one point a window like space in one of the walls, if a player looks through it describe the entrance of the temple at a 90 degree angle as if the wall was the floor and that they can hear some one talking, just as he sees some Imperial Boots and legs start down the steps a shadow moves in front and he realizes he is staring at a wall and no time has passed at all (take the player aside to tell him this, and let the other players know that he stops and stares at the wall for a few minutes) simple little things like this can add tension. Tension in turn make people think of the worst possible thing, this in turn creeps people out.
  7. Start with 30 base +20 Rolled 50 + 3 From imperial world 53 +3 from Hunter Killer Regiment 56+ 5 from Weapon Specialist 61
  8. You know you are playing Only War when -Your commanding officer gives you orders to link up an charge a tank line with chimeras and no AT weapons. -You succeed at the above without loses. -Your Sgt. reminds the squad that becoming pregnant is a "derelict of duty" and hands out contraceptives (NO seriously my one player thinks up little quotes from command for each session and this was one of them, the PCs are all female) and all you as the GM can think is. Yeah they probably would see it that way -You escape a planet being thrown into the warp. (that is the start of the game) -This all happens within the first 4 sessions
  9. Frankenswerld 1st "The Krackers" Home world: Death World (Frankenswerld Hive on Volg) Commanding Officer: Maverick (Colonel Wolfgang, Maj. Tempest) Regiment Specification: Grenadiers Special Training & Equipment: Well Provisioned, and Demolitions Experts Drawbacks: The Few (Harsh Training, High Casualties, & Specific Recruitment Requirements), Cloud Of Suspicion (Inquisition) Standard Gear: Base Kit 4 Weeks worth of Rations 1 Las Pistol with 2 Charge Packs 1 Triplex Pattern Lasgun with 4 Charge Packs (Main Weapon) 1 Auxiliary Grenade Launcher 1 Suit of Best Craftsmanship Light Carapace Armour 4 Fragmentation Grenades 2 Krack Grenades 2 Smoke Grenades Squad Based Gear: 1 Voss Automatic Grenade Launcher (8 Frags, 4 chosen between Smoke, Frag, and Krack for each mission) Favored Weapons: Melta (Basic), Tread Fether (heavy) Special Changes: Bleed On Your Own Time: The men and women of Frenkenswerld Hive have learnt that they cannot rely on the aid of others, even when grievously wounded. This has aided them on the battlefield being able to continue fighting long after they would be considered "combat ineffective." The first time a PC uses a Fate point to remove wounds they remove an additional number equal to their Toughness Bonus. Smells Like Home: Frenkenswerld is a horrid place to live, the entire hive is built like a shanty town without the proper facilities to process all the "wastes" created by the population. As such many Frankers have already been infected with many toxins and survived. All charecters gain Jaded as a free Talent. Not Really One Of Us: Deathworlders have their communities to band together for. Frankers have only their immediate family and just as often as not, not even that. Life is cheap, even more so than anywhere else in the Imperium. Anything done to ensure ones survival is acceptable, even the betrayal of family. The normal distrust of deathworlders applies to anyone not in the squad until a they have proven themselves. GMs can also force new comrades to require all commands be made at -10, and +20 for orders that are automatic due to the distrust for the first mission if they want to role play is aspect of the society more. In addition there are no Ratlings, Ogrens, or Stormtroopers in the regiment. Background: The Frenkenswerld 1st is an oddity in the Imperial Guard. They take only volunteers and only thous that meet specific criteria. The strong, tough, and faithful are the only ones accpeted for service in The Krackers. The regiment has a powerful backer that many assume to be an Inquisitor. The nickname of The Krackers comes from the regiments first incarnation when Colonel Ishmael "Krack" Minora commanded who had been granted an honourable discharge from the guard 47 years prior, only to return with an Inquisitorialy sealed order to form a new regiment anyway he wished. He formed the regiment to fallow in his steps as a soldier. Within High Command it was remarked that the regiment was much like a Krack Missile, fire it at a target and wait for it to do the job. To this day The Krackers continue this tradition of being some of the fiercest fighter the Imperium as to offer. The first incarnation was officially defeated in battle where they held to the last man against Tau on an unnamed planet in the Jerico Reach crusade. However the regiment was pulled out to serve as Inquister Manum's personal Storm-trooper Regiment. Since that time Colonel Krack has lead the Storm-troopers while sending officers to form new incarnations of The Krackers to weed out thous unworthy of joining the "true" regiment. The regiment contains little over 12500 fighters in its force. They are divided up into squads of typically no more than 8. The command structure is a semi fluid one with promotion being based on merit and field commissions being commonplace. Adventure Hook: The PC while serving alongside The Krackers prove themselves on the battlefield so that the hidden recruiters set up a test for them. The PC quickly find themselves embroiled in intrigue they may find themselves unequipped to deal with while still being just as deadly. (If you plan on switching to DH or just want to up the difficulty of the game and change regiments while keeping the same characters) The PCs find their regiments gear going missing and other small issues arising. Sabotage is ruled out so it must be theft. As the regiment placed on guard detail it is left to the PCs to discover what is going on. Initial suspicion falls on The Krackers but as things gain intensity it becomes clear that something is going on beyond what they have been told. Inquisitoral forces are changing orders and trying to make it look like The Krackers are at fault. (It is up to the GM as to why, but some simple ones could be a test to see how the men and women will react to be treated as traitors or a rival Inquisitor making a play at Manum using his subordinates as a way to get at him. The PCs find themselves given new orders just before moving out. They will take over for the Krackers as they took even higher than normal losses in the last engagement and need time to rest and recover. Unfortunately the enemy has laid a plan to remove the troublesome regiment that the PCs now have to fight their way out of. With more men but less in the way of firepower how many of the PCs regiment can they save? Any other intrigue based plot you could think of.
  10. As long as it makes sense for the character to have and they can give me a decent explanation as to why they should have something i let them roll for it. It has lead to interesting roll plays (the Commissar got an Inferno Pistol with a 5% chance, the local techpriest was not happy and it will come up next game) I am playing a bit with my PCs being above the standard grunt. But it is still nice to have them at the mercy of fate (or the bureaucracy as the case is) I like the logistics test as is and will change it whenever I feel the need to. If you need an explanation as to how a guardsman received something outside his/her grade chalk it up to a mix up. Even a Commissar will let things slide some if a trooper is accidentally assigned a power weapon and then uses that weapon to save his squad from something, after all the Emperor will provide. The key here is that they "lose" something else (guy goes to pick up the squads Lho rations and gets a bolter instead, well it is too much work for the clerk to put back into the system too bad). The system is very lose in terms of explanation for a reason. It covers all of the below: -Official Requisitions from the Department Mintorium -Trading (including papers) from other units -Stealing -Wining it in a bet -Keeping it as loot Different ways of acquiring the gear should have different related rolls It does so by having it as a value of not only your rank but the respect of the Officers and other troopers (hence time your regiment has served in the zone matters). It may not make sence for a green recruit to have a power sword, but I would let it slide if the trooper in question could handle the weapon better than most officers and has already proven he is worthy of it.
  11. My question is. What are you send them against that a player thinks this is a Necessity? It is only a problem if the entire squad does this. This is the example of someone knowing exactly where to place their rounds, thus the extra pen (tank Hunter) and damage (Giant Killer) only should apply to the first shot. 1d10+10 Pen:9 first shot all extra shots are 1d10+7 Pen:3 Much more manageable. Both talents are about precision shots to weakened points. Also I have a player who's starting BS was 61 (and they bought it up with starting XP so 66 when we started playing), the lowest BS is I think 42?
  12. I used operational time instead of distance. Full tank with another 3 fuel drums I said would let them run the Chimera for about 3-4 days (Most of that being for simple shelter and warmth) If you want to go with distance I would use double the Abram's stats (assuming that in the future we manage to make our engines more fuel efficient) and count any combat maneuvering as 2-4 times the distance.
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