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  1. Awesome work @Karneck. Really appreciate all the work you and every else involved put in to create this super useful resource.
  2. One reason could be that it's easier to print standard sized cards than it is to print the mini cards. Optimistically, I'm hoping this points to card packs being a thing. They've expressed interest in wanting to do it for Armada (already do it for X-Wing & Legion), and they seem to be following the same patterns in Armada that X-Wing & Legion already established for the introduction of new factions. This is speculation, but if they do want to do card packs, and if they print them on standard card size, I imagine they could even print them locally (like they do with tournament prizes, I believe). That would bring the turnaround time down significantly. And since they've already said (paraphrasing) that the thing they love most about Armada fans is how loyal they are and how they can be counted on to buy up e v e r y t h i n g that gets put out (see the constant need for reprints), the sooner they can get product in front of us (and in greater numbers!), the more they can reliably bank off of us. Especially on something likely likely has a very low overhead in card packs, double especially if the cards in the packs are already being developed for other expansions (e.g., CW ships).
  3. Looks like FFG does have a panel on Thursday @1pm, but sounds like it's just gonna be X-Wing and Legion. Fantasy Flight Games - Developer Panel Day: Thursday | Start Time: 1:00 PM | End Time: 3:00 PM | Game System: Hobby Seminar | Event Type: Hobby Seminar | Experience Required: None | Total Capacity: 50 | Capacity Full | Cost: 0 Hide Description Join Fantasy Flight Games developers Luke Eddy and Max Brooke as they talk about their work on Star Wars: Legion and X-Wing!
  4. Yeeeeeeah, the opportunity cost on that seems way too high. Having to give up a weapons team slot PLUS give up an existing def token PLUS pay points for it, I just don't know. The weapons team slot is so competitive already. There's a near must have upgrade for that slot for most ship archetypes already. Gunnary Teams for your big bois and/or long range shooters, OrdEx for your black dice knife fighters, and Flight Controllers for your carriers. And that doesn't even get into the boarding team shenanigans it locks you out of. I'm struggling to think of ANY ship I'd actually bring it on. The only one I can even REMOTELY think of is a AFMkII-A built to be a double arc brawler, but when do you play that, and which def token would you give up? This feels like an overly-cautious way to get salvo out in the wild...
  5. At Adepticon, they basically said that they’ll bring the card packs that they announced for Legion to Armada. My guess is the new Clone Wars stuff will have new upgrades that will be applicable to Rebs/Imps, and that you’ll be able to get them in card packs if you don’t want to buy any Clone Wars ships/starters. So I have a feeling there will still be stuff to look forward to for existing single faction folks.
  6. Not quite correct. If you watch the Q&A, ya boi Crabbok asked about Clone Wars in Armada, and Andrew Navarro's coy response was something like "that sure would be a big omission." Seems like a pretty clear tease that they're at least trying to make it happen (and as a betting man, I'd say they will). FFG's history seems to show that they don't like to talk about content more than one to two quarters before it releases. So given the tease and that bit of info, my guess is we'll see Clone Wars stuff Q4 2019/Q1 2020, and that it's already in the works, but they're not ready to talk about it yet. That would also put the reveal at Gencon next year. Tinfoil hat time, the Holiday season is also a great time to release a new core set as it makes a great gift. I could imagine a new Clone Wars core set alongside a soft reboot to add digital list building a la X-Wing 2.0 maybe with some very minor rules changes, but no big reprint like X-Wing.
  7. Yeah this is the something big, duh.
  8. Clone Wars and Clon brought back on the same day?! Thank the maker!
  9. Sweet! I'm locked in crazy wedding mode for the next couple months (pretty much everyone in my family decided to get married this summer lol), but I'll keep you posted if we try to get any games going. Let me know if you hear of or do anything, too! Do you have any game stores you at which you regularly play?
  10. Hey! I just popped in here to see if I could find any postings for So Cal games. Glad to see another So Cal player here. I picked up the game at launch, but I haven't had a chance to play any games yet. Part of the reason for that has been my slow painting, part has been I've been busy. I also haven't seen any organized play events posted anywhere. Anyone know of any groups that are getting together regularly in Orange County? I usually game at Brookhurst Hobbies/Club, and the owners have told me that they plan on doing some OP, but so far nothing. They didn't do any launch events, either, so I'm not holding my breath. I may try to take the reigns there, myself, and get something organized, but I just haven't had the chance yet.
  11. That's a cool technique, thanks for sharing. I especially like how the Duros' face came out. It created a very "natural" variation to the skin tone (natural as in how we've seen them depicted). I might even use just inks for their face regardless of whether or not I ink the res of them. Good stuff, my dude!
  12. Beasts of War has a preview article up from an advanced playtest they got to do: http://www.beastsofwar.com/star-wars-legion/coming-tabletop-ffg/ Sounds like 6x3 and 1000 points is what FFG is aiming at for tournaments. Also, the product page on FFG's site say's "1-2 hours." Compare that to Armada's "2 hours" on its product page.
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