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  1. As a model collector, I am really liking these new models.
  2. I like Wilder's suggestions, and I will be looking into them over the coming weeks.
  3. For myself, I am into Star Wars for the models. (I am a collector.) Though I would like to play the game, I have found that the game's complexity can be daunting for some people. I have never been able to teach this game to other players. I can explain a gateway game, like Ticket to Ride; however, a game like this, nope. I have considered going to game shops, where I can play the game. However, in my area (I live in Contra Costa County, one of the counties in the greater SF Bay Area), we have gone from two gameshops to one. One of them closed early this year. The other one used to host Star Wars game nights - this ended sometime in 2016. Now, the focus is on RPG games (D&D, Pathfinder) and LCG (Pokemon, Magic). The nearest stores to me are in Alameda County, miles away. When I consider going that distance, the prospect of playing against seasoned players is intimidating. While they are progressing in their game, as they have more exposure, I would feel that I am constantly starting at zero each time. I do not like finding myself being in a position where I am not progressing. As well, i am worried that I am wasting their time, as they test their lists. Finally, I am not a competitive player - it just is not in me. I am there for the social interaction. (I have a friend who I play games with. We spend more time talking than playing games.) Both shops - Endgame, Games of Berkely - host league nights. The only shop I know of where there was casual play, in the South Bay, is now hosting league nights. So, there is no gameshop that I know of within reasonable distance which has a casual X-Wing event. To me, league = competitive play.
  4. What is it with the local game scene dieing? In my area, there are nights for Magic, Pokemon, Pathfinder, and Dungeons and Dragons. No Star Wars.
  5. I would not mind a Partisan X-Wing. I like the paint design on the ships.
  6. I am not really into playing this game. The nearest game stores to me no longer host Star Wars nights. So, the nearest game stores where this game is played are tens of miles away from my home, in an area notorius for its traffic jams (during the holiday season, a major highway near my home, was highlighted as one of the worst in the country and drivers should expect a traffic jam of a few hours), and I do not have friends who I can play this game with. For me, then, I am into the collecting of these ships for display. I love the quality and detail of these models, and that they look great when displayed. The last two models released have movable components, and my Lambda-class shuttle has movable wings. Having this range in ship component parts, which are movable, gives choices when I display them.
  7. On a side note - I like the models associated with this film. I was surprised to discover the TIE/sk (striker) had movable wings. Wonderful!!!
  8. I had a different conception of how the battle, in which Rebel spies captured the Death Star plans, went down. There were changes made to the U-Wing, with the biggest being that the troops disembarking from the side, not from the front. (Look at the card "Inspiring Recruit".) Finally, why did the Rebel fleet not consider sending a ship to retrieve the surviving members of Rogue One? Even if the ship could not get back into space, it could do a hyperspace jump in the atmosphere.
  9. I am reading the comments. Very informative. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. As described by Wikipedia, "The combined statistical area of the region is the second-largest in California (after the Greater Los Angeles area), the fifth-largest in the United States, and the 43rd-largest urban area in the world." We have nearly 8 million people in this area. So, it is not rural. It is heavily urban. Yet, for me, I have to travel an hour to a game store for casual play. The closest store to me has phased out casual Star Wars. A year ago, every Tuesday night, there was casual Star Wars. Now it is for Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Endgames in Oakland has a league night every other Monday and Eudamonia in Berkeley has a tournament. The latter does have time set aside for learnng to play the game scheduled for the end of this month. So, there's that. Further west, on the Peninsula, there are stores. Gamescape in SF has leagues and tournaments. One of the problems is that there are not that many people playing the game. At minimum, there are 617 people who are members of the Facebook page. I do not know how many actually play at the game stores.
  10. I live in Contra Costa County, a county in the San Franciso Bay Area. There are two game stores here. One of these stores used to have, a year ago, every Tuesday night for casual play. Now, that night is for Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. On other nights, people are playing Magic and Pokemon. The stores which are outside my county host league games and tournaments. I know of one store in Santa Clara, which is an hour away, which does have casual playing. At another store, where it is running a tournament, they have set aside time for learning the game. I have put my name for this event. There are balance issues in the game, as was proved by FFG fixing a balance issue in the latest FAQs. What is 100/6? I am not familiar with this term.
  11. SEApocalpyse, I did as you suggested. I got lists from the net and played them. And I learned an important lesson. It is one thing to copy a list - it is another to understand why things work the way they do.. If you do not understand the mechanics and connections, you are up a creek without a paddle.
  12. One adapts one's thinking to the community. The community does not adapt to the one.
  13. In my area, there were attempts to get new players in by having special events where the experienced players taught the game to the beginners. It did not last long. I do not have the intention of scaring away new players with talk of costs. It is, however, an important consideration. It is the reality of the game. It is present in the article, where the author states the player will come to the realization that they will want more than the core set will provide, in which the author then suggests what to buy. And, FFG offers its own suggestions.
  14. Sekac, It is something that has to be considered if you want to get into the game. In this game, it is best for the player to select a faction, then get the best cards and ships. Each wave introduces new concepts to the game, so it becomes a matter of urgency for the player to get the best card and/or ships from that wave that benefits their faction. This costs money for the cards are spread across the sets. Sometimes, to get the best card, a player has to buy a set outside their faction. Arms race is by its nature expensive. There will be people who, upon learning this game, will be put off by the reality that they will have to spend much more than the cost of the core set to build a solid foundation for a faction. This is briefly raised in the article, where the author says the new player will want to get new ships immediately. And I know what a beginner is? A beginner is someone new to the game and to the mechanics of said game.
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